Sunday, April 30, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Post Man on Sunday, April 30, 1702

Post Man (Newspaper) - April 30, 1802, London, Middlesex Numb/ � l' iVncl. the HHtpfiql Ac^ajt^?^^ 30, ;tO^ . r, jJTPO^oign i ^flSfflHft tru^Joy&you, whence :,u P*rif,Mt-y6. , , Pr�f�rs.-y9Wg^/yir0(hM ,og^�^v�itt��sfa^.�i. npSiAftaidtQigW*#�tt *Qp,g,feat,an ^ rnamVd, but dwy,'tell o ' ^ ' - *J----1 -* ~*-*------f~xe - T " moft of the Seamrtn and 1 Ships that remained with !. , #.............._ _ ...... cjent number to; bringhome^he 10 Men of Wartnat you may ie^JJmow^tbar tf^sjaOhbUnd-m**, and bewas rendraiba'et. Tfceill condition of tbofcar- I,perc*iy, �ghlaH f?ved at Breft mike lis fear for the fthatwere ordered your AcJiQnsklrhat;I. ^>> y�TMl*r-jfe8ice,. l,aray for Titiihti'tbQ HofUliries committed by fome-of*ut �rigots.inthe for.e Ktjferawft* thaWhe Tftpp^gg^ngofj?f|& Season* the SubjeSs of the Republickj ro ^Htipthefftijfy, that they are^ reftprai tbQ,^eu>ls -to,theirpwjmsr This affair )pyn thef^nd, A|my. updjer ih�,iCommando^ff ij^baraues tt^ |Ceptiblick/or the|cipe_rbr hw ordej^ L)pk& etfrtgmfo ,,Thofo Troops have plunde^ei his Miniljef., to declare' uatd fak'Vf&pnt, riftmany Vil]fgei. � &yeral Partji�s, were fent ouc ftpm, lefs they, take, an.effe.fiual courre .to prever^Jhe. bene* and,4^#,^> obfer^eftheirmarcii, ando^e Hrtftittfi�*rrf4nCHrfions of the, French,, he l%U:b*  Q%thtmQf\i$ Troopers met6> fre^chjfoot Solders* rte'eeffitated to takertneafo�i that perhaps wiMnbt who threw,down*their Anrij,^^ yivWere broUghtf prqiye accepabif .the Remiblick: The Armie* htfherPrifpfljers^ ,Ano;hef;pg�ty1.ofaTrpoper^Jwi" Heuignowju^ the Fieldin gWdtrlmd, and brought to Mulhtim 73 Ptifon'ers, and the Si�ur$*jfo th&Eieaoxac*pf-Cto^,they continue;f^^ay,that the /�*aP^tizafiin^e?Palatine!Twp^ ttf^be *ldft1,Ghrlft'ian4Gng will take a4ourney to -Lifle, and> iame plaj^ ^^cq, wnfv$ pi,ummers ,apd fevej^ e^i^^y2^ ttr be'hearer the Armies to givcthe-* Hpr_feS>^ Thp^re.ncfedefertjBffech^umbers that ifl, ^iifma-^Ml^'^^^^2,'da3^ W'Msiare.p^ehitlje^fT.. . Han*,-tbe^afikiris>*f;-J)f4/^aie no Jsfs* jmpprt^ic tharfe Netwith%ndin^tjie!fwejling,ftf^h>4^e/(;pn th,ofe,of f/^lfew^trsbeJievedihfe^M^efty will con*, to binder our approaches/Ae^j^^ faciei; jf�i�s lHuit kirtrfbtitiiOX**taft lexers frdffl,;Cr�Aj^ # fttfday Swcfrdjioband a larft*?:Redout, .^hWeMt the *�th paftfty"; tliafthe Duke of" *W�re has^tot the. Enemy ntighriielifiye|herPJar;e<�Bd'-tcok it 4#bt o^^b.i%' to fffl ~tl\e Troops urideirhis-command to' out any;configurable Jofs, thoYa}litheiF�en iace, fpriguj;': irr.eiolvtato^aittenlptto relieve^teWiM, whiahisJifcgi Troops are imaged that the Enemy, Jhprjld impute; tp, to prove a very dmgerou?- eriwr^rfee, Sie GVinips theirown Brajreryjwhat ixonly ari efeajrif thfffwd- befrtg' convtrireritly pdfted'to pkvseritki :� They wjte Jbg of a River- We found a 'pfeceVofCannon m fr^rrf Aff/a^/t^ihio^ithftar^irfgntbegreat'c'afe of; that: Redoubt, much, damaged by3 OW Bombs.' th\PPrincebff'�^Jte�8�^ ro recr^we Spariift Titfops things are preparing for the general, attack cf:*h*> rnatwere'-'iaft Strmr�e% ^irh^ldyitl^hwiiare'ferjfibW eouncerfcarp. Our Parties Have brpjught ad^c rhVtrbey eSnmjf rake ^e Fields which is-not-uriaca that th� French --A'^--* Troops incampe4 a1io5t ���>�. ------- ^^p^ th&Duttfiofa r________ , s ___________y'lipgnr^tyj c^i\nd;oirMt TO>"tri*commahii � W%ftntyo�-fi�me qiiattert of ,th� Ptiffim, but were beaho bwk IfflS* timfe-ago'(WvQjby-%f *':L��t�*1�-w*it�by the Mdft; theilpftpfMen.' r1^,a Cifrlpian Kin jijo1 rhe King of Sfain, Jifignifyin^ hits, Hague, May 9. Yerterday the Will of his lat�g^n approbation of rrW'JoiMney 'hiW :if/�fy> and - nowh igto of &e&&it�fc1t\s opene^^hjlir^pe^prW, njQth he af>pt,ovfeil'his'fteadihefs tand ibis Gatholickq Qeparies of all the Parties concerried;/in hits >ucc& WaiW^aVn^^e wrirfen to*is Grandfather, and fion.and therein � was fsund, tfaaetfae.young �rkift�l matfeT a fort 'of^ qSniphflrit,: as if*e a fi"T- herf Her lova ottfittt �o augment rnenrs of Foot which we*� 'embarjceU 'aVec^ime-agahja? all their Troops,.the States havtffcne Orders itorfe-'. veral Regiments tojoyn the Bir^of^f/A% witb1fftv ueen, poilible fpeed,!ind %BatalIioh pfFoptGnards raffed

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