Tuesday, February 28, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Post Man on Tuesday, February 28, 1702

Post Man (Newspaper) - February 28, 1802, London, Middlesex till it And the Hiftoricai Account^ :_. . ----^---.----\ ProrA &attttfcft? February 28, to %mlte$ Marefi 3j'�7^ 1 � ' - 1,-1 � -1 ' -m. , - r- -------;^-y-ra .�.-,1. w ..... JWztf�,-Februaiy li. 'UR titereis 'from W*rf*� tell, us, that .'"iftt'ljftjigbf. -Ofthr RfpfrMfck of fM�ni te.e� to fet out hifiMrdays to r attend the King of Saejen,'tMft de-'p�<airehsvbig' been deferred ti\l they kne ' ' '*� S.^.wij. rn hi'c au rhejee; in ob feared j'�u�i' ' DSnSffibfis *f*eU%'T whb"3iaH 3hdt IjecpnfiiifeS'ipnttB iide*he>Mii*V*s kifrttofe In- m'iriHg^iil cKtf of. tfieSpl^^oWe^ittrliaft Pi& r^tthtt-bf-' vfrg&fii^ttcentidf a^�terWbi tihff�Je�pel>e. . jgSSRb^MTtt. t^ee^toe,,, King an4 m 'Tft f>M�fe In- -..f2E!^^> S^S?^ft/**/ ftniare^rtwain invrubftance, 'Thai: "L " -"fc^afisai.fci^^it.� n S^ha^nSviolatedttevTrtaty of OfiBftjjJ* n#ftg'h|�^ItirfoHte|B W^flv^nfejfctf* vatvhfr an*ft|Wr; 4ep�iid*nct�i�fc�U^� fade w'-oe-PfMKi^ the Republick demand*;^ the W**/>^fto6pcdo. Letti* ^4l&trGfMfd;jbifc ^iM^'iteMlvc�btfc^c �w*^^��*M�r-tttf-. Te/rttori^f P�/�l^ Sll^W^J^Pti' an �im,^^M^^^^mm wfieiehiinl6ftChrifthtfBtijtfty;ailt _ Tertttorte^ vtnfho�- inj ptqvocaH�HM ,w�t-.eaHe? fdc^^amaKrohts'^ie^, a^imoun^by,coflVr far�tion/to t8 hulli&iS'of' tromd,>h* -Repnbhc^ oiight-toprocurw^ai fiusfaftibn fot the faciei- and1 give .hi*a rea(b^K�-.i.-Sc�Jtity.that-^ jiWlnv*\ aia^iV ftall hot beldtine.for: the fot*** frtm V^f) tffitags ar* the o�rfy cooditioms upon ^^^feJT1* Vkci. between Ss^ p|e^^ "ftiele- pritefllroftsaterfoOppofite',:tha6th� f�wng the Sieiw Oin�/fe"*has. ertt&ed'^i^ mmttfflf & Foot ,are, aflbs�bfeitottaej^MftB Bhjftt'he-Ttnt^oncfuded at W "Tlet^t^^teidt!%Te^^ troubfis ofrilteVbdr Msfeiftrttej w ttfcei^poffiWft WtoVerlHg*e*il P�)riuefsr an* a�^too|*. 14 ^  r.L:.^:... ^ they have (ftfigW^^f^^^ftfae^afe-tn*?^^ Iciorts, th^Freheh ' ft qiitiA'GbtSimY ate^lach^CBnftCTmtipfo fcd*th� Somtrtier/va�itw^sj3onfidentry reportjid, which mam affair of Crimma, that they reimfveajfactr�fifi�trji people believe th"ar"tHe'Irnperijr Ar'rtiy: wfllftotbe ib ftf'Tititffli&dfriv^kmbV.ffltoj ^oB^thTtSSe nume�Rfis jk we were told. The ImperhF^dnlnuf FiiinWi5^ *n 'thatqAia^aDOTenifiQB^irienMT^I fiortawiboy a gteatxqiiantity of Mea^/ConT/.and a- &i0nf$ rh�� ^the^ rlowetWtheif - ........_____. i1" ] :  - r�fifti

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