Sunday, January 15, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Post Man on Sunday, January 15, 1702

Post Man (Newspaper) - January 15, 1802, London, Middlesex And the Hiftorical Account From XtjUtftmp January 15, ia#a^rlWif jaeaafy T Bruffth, January i�. "S^He're happened fomedaysagoa mod terrible Hurricane about Sivelle, which in a ValleyMjetweenth'at Town and Soignez, withfeveral Farms anil Houfes, and a vaft number of Trees,whereby the Inhabitants have f'fffered a great damage;:, They corttinue our Levies with all poffible idihgefice, ahtJ 'ns faid we dull have a Body of 4.0 Batallion.- and 60 Squadrons afouJ own Troops next Summer. Prince TSercUet of Titty is gone-wLiegei from whence they write riiitVthe States of that Bifboprict have declared that rft^yHviJ] cbme ro no refolution on the demands made on the part of rhe Elector of C�/ogj<till the GjreirDsaa of their Chapter is fct at Liberty. .A Convoy: of 6 Millions and a half of Livers is arrived heie under a ftroug Guard,for the ufe of the French Troops, the French being obliged to remit that Money in Specie, notwithltanding they are fen-fibjeor the great prejudice their own Country receives thereby. Hague, Jinuiry 10. Our Letter* from Hamburgh fay, that the Duke of Saxa Gotka, whofe Levies gave gTeat umbrage to his Neighbours, has made over all his Troops to the Emperor, which we hope will be confirmed by our next advices. They writ* from Berlin_ rhar rhe account they received from Prutfia that the King of Svedett had received three Wounds in an Engagement with tfie Uihuamani proves groundless ; their laft advices alluring that that Prince is in very good Health, and has not been Wounded. Thofe Letters vary fomewhat as to the defigns of the Swedes, tot fom e write that his Spedijb Majefty was ftill purfuing Ogintii, and had poflefs'd himfelfof Vilna the Metropolis of Lithuania, arid others telling us, that he was returned to his Head quarters in Coitrland, unending to quarter his Troops on the Frontiers of that Country, or e'fe, as fome Letters aflert it, to march directly to Warftv, fo that we mnft wait fo� our next advices to have a trueaecount thereof. They Write from Rome, that the Imperial AmbafTidor has notified to the if ope, in la lecrer audience, that the Emperor is re&l v&J to fend a Body of Troobs into the King* dovA*i$E Naples, and therefore defired pafTage through TheEcclefiaftical Territories, a {Turing him that the Imperial Generals would keep their Troops under fo ievereadifcipline, thattheSubJe&sof the Pope would fufrer no prejudice by their march. Thofe Letters add, that the Pope offered- feveral reafens to <li(Tw�de the Emperor ftom that defign, and exxule himfelf fr�m granting the pafTage deGred of hini,but the Ambaflador replyed, that he had no other inductions than to notify hisMafters intentioo.where-u'pon 'tis faid the Pope cold him, that the Emperor could not rake it ill, if he granted the fame favour to the French, being refolved to keep an exact Neutrality. They write from Paris, that the French King is diffatisfied with rhe Republic of Venice URon advice thar their Governours havaTupplied the Germans with neceffiries ro'make Bridges, in order to get them out of rheir Country, but fuppofing the Faft were true, which do riot know,the-ha*e fo very much fif&rtd by the lorg continuance of the Armies in their Territories, that nfl body can blame flie-m for fuv;rt3 irn&e Bridges Co get rid 0f thafe troublefom Guefts. The Minffters of Frame are very unrafy at the Libels that are fpread abroad agiisft them, at;d the" filing of Cqmi Scholars'"of the OAm&'"fflffii& c��rr, with two Abbots--who were t&tir PreS^ptot*; (for having dufctfeiT a .^irions Libef^iafedjft-firu&m it the Dauphin,} h^s not deteiK^a^^fioui' the like practices, and Jth�J5 talk oFi*vei�X?&rn.-poons, not only again* the Miniftry, loaiiUbmxunR the King and Madam * 'MafHtentn."� Th^prttenaV ed InQruction to the Dattfphin, is, air/r e. A Neutrality has be gl*vd of the 11th inftanc is Very unacceptable to our Court, and will mightily raife the reputation of thofe Counsellors, who oppoftd the recognition of the pretended Prince of Wales for King of K)igland,i$ the moft fatal ftep that we could be. guilty of in the pfefent juncture, it being not doubted btitthe Commons will exprefs the fame relentmenc as rhe King of England {hews in his Speech, and the Houfe of Lords in their Addrefi. Our Gazette gives an abfl-factof his Majeftys Speech.but does not mention a Word of rhe Addrefs, of which we had an account by the fame Poft. Our Letters frdm half of the 8th inftant confirm; that the Duke of Modem has admitted the Germans into hisFortrefs of Benefit, and that Piince Eugeve deftgtis to extend bis quarters into theDritchy of Parma, notwitMranding the' fame is a Fief of the Church. The Kingdom ofNapln*be-ing now in great tranquility, Count �Efitees\s ordered ro bring back to Thottlott the Squadron of Mea of War under fcis command; An Exprefs from Barcelona has brought advice, that the King of Spat* continues in that place, and that the journey of that Prince into Italy is very uncertain, but We heat th*t he goes into the Field* his expences  are fixed to i$oo Livrei a day, ta teaefihis Officers

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