Sunday, July 9, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Post Man on Sunday, July 9, 1702

Post Man (Newspaper) - July 9, 1802, London, Middlesex Numb 989 Z ZZ And tfre Historical Account, &c. Frbm XttrcQK? July 9�., to featuring July 11, 1702. Hambxrg, July 11. THe King of Denmari continues to review the Militia of Hoi/leia, who are fo we'll disciplined, that old regular Troops do not better perform their exercifes than thefe. His Majefty is expe&ed this e-vening at Itzebie, and to moirow at Gtuckflat; from whence they write, that federal Danilh Frigers are ihottlf �xpe&ed there, and that the King of Denmark is refolvttd to raife euftoms upon all the Ships that ftiaU go up or down the Elbe, .the Emperor having, as'tis/aid, confented to it. This makes our Merchants very uneaiy, and efperially, feeing this City is to pay 500000 Rixdollars, upon account 6f fomc old pretentions of a neighbouring Piince. A body of 5000 Danes is expected from Norway, which niake us fear that thefe parts wiH not long enjoy Peace, unlefsthe fatal War between the King of Sweden and the King of Poland is brought to a co.i-cjufion. Our lift advices from Warfaw confirm the march of the Swedes for Cracow, and the retreat of the Cardinal Primate to Dantzjck, where he is afin-ally arrived with fome other ,Grandees; but 'tis fiid they intend to go fuddenly fo joyn their King ator near Cmcmp, where the Nobility otPtlandte-pair iri great numbers to affift their Prince. I he Confederated Nobility of Lithuania is marching alfo that way, and if Prince Safieha does not make all ipoffible haft to joyn the Swedes, they may perhaps find themfelves under great difficulties' for *ant of Provisions. They write from iStickkehn, that they . are railing recruits for the Swedifli Troops in Liiit-tfia and Potanti, buttbst Meribeginrto be very fcarce, which' obliges the Otficers-ifo tife. tricks and, violence*. Mfkabikfin, Reflddncof the-Queen, of, i�-gland, and the SieUr RwW^'Rsfidenc of the States General, being anfermed that in- feme Thefes of Divinity., wWeb; were ro ibe npublickly argued at tfgfal'i before^the General ArTeoaWy of th ( e Portions, who has thus urmrametj^ reflected iipon their Nations, and tradric-d ifciv as yvheifts. Brmffelt; July �i. Ano:ber_gre4t Convoy, oFJ^ro-vifions is going for the FrensbArfhy under a numerous Guard, Upon advice  rbir, the Garrifon'-of Maefiricht defigns to intercept it, if they,'can. Thst Gawifon is very trppbJefpme to the Fjsrich, and is Jikelytro be-fo more ar>d more if "they >.continue in Gueldtrland, for rhen they {hall want ttjorc frequent Convoys, thac Cdutury being apt abj* to. fiibltft them. The Duke of a%ww?y is retired between the Maeft aud the tiyertend thothey (till -give our, tfnr that Prince will bejitgc eaeof the Dutch .Frontiers,* no body believes it, efpeciaHy feeing jhs is forfed^ogiye.grohnd before the Confederate Army. T^heyexclaim no lip, here than at Parity -againft the Marelcrial of fyiifflsrs whole conduct ieems to beuaaccountable, aW tis fiid the'poke of B�r5�w^y,js.not:latisiI�!3 wjch him. 