Friday, June 16, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Post Man on Friday, June 16, 1702

Post Man (Newspaper) - June 16, 1802, London, Middlesex Hi*'- AM,the Hifldrical Account, Mti Froni Cwttap June 16, to ^ftUtDapJunc 18, jffifc- Venice t June }. Ccording toonr laft advices rrom MatitM, Prince Eugene, of continues in- trenched at rhe'Gates of that Gty^hivirife his Head Quarters at Cartaimt on ;*he [ Lake of Mdtittta, and extending his Forces all along the G^hal,called Fo^ uMudna, whici begins in that plaje, aria* being fwelled by 2 or 3.Brooks hsarA^^^T*, falls info the Pfcat �wg�* �forte:'Thar Canal or]&fa isfo largsahddeep', rhat it is irhpoflible for the Fiench'to pifs-- the lame in light of the Germans who are likewife Matters of the Lmtr Mintio, an whi^K River' they have Several Bridges. The French hatfe exchanged th^Garrifen of Mm**, but have hot yet put aiiy ^uivXfipnt thereinto. The great Convoy they had. pr*pared,ar Smcim confining of looo Waggons and Soo.Mules arrived at Goita on thei7rh part, and tt^r days after the French Army Was to make a morion towards Mantua to pat that Convoy into that place. Prince Eugene has received fome Reinforcements, and we hear from Perm* that aooo Foot were marched by that place for Ctfitlbald* in their way to the Army. The French are preparing a great many large Boats at Cremona, on which they plant feverdl pieces - of Cannon, and they defign to make 11ft thereof to break down Hie Bridges,; the Germans have on the P*,; mi cut off their Communication with the Mo-dimze. The Marquis del Vafli is gone from Lucca toMaden* designing for the Imperial Army, wherein he is to1 ferve as Lieutenant General.. They write froth Rotoe that the^ affair pff&at Lord has proved a great iiK>Jrt,jficaTJor) to t$p'Pope, who cut of Com-plaiiahceito the French: Cpuxt, fhewe'd too great a refentment againft that Marquisr.and then was forced to lee htrri depart Rinst ' with all immaginable folemnity' , in contempt of* hfs Monitories and Authority. The Imperial Ambaffador/refidirighe're, makes grqat complaints againft this Ifcpqpjick, and Srgnior-! Baisiel Dtfyhimitw.ho is appoinfcedtAmbafTador for V'ttnna, is likely to me�t': with a vefy cold reception there. Thte French F-rigots Which haveifb long irifefred our, Gulpb aw-ordered-t& return to Na/ilit, in,:epmplitn^nr, & *nfe from Patty to our Rjepjibjicfe '.. .. ';*\ ' .-^ . .JDM{dt*i June 0. Thei-^wjidilh Troop? inPqmfram'a giving guest umbrage to this �leftoraCe,ehe*Counci] ftave revived to raife' ^.dfl^Ooo Men toirh all ipeed, and the 'better ttfJ^Qf'^ tfie ^'rifc�s sjli'each to furnish one or- more Men according to their ^xteot. 13000 Men are marchecf for Qrtfew with; A*, field Pieces,n iattd*1 a'/Train wfriMaVy: ArSQrejty-ft&Qirig *eady^6'folIowtherniiijTJfes'Kiog' qitftland it *x-rived there, and^has,ordered fprne Fortifications to bemadgtothakpracr? wnejauhe draw up all,his rWcesa"ndlexpe&Trfaeifl�? f fhevtrMaslt afid talk openly againft rheir King; but rheiCa'rdirial Primare ksepsirill within:fome^iaeafiwes^rrdfHasJ'as we retold, fignified ro the King o�4w?irV*,frhar according ro the Laws of the Kingdom; he;could^jotiflue t>ut fuchCircularLetrers.a? were infifteoT upon by �he Svedes, buc chat if hi*Swedfflj Majefiy-;Was incJin'd to would contribute his utmoft tb facilitate theiame. We hear feveral Pxinces have affured ou"r Government of a fpeedy afliftance inicafe the $vedit attempr ro fee rbeir Foot in this EleQorate. 