Friday, January 13, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Post Man on Friday, January 13, 1702

Post Man (Newspaper) - January 13, 1802, London, Middlesex . -. j v3tr.-a :<..'' And the Hiftorieal Account,: &ciyg$. � "'� -�' nr. From^ucfbar JaiuarjU3,.c�3^tl^ moil J ��'iffift them .any loafeer. Thi.^^ter-jgfWftWW � San Bcnedepo.: -'"fbriaken, were fbj-<ffd to- Mtt^^^eMtmifgiit, 4 wht� inftead of r&tjrffing tbei; GxieY|5^W^|�d ' vert them from diat refolutidn, apiptoniVd t^t 'ncrtwitbftanding his Cadiolict l^jefty-ii.Preroga-' fives were foundedon a loh�t po$ewonf^eaBl>ilip ' the 3d,yet he would atanother timebMCjWi^hfome * Branches of it, but not now, l$:$f* .Subje$s ' fhould take1 an iSt pffiis �mta'tmpfff^gt^.^Gt 'extorted from b&n by fotce. T^fT^v^fg^i Frm rht Btad tptarteri if Prhce Eugene of Savoy January 3. ON die 30th paft a Spy was feized in our Camp with a Letter of Count Theffeto the',Marefchal of Villerej, but rhe/ame being inCyphcn we dp not know the Contents thereof. That Spy is to be hanged, and our Officen are ordered' to give public notice,. that thij wiQ be the Fate of all fuch who fliall keep soiretpondence with the French in Mantua, and endeavour to introduce any Proyilions therein. On the 3 ift General Dam who Command! at Guajtda lent a Part)- over the Po to get intellifence of the Enemy, who reported that Monfieur VMLrej was at Cafal Mag-part with Mtn'ind 12 piecei ofCannon. That there were. 500 Men at SMmte, 2oooa�#�u/o and San Manim, and 2000 , at Gaul?, befidep ftvtral G-inrdralong the. Oglu, and a detachment of 809 Men at Celtrh in the Pormefan,,but that their Horfe which Wa� about Cremona Wa� marched to Povia. They reported ^lift that there wai a difcourfe in the French Army .that they were ordered to pali theOg/w, and attempt to relieve -Mantua. Ontheift t - , ---- ->iw��ii inftant a Defrner from Mtntu* repotted that the 'French therein., are ' the- neceffity of "Uniting theml^Iv^.whm,kU.�aj; ,n>ru]ldtnemJelvesin3rcadwefitsmarch, ���ve all along protected, and,jJ^:^jsx^a�efly and take Bread and Forrage for j day?,;aad laft night they begun Cou'd nerer take more proper &eafl3�0 ingratiate ^^iWed0n�tk^^P0nrl?/d^- /Sreatmany 'firmfdf with fiis SdbpQs, thmtnjdoimBclhm Boatt with Pronfionj, are arrived from Torbcle m Tirol to Drunt^nn � An^�n,P,,ilt.J^.. - j II . r Vi'3* �0U^ at the other end of the-Uke it U Guar^rd Waggon, are ordered , AncientPreWledgeS; and that fadl M aa^fJpftrCf that way-tobrfoB it to our Quartet*. t W�^M,more ?hab any^ thing cite, unite his$ubjc&s, '.' Parii, January 18. An Exprefs from Cremova (^aiiiciDttrigCthtn|tijJ^a|td by-^if .-I^Mf ^t-fi� ' has brought advice, that the DukeofW�^fl has de- *'ave Subjefts did.hofc much case whole Sttbieds limed' � " ' - ----- '.�T.-^- ^.li.- ' tilated ' Dutchy 'that River. That place is of a great confeguence ; * imtiktcbviit thereof. Th?_Fri^d>taf Mon-' to them, for it does , not only open a pafTage into -^.-t ...j--^ 1 .