'Tis certain that had eflat GetKial made good ufe of the iii� . periority of his-Pbic�� in the beginning of the Siege ifKeyterwaerf, he mighr have; feved that Fottreis, and perhapsuke^ one of xhe FrtSririers of.the States, cjr d)ad�an wrupriyn in:o rhsir Territories. Accord* ing to our laft advices from tie French Army,tbiy were preparing to repafs the Maefe to oblerVe'the motions of the Confed'erate Army, and *s the Jitter are fuperiour in Jiamber, part of the Forced tMc were in Flanders under the command of the.Ma'i-qijis of Bedmar are ordered tp joyo the DbJce/jjif Burgundy, who according to fome advices from" wtr, is fuddenly to be recall'd, to {pate him the tVrniMc of flying befoie the Enemy^ trjflead pf eie^ltrSg Le couf d'Eclat, the World was ^hreateneaWitn^p'jSi hjs fitting pfttfor the Army. The fepatation qlf tjfte Army of the Marquis of Bedmar gives rim'B\ to-the Dutch to perfeS the new Fortifications of Fort'St Danats, of whic|i,they make^Eprj-rets of great'im-portance. The French have lately lent hifher a_|re5t fumm of Money in Specie fojjpayiiig fheir Forces, the Bankers ,pf Axtwerp b^ving.r�fuJed to accep.rjri'e Bills of Exchange drawn upon 't'h'enj fromi�iip/. According tp our lift advices ftpm v'tt�kirk,MoA-fieur de Bointy was ftill in that Harbour wai-ing f�r a fair opportunity to get out with die Squadfon;un-derht). cam mind arid fail Northward, to difturb the Fifiiery of the Englifli and Daitcri, or rafhlby ih meet the Ea/i Jitdiaf left, which is Ihowly exb^95fi in Holland. . Hague, July 14. The laft advicj* from It*ijft%-.ifife way of Francthy, that the.Weather, is fo exceffiv?-ly hot, that the Armies begiri, \6 fee. fickly', cf-peci*lly thfrFrenca, who r^eiijg fpf the mow fart new cpraers into that Country, ~ fare worfe rhari the Germans, who knqw by their owncxperienj^illft Summer, what they are to do f^f ^refervin^ ^their Health. Their Sicknels is in grea^ part irnpUr|e^% the Fruit, and therefore Prjnce^^Ke'takes cari'to deftroy it in- his Ouaiters. "jfhp fyhvoy pt Pariugut Jias frequent Confeiencas wltjhTome pf ,ihie liiifii-fters; and if we may rely upon bur:a3yic^ #o:^i Inbnmtt tbatCotirt feems \o W9,nr^o.Bly athliid|3rrte pretence to quit her engagen^ept^with J&*�1:e.^Tbz Siege of Landau fc carried ott'.wtt^\\^ear d^aOf vigour,; notwithstanding the 'ri|tf.'tr� jSs^Sffii.' make uppnahe .^e&egen y an^ttj^6b(e^^1e'thac the Fiench h^td taenia their Ma&a^e o^BorrifcsV KiigStk, Jup*; 30. Yefter^ylrjipraihg' arrived in this Hirboirr her Majeftie?^Sjij'p.'the. Br^e^Mr from Bantry arid Balituiere, wi(ft M& jbrioteihg $m the Mary Galley of Brifitl i'jo Tuns;i�i�� B'frry^-fter, from Jtntega with Sugar,- fec-^ fpr .Lone&n i-^tne Barbados Metcfcantvi Lmdm 1 iq juni, Sariutfj&nu* Mafter, ttoia Barbad$es with Sugar, &c. fer Lotafti ; the Ytunz'john &.lifyldUfatyb,i49.$i&tfof>aGti&jm Griper Mafter, fro/n D^Heb*Cij^ 'njuJfyMitrtJm Sugar for Mt'ddlehurg ; the Ti'tBewel, galley So- $aaa longing. t�i ifuS and. ?arm#$g cp.uld21.n6trttll their, names. Laft night the Bridgew*ter faued' abain for Cork,, Wi^Mli and Wattrfsrd^ rql take under^tfer. Convoy fu^Jthips as ate in tho/e IJfatbours b|iarid to Briftol. "Xq morrow her, ^a|e1;ies'^hipith'ft-^i/ Cape and'the*'��W,will ftil for Mifyordvrith feviril. Merchant EQ^n jf the Wind i^rajr^ It being^OT-pefled thatia the lite War the fiibcrsieh anii Coders /the greateft pare whereof pec Papifls) gaw-ui-telligence to the French Privateer*, tke Magiftrare of this Town has got an order from DiiSIiq to,tak� fecurity from every Filliernjarj and cither Boarnaen ufing the Coafting Trade, that th^ihaU maariicir Boats with>t leaft two thirds of Froteftantf, and thai they ih�ll go on baiard of rfo Shfp whatioe^r .uflon

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