1 Jane 16. Ycfteffay jnorning the Ganifoa of Keyfervaert began to Capitulate, and beat a the fide of the attack of trwfra^w The Articles wetfc fent to our King,andtomotrow morning the Preach are to march out of the place. His Majefty has given orders to his Servantsto depart far.the!ty*�a�r*here his Majefly intends to be hjt themiddJeof-'thtfneKr w.eek. The French com�mit<unheatd the Dauphio did m edtarbke3y}{|�?filror^ia hand, or at leaft entirely, defeat; the E>Utch ATrpjb They, lye now encamped, ia^ntSb -ti�?r#Kwiand.*he Rhine} but our TroppsjithetDBlch?ktiAyLuiailmr* gbers arfeTo wel] pofl;�l oriirhis fide, thatjoolwith^ flanding the Wafers the Rtine are aov iW�.�Jc 10*1 there is rtoreafan fOi.belkve.lhey wllhfttemp'c to -pa(i that River astheydiH formerlya: vPart'O^ rhi Forces' that were employed in the Sietat �6 Urj^e* warn are to "oyrj the Earl of Athimt, and they�ft ^ march towardsCtUgn^' i;--'1 Hagut, June 10, Our Letters ftoms rVufAnufcani iXtyfavaert tfell us, that the Txoopsof ffffixCkffitote-Jy arrived there are very fine. The 6000 menWBicH that Prince puts into the feryice d�Er$*nj: umi-itfo land, are as follows, i Regiment ofHorleof Lieu* tenant General Spiegel, an old Regiment whiah has fervtd many years in Hunger/, ot6 Troops* &b>ffleri in each, in all 360 men. 1 RegimentsiifDragdom who have ferved all theiame War of fliTroopseach, and 80 men in each Troop, 1280. 5 Regiments of Foot,. viA. the Regiiuentql.Guatdl of ^oCotSpa-nies of 88 men in -eachk 880 men, and iheRegt* mentjof the Hereditary. Pjn'nceK Bdgadeeri^a 'Afanr, CoUvnel-Lawt^tm and . Collonel.Scheming?, svhicti have fer/ed' all the late Wars,excfpt the lurfer^Which was railed five years a^go..' They are of tdiConipa-hies each, making 870 each, fo that f hofe Regiments make in all 6000 eff�Qi,v%Tn*n. without ioclu'ding OtHcers. Belides � thofe Troops .and foft�: others, which, the Landgrave b>d ajfjeidy put into,ihe fet* vice of the Sfates.andhilQuora as a I'rioctf fif Afc&ni piie, be furniihej at his own charges 3�66jm?njcon'i lifting of a Regiment oF Horfe Guards-andi^idfjPodt* T|hich ate likewiie arrived at Mtlhdnt. Letters from fnuickftrt tell us, tha;'the Negotiations betweerLfhe Imperial Court and the EieSor of Bavaria, are.not ye> broke off, and 'tit hoped,-that when his Eledoral j&ghnefs undeiftands that all the French Forces afire not able to protect his, Brother rheElefior of Ciltgm he will- b>e fenfible that the Alliance of ft��ff and Sjain "would prove very ufelefs to him, if ever the Allies would deal withh/m, as they have done'with Dublin, JuneyQ, Yeftfeiday the LordsJuftices if* fued Out the,following Declaration. � - f V- v.-fi . ; ft Mount Alexander, Tim: Erie, Tko. Kti$htlef. "vTTHereastbe EarJ.qtjtafo/fer, L^rd Lieutenant . 1W ,Qf,tn" &��dQWttjd/d (in purfoaoce of his late Mafe{ty�s Commandi) by his ExcellencietDeclaration., bearing Oareythf a^fh day ofbtJtber, 170I. Qgnifie his ^idMajemespleafure, that if any of the Reformed Officers,jOy|oot, now qathe eftabliihr ment of this King^np^iHalf pay, ffesald rtfbfeco -accept of fuch Commifp?nj as fhpuld be ofiered then

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