* the Crmonefe, but gives them aa opportunity to ' extend their quarters into the Dutchies of Pmm* 'and PUuntitt. Thcfe Letters fay, that Monfieur ' yillaoy being informed that Prince Eitgent of Savaj f was fending a Detachment into thof^parts, he had ' commanded the Marquis of PrtctntaL with feveral ' Squadrons of Horfe and Dragoons to oppofe their 'de/igns, but odr Troops are fo fcarrafled, that that ' General does not fctuple to fay, that unleft he is 'fpeedily reinforced, iris impoffible he fliould keep ' his Pofts. The. King has thereupon fent frem orders to the.Troops defigned for Half, tohaften their " but the Roads are To bad, and the Weather fo rainy, that a world of 'Soldiers fall fick,.or at leaft pretend to beft>t0v ' ftay behind, having no mind to ferve in a Country' ' where they ftarve; where they-have an Enemy ro 'deal with, from whence they are feldom to expeci 'any Quarter, and where they"multrefolvethem* ' felves to be condemned to work on the Fortificati-' 6ns of the places in Hmgmj if they are taken Pri-' foners. Thofe advices continue to fay, thai ' Prince. Ctmnurciii to march towards litpltii no-' thing being now. able to oppoCe their march, but �4|he,dif!icuitief of the Roads. Private Lexers from ''faction* fay, that the King of Sfain\% refapfed, and * has had fome fits of an Ague, but his Phyficians i* Teemed confident, that they wdwJd recover him ' ffeur Grtiriiit ixt handing about a vindication of that '"General in Manuicript, which Teems to be of his ' own Writing, wherein he clears himfelf very well ^from the blame caft upon him for .thV(�JJ^cce^ ' of our Arms in Italy.,".^and lays it t^pri-|h<t Prince ' of Fttudmant. If the matter of Fad alfe<jj�ecl there-. ' in is true, the event has fhewnthatC*ft�)�t was in ' the right, for he was of opinion, that thevConfede-' rate Army fhould only mind to. oppipfetdtt parage ' of the Adige as far as Carpi, and the Mwcii, and Tuf* ' fer the Gertnotuto. pafs the Po, for by thofe means we.had cut off* their Communication w|thlGm���y I ' hut Prince faudtmnt oppofed that advicei and by: ' .q�feritiy reduce..Prince Eugtne to thenecefllty of re-' Vpafltn� the Mountains, was the occafipn"of all the ' advantages that .General has obtained. Impartial ' People long to know what Prince Vaidmmt has to ' fay for hirflfelf4but as we have a particular intereft ' to keep up the reputation of our GeneraJj,'ris likely ' that Monfieur C<jfi�i�f's exc'nfts wijlbe mdre.ftvou-'ably receiwedtbarfthc lea&nsof fhriottfer;. titgat% January io. They" Wrftfr^Qm,te�^r//,that Counc Bergrik who manages the Conferences abouc the Affair' of the Sat with ftfonfleuf flte$J^naenc of-the Sat es,took fomsl .days ago an oppOrrturu^r to tell ouiRefident.that theMarquis ofBeihii*r Tiad been very much fuprited ^itthe CpmmarKJe'r pf Fprt 'Ultt has , himfelf to affairs of State. That Prince ejepreffes,i-, great uneaunefs,about the proceedings of the States to(Cstaltma, which grow very high; The fubje*ci .matter of thofe difputet are the fame; which ob- bf Land belonging to Spain. That they did not know tt� have given any occarton tO'it.on their part, and that Spdin would be very glad that all oc-Calions of Mifrruft and removed, , liged that Principality to take up Arms in the year Jjand that therefore he could wift the[.,S�rjs wouht . 16^40. againft the King of Sfain, in defence df their , Liberties, and whofe caufe fceoitd fo reafonabl* , to Ltvit theju(l, thet hetook.rhem into hispro-, teftion, which ws continved unro them by--his , prefentmoft Chriftian .Maj in hi� oxa l�ingdttW p'."!: declare their Mind, and lejc them krio\y what they deflred* The Refident anfwered that he 4djd not know what reafons the Commander olLilk had for flopping the Waters, but that it was likely Jje had' ;:,y, rill the civi) Wars- thought fit t'o-take that precaution for.^fiVwcuriry/ � o�t or" his" f��rer^o be^jrii of tH#repo'rt fpread at iht*vfi^ foxo�^{

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