Friday, March 31, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Post Man on Friday, March 31, 1702

Post Man (Newspaper) - March 31, 1802, London, Middlesex And the Historical Account, 6^ ave made intrtfe lame, and that they {ball *>e exhorted ro continue in the fame fentimenrs. Their High MightirietTes have alfo received a Letter from the Eleftor <A Hannmxr, to condole the fate Kings denh, ind refolved to return thanks to that 'mics, andalTarc. him^hic notwithftandingshis great misfortune, they will maintain their Alliances, and proieciire the meafures that were concerted, and that they (hall always have a particular eftsem for his E-lectoral Highneft. Our Sea preparations are continued with a diligence fuitaWe to the prefent emergency of Affairs, and they talk of Embarking feveval Regiments for a Defcent, which, as 'tis faid, has been concerted between the Earl of Marlborough and the Deputies of rhe States. 'Tis confidently reported that their High MightinelTes will put out a Manifesto to juftify their conduit, a-^gainft the Calumnies of the Minifters of France, and mew the World by matter of Fa�r, and not by fhained Figures of Rhetotick, that they hayefuffici-ently repaid the fervices their Republick has formerly received from rhe Crown of France, and rhaC the Valour of th4ir Anceftors, wirli the conduct and Courage of rhe Princes of Orange, William, Materia zndFredtrictHtnry were very inftrumental in preferving France, againft the then formidable Power of the Houfe of Aujiria, The Deputies of the States are fee out for Duytburg to afftfr with their advices Prince tJtJfau Sa.vbruck, who Commands out Army on that fide. Lieutenant General Cohorn is ro command ia chief in Flanders, and has drawn up a Body about Hutf, which makes the Iahabitants ol Ghent and Bruges very uneafy. � Brufels, April 7. A CommilTary of the King o� Pruflia, wrro arrived on StiTiday laft, having obtained leave to take pofTeffion of the Lordfhips belonging to the lare King of England, has begun to execute hiss Commiflion, and taken poflVffion of the Houfe of tfafjais, wherein the Marquis of Bedfnar lives ac present, and is gone to do the like at Grimbergutn, wirh a Publick Notary. He intends to go afterwards to Die(l, Sichtn, Halen, and other places, in the Dutchy of Luxtmbwgh. Prince William Hyacinth'* of Nafiat* Siqen, who claims the fucceflion of that Prince, asi the eldeft ofthe Branch of Caizvullebogm his obtained " the fame permiffion as the Minifter of the King of Pruflia, left a want of formality mould prejudice his Right, whet) that difput* fhall come before its proper Judges- The French Troops conrinua to arrive in thefl- parts, and z Barallions of the FtwJ" vid Svitz Gua'rds came yefterday ro this place. An txpref* from Guelderland is arrived here with advice that the Dutch Troops grow very numerous a-boUr Zanten, an J that Rhhnbe-guen, Kiyfervoaert are as inverted by the Dutch and Brsindenburgers, who wait only for their Artillery to lay a fsrmal Siege before thofe places. The great hopes the French had conceived by the death of the King of England begin to vanifh, and it feems that Prince, who was fenlible of the weajc condition of his Health, has prevented by the judicious meafures concerted with his Allies, the confequeiices his death was like to be attended ivuh. Paris, April 8. An Exprefs from Italy has .brought advice,:hat Count Ihcftt attacked on rhe r 8th pall '*. intending tQ c�n�i-

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