Sunday, February 5, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Post Man (Newspaper) - February 5, 1802, London, Middlesex And the Historical Account, @c. from ^tltttfflap February 3, to ^aSOtftap February f, 170a* Ptris, February i�. ... Everal Expreffes are arrived here from Gp-' � ���<�, wirji advice, rha^ on rhe jorh paft Prince fi^ewe of S#voy Introduced (foomen  V into that place.who having opened a Gate to f�+J * Body of Cooo men more, there happened a Bloody Engagement between, our Troops in that City and the Itnperialiits, but That the latter, were repulfed with'a confiderahle loft, as ir will appear by the following account. t"~|^HeMagiftratesiofCw�w�� havingdefired leave of J. ' the Governor to cleanft an' Aqueductrb-caule ' the (Hnkingriefs thereof bred fomeDiftempets in the ' Town, Prince Eugene of S*v�y had irnmediately no-1 tice thereof, and refolded to furprize the place, and 'accordingly on the 39th part marched out of hjs * qturners, taking 4 Body 3609 Horfe, each having "a Granadeer beaind.and joo Huflars. They marched * with that Fecrecy,. that our Generals had ho man- * nei of notice of it, and came before Cremna, cToo tY-mta were detached to enter the'Tewri by th'Aqu'*. '�duSt, wbieh iocceerJed To well,'mit they went; 'in without any oppofirion, an#'i&ized one of ' the Gates, which they opened to Prlnte^gflw, who. 'immediately BoAS/Ted himfelff of, th�S. chief places,-, ' and Stttets: rher terufed, arid carried him away ' Prisoner. In the mean time, the French and Spa- * ntfh Troops.belrig.commanded to their Arms by ' their tefpe&tve Officer*, there happened a bloody ' Fight, and th^itfperialifts fought with, that cou-' rage, chat tftey cleared' the Streets, and beat the ' French to the Ramparts, where rhey dtew together, ' and as foon asit was day, they renewed the Fight * with that courage, that by the; help of the Cannon ' of the Cittadel, and the Battteries that were made ' in feveral Strew*, they beat back the German;, and ' forced them to quit tke Town.. The Marquefs of * Crenan was Wounded in the Shonlder, and taken " Prifoner; but notw'irhlbnding the bra'ery of our ' Troops, that place had certainly been taken, had ' nor the Marqueii ofPrahn cut down rhe Bridge, to ' hinder a Body of 8000 Imperialifts, who were on ' the other fide of the P�, to come to the afllftance ' of Piincs Eugtrie, who wav forced to retire, leaving ' as Vis f�id 230O men killed on the fpot and 400 ' Prifonsrs. Our lofs is computed 5 or 6"oa, be-' tidas rhe wounded. amongft whom 4 re Vluflieurs ' VtuStcturt, H'Entrigast, Montendrc and Prtflf, General ' Officers. Count. Ktwl, who as the Senior Lieute-' nant fSsntral, took tuna him rhe Caaimjnd of ' nur Troops rhe Marefthal of VMertj being Prifoner, behind hirnjelf with an extraordinary Pru- ' dence and tfravery, norwithftiniing rhe unfpeak-' able cr�nfiilion our Force* were at firft pur i"hto, 'and the r�i�tg has rmde him Knight of his Older, 'in con:ldsrati.on of his jjveit fervicsj. This unexpected Action ftrikej every body with i furprize; the like inftancei s hardly1 to be met with id Hiilory.and as it rn-.nlneeds raifetheireputation of the Imperial Generals.notwithftanding it mifcariied by a delay of a quarter of an hoar in the match of the Troops rhat were to fupport the fir ft* it muft by the fame realbn leflen the reputation of ottrs, who cannot excufe their want of Care and Intelligence f for 'tis plain that they knew nothing of the march of1 the Germans, till they were drawn op-in order Battel in Cremn: This is the only fabjecVof the difcourfeof the. Court, and 'tis obfer.ved they do jiiftice to Prirsce Evgem, and own: that r^ever Enter* prize was better cphterted nor betr^�jUC!p^t >nd notwirhfranding rhe Superiority1 of .i>ur Troops, and tbeir Artillery, the Prince woald havf taken the place, had not his Troops beerihairalTed by si long march in very bad weather. The^qjiiwwwew 6 or 7000 men ftrong, and the Garriiba confined of la BatalHons, and as roany S^rjadionj^f o�r chocieft Troops, be/ides the S^wrf),," Tire Jung-has appointed the Duke of ^/�!�%L^iC^fmn�n�( his Army in the room of the Mife&hal of VMvtyfy who perhaps is the fitft. .Generai that .in ever was taken arid carried awi^t:,. ..^. ____ , a Fortified place, in the middle df hiSjT^qogi The Fight lafted it hours, and muff^ds ^ve b^ea very bloody. The next Letters ar<|mpatrjently ex*: pefted^Qr a more part icuhraCco'Urrt of'that AQioa,. for the firft advices are feldom to be. depended upon* and 'tis feared that our lofs will appf'it inach greater, confidering how long the Troops;wev engaged.-Courit arrived here, andlntendf/td. retard in few day for Thtukn, ro command Ae^jjr^djronrde-"' iigned to Convoy the King of Sf�mi^mB]^iilm* to Napier. The defign of Ifluirig BiliVoutofthe Royal Trwiury; to w taken as ready Mpr�e^'Jn all payments,is,as 'tis faid.laid a(lde,ana the ChancelJo^ and firft Preiident'have bppofed it as ap innovation, which wonld compleat the ruin of the:*Kingdom\ but the talk of creating two places of' Geheral In-fpe{tors of rhe Finances, which will he. fold for 500000 Livers apiece. 'Tis faid alfo"that aU the civil Employments in the Navy, as Secretaries, Clerks, Commifiioners of Provifion, and others, which are not properly Military, are to be ereQedi into Hereditary Offices, which will bring a vaft fumm into the Kings Coffers. - ^ - They write frqin Rome, rhat the Pope has ordered his Officer� to profecure with the Uttnoft feveriry thofe that have accufed theCardlnalA "Janfm of having formed rhe horrid delign ofcaufingfhe Maiqrefs del Paftt to be alTaffinated, which Calumny his Holinefs refenrs To - rhat degree ; that 'tis faid he has refuted aPafi detired of him by the Imperial AmbatTador forthefaid Marquefs to quit Rot* and the EcclefialHcal Territories.. Thofe Letters add, that the Guards of the G=�tes of that City are reinforced, and ordered to feize that Nobleman if he offers to go out, altho he were in the Coach of the Imperial Ambafiador , who has taken under his potretrionfhe laid Marquis, and threatnid fucM as ihail off�r him any affront with the higbeft rebutment of his Mifter. Ltndm, February 17. This morning the-Right Honourable the Earl of Albtmttrk let out J to* tmbark for Hollmd. On WedvcfdayWvs Excellency the Baron dr 5*;t--fecim, AmbafHidor extraordinary of the King of Fr/fjit, had hi* fivft priva^ luditncs of hu Majc^v.

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