Friday, March 24, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Post Man on Friday, March 24, 1702

Post Man (Newspaper) - March 24, 1802, London, Middlesex ""MririTj^m Marchjr,. iHe Stair deBarre, wW was left fere by of the Ein- ' b�lng jthreattitc! ' b,y hb Majefiy, .will become tlie c SlSef fubjeS of his care and attention* audi this 'ittore to confirm, tfte fame, his Majefty. .will Acquaint yourLbrd&ips with his fajiffixigfefyihftS ' thereupon) cither it you name * Mini�ef.�a.learit �tfiemfrom his Majefty himfeif, or -if he appbim* . , . . .-^ii-iui'rr;rv rtfltis ' one of his own, to tefuraeneaf yout; toidfeips. "the Charafter andSunaion of Kmiat^m^m^m^mf,^!^^-<%* ycw.Lordfcip* giveover their fear^ftfc^ S ^f&l^ta^^^SiSoSS Sneigh'bourhood of, fo many Troops they Ae.Qntei S&toW^NiWI^^ It is in your power not c^^&WSp 'thai fef yow Friends, but alfo to :ttafe tftei^. iSd?lS^ evacuate the SpmfrWherlm,*. Peace be-: do . tot the good of their Country. This .has ; been the ^uai caiifcbf theMirufters.of Jr^��finceth� Court is fo well known m thefe Provinces, that ns a wonder-how they,have the face to publifiifoch no- 'cpncMe^ with the Enemies; of the King of Spain, pons, and � fata] experience will convince them that ' againft his Majefty and his Grandforf; the f�ret what the Stares have done to oppofe their enchtoach- affiftances they have given'for invading the Dorai- ments and opprelgqns,was aneffea of their WilHom jwWi?; of the Cadhofick Kihg|; the acts of Hoftility and Prudence,; and not of any Conftraint and Via* 4pT^ifeft in full Peace agaip.ft: the''Ebrca's.of his * JV^e%:j the refufel of ex^fnuiirigrhe Right of the * Kfegiofifiin, and thbfe of the TJnited Ptwincy, after haviag" deiired tfiar Conferences might be fee on * foot to agree on the fame, and put aa end to all * complainrs on either fide; the enc?rptizes carried , ori againft the Allies of his Majsfty, and the fuc-( courithey have given, Without any referve, to at- and others concluded fince, as his Ma- * jeffy is willing to confirm thofe of tfimeghen and Refwick. The iecurity of your Provinces, far from lence, as Monfieur Barre has falfly aflerted. His rude way of, congratulating the States on the death of the King of Great Brit/tin, ("for in fcort hjs fuftian Complimentsof the Republick being reftored to her -ffflf amounts to thatj raife* the indignation of eyery Man, and is becoming only filch who have fo often confpired to ttake away by^Poyfon and Af-fifiination, the life of "a. Prince, who being the fiip-portofthe Liber'tiesbf''was the Terror of Tyranny.'Tis believed tb?'States will hardly anfwer that Memorial, unJefi it be to give a mark of their refentment for the Sawcy expreflions uled by Bmre ; andthe folemn. Declarations they have, made that they will ftand to their Alliances,ought to convince the French King that they know the dangers of Europe, and that they have not forgot that one of his Secretaries of State,, had tbe impudence few weeks ago to call the Srares infohnt, upon account of the Affair of Saz,<van Ghent. Count Gtes Envoy Extraordinary of the Emperor having in a Conference with the Pen. fibnarjy,, defited to know the intentions of theif High MightinelTes about the execution of the mea_ fnres lately concerted in the Council of War, andf� . preferred the dangerous confequence of a delay; ifu.5 Penfionary anfwered; him in theft Words. 4 Sir 3 * ^iam commanded \p affure you that tbefr H-

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