Tuesday, June 6, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Post Man on Tuesday, June 6, 1702

Post Man (Newspaper) - June 6, 1802, London, Middlesex And the Hiftorical Account, crc. From ^atampl^eTT^o Xtttfoi? June 1702. "TP11" A'^/c;, May 5). and other iubthnrial People. Great fearch is mads after chit Ofi^i;).*) and die Perfins concerned thcre-i;i ; and ic-.-i;;^ {hil- Proteftation is like to make a i^reat noify, we think ic will nor. be amils to inicsc it at large in this place. re being a report that the mofr Serene Dii'ce of jjr-jou, who is now in this City of ' .V-'f/;'/, inhnci$ to exact from the People of this ' K-:-.i>dom. an Oath of Fidelity,, as if he were Lawful rung thereof; and the Privjledges and Confutation of this Kingdom forbidding to t.sks any ' 0�t:i ot this nature, till af?er the granting of the 1 InvefKcure by the rloly See, and Uie Convocation of a General Parliament cf the whole Kingdom ; ' and on the other hand, the Bui's 0/ the Soveraign ' PonfffE>,forbidding upon pain cfcxcommunicadoii 'toowii and acknowledge any perfon for King of * Naples, till hs has fixfl obtained th� Invefticuni ' aforel'jid, which the Duke of Anjou has not yet ' obtained, nor is like ever to obtain, having no ' right thereunto , We being in aflembiy of a great: ' many � |)lrf 'with die falfepromifeS_of 7^i. * conanned " OV a Publick Nor�ry, in th- pre/ence of a Jad<je, "itat it may be a lading Miiiiuniiu, that Ihfs uiir �pjcfertC Ptoteftation was laU�tbe�i by as great a ' number of Perfons, of ail Ranks and Conditions, as 'the necelliry of keeping a fecret of this Nature �' could ad.r.it, in ord;r to avoid the Tyrannical 'Violence prachl'eu againfb othei<. And becaultj ' we are aifured, that all faithful Pebple, who love ' their own afflicted Country, will be of the fame 'opinion as we are, we have thought fit to caul'e ' this our PiOcefUtion to ba Printed and Publiflied,  ' and to'acquainc everyone, who hasnochad the ' opportunity of lubfcribin'g the fame, but Jus pre-' ierved the fame Sentiments, That before we have ' Ciuied this Proteftation to be publifhed, we have ' advififd with feveral eminenc Priefts and Divinas-, ' R-lio have declared,fhaf wa were obliged to pubiriL, ' Hiis Proteftation to (atiify tender Conlciences, and ' rhar they are to kr.ow, that pone is bound to per-' form an Oath extorted by force, and that none ' ought to be taxed with wanting of Fidelity, when ' they fhall lay hold of a proper opportunity to free ' themfelves from the barbarous Yoke, which the 1 tr;nui and Spaniards, joyned together for our op-' predion, defign to lay upon us ; declaring likewife 'that it Hull be lawful for any one at any time to ' fubferibe this prefent Proteftation, that they may ' have an opportunity to fignify whac were their -' own Sentiments, when they were forced to take an ' Oath, which cannot but be Sacrllegioufly taken, ' feeing the Laws of our Country, our Priviledge*, ' and the E xcommunicafion of Soveraign Pontiffs ' forbid the fame. : CVezet, June to. This morning feveral ExpreiTes came from Ktyfer&aert, wuh the particulars of the taking the Counterfcarp, and rhe difpofitions made for ftorming that place. The French defended themfelves very well in rhe beginning of the Action, but fee.lied difhsartned cowards the end of it,having loft a grear many of their braveft Officert. Our lofs is likewife very considerable, and the PruJJian Troops that were ingaged therein behaved themfelves to admiration. 4 days ago orders were given to the Sztvmzs of his Prufiari Majefty to hold themfelves ready to depart ycfterday for Bei-lut, bur upon the arrival of an Exprefs from the Kings Minifter at the HagM, that refolution was altered, and his Ma-jeftv will go to the Htgne as loon as the Siege of Ktyferxaert 15 over, 'f is faid the French Court has made Fropofals of Neutrality to the King of Prujpii and the Elector Palatine, and thac chefe cwo Princes have rejected the fame, being reiolved to g"o on with the Wdr according to their Alliances. The King being infoinied that CpuncTi�//jr^ was to joyn this mc/tiing the Duke ot Burgundy, and that th� Grand Army of the French made lait night feveral motions, which fhewed that they were to break up from Xanten, his Majefty has fent feveral Expreifes to the Jttt Earl of Aihhr.i to give him notice thereof, thac be may not be furprized by the French-The Hereditary Prince of Hee Cajfel arrived here ycfterday ro wait on the King, and went rhis moving for Slnlkiim, where the Forces of his Father, which are ro a& under his corrwnand, arrived laft nii/hr. The Foot is to be imployed in trw Storm of Kiforwairt, if the Enemy do not furrtmder the place. They write from Bonn, th3t the Elector of Cohgn being affraid of a Bombardment is removing his beft circa*. Ha*ue, June 1 3. The retreic of the Earl of Ath-km "u very much commended, and the Stares have lent him a compliment thereupon. That General rook I is meafiirei. fo well, thac notwithftand-jn� the long march the French made to furprize !iiin, and the feveral motior.j they had made on pur-pofero cover rheir true defign, our Army retired a'moft in fight of the French, and in the skir-milhes th"t happened on thac occafion our Troops had certainly the Honour of the day. Our Horfe behaved themfelves veiy weli, and if they concinue tofight with that Courage and Order as they have

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