Sunday, February 26, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Post Man (Newspaper) - February 26, 1802, London, Middlesex ___r^^A^t, And the Hiftorieal Account, &c. from Xparifra? February a?, co �ftttttbap February *8t i fo2. Hague, March 3. OUf Letters from Sfcirctrknii fay, that the Dyet of the Cantons have reiblved noc to proceed to the recognition of the Dakc of sfajiu for King oi Sfam, notwithstanding the prefling inftences or the French and Spanjfh Minffters. The Canton of Zwielfaras. inclined to the French party, bat Count 7r* eprefenred; that by the j8th Article of that Treaty, ( it is -ftipulated, that neither of the Parties fhalL be allowed to raife any new Fortrefles ; but it was ( anfaered on rhe part of-Spain, rhat the Dutch have taHed'feverat new Ports fince that time, and that "the King of Sfab) had never oppofed the fame. . That ".they had goodreafons to /hew that theifcofjiplaintt ' were groumilefs, and that Holland had violated that ' Treaty in feyeral rjfcrricufarr, ielMm�.jt^ Tiad* ' and ornerimjgbrtant points; wherfeu^rittetratcli ' ptopofed to examine thofe contravehtioris 'lariwn* ' Cftntererjces, either at the Hague Or ht.Bn^iJt, The * Marrjuds of Bfimir iiccepted the htteV^laee; W 'thfe verjr-firneday'trJatTbey were tf&tinfcrftbu ' affair withthe RefHent of tho SRitesfittiW^," t� ^Whrirers, caiifed hisCanrloo to be foe'd ttpoii the * Redoubt oft'tlfatm, and' "gavenot-over firing till 'they hid difcontinned the Works iMiea>:.\Tht ' IGbb might have wjthan'the^facility' ItW. finfTroops and Artiilery, to fire upjph tjie fan 'dhttfi' or Slvici, and his Mafefty Imfe* v,ert Well, 'that fuch who defire War.wifhed,for that Reprisal; ' Ut ' the Kingbeiiig influenced by *notber>iDariyej that ' is, the deltre of preferving Peace, tetSatwh *fiftjutii ' Jyes, has fofpended hisjaft refeflrriient/\thar|tW * World may know by that long pawnee* ' be the true Authors of tfceapproaclfingi:WMr- Tfiere"-'foie itfftead of tommlttint| any ^HbttifitJ,� W to acquaint you with, ���,. and others, that he was at Warfav)j^jd that *great d^JSchment of the S vedet has. been beaten 'by OginskiiV/Ko Ej^been }oyn>i ed by^ooo Cojjatkt, Tartars and Atufcovitef* They tell uj,rhat among the Prifoneis the Utbwmdnhave taken, there are a Colloneh and forne otfier Officers* and that the Lithuanian Army are returned, inf 0. I^e Oaconomy of Grd<&j.from whence they were beaten by the S-oides. Thoieparticulars are mentioned in � Poftfcript of a Letter ffom. mrfa* ofthe 1 Jth p*fti but we muft wait For dnr next Letw^for. .ton* firmatibn of it, and the advice of tW iecqad irruption ofthe Mtfioiiites imtoLsOm*. Paris, March 4. The A&Biof JJi^ieffllbatTafs out Ceurt more arid mrjrty''miiHS a^ the frequent Exjprefles lha't.are^lejnt t hirherj; �rjd cprne frarn thence. The lail that came from GrHpiga bringa advice that the Germans irt in motfpo, and haviBg

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