Tuesday, November 22, 1701

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Post Man on Tuesday, November 22, 1701

Post Man (Newspaper) - November 22, 1801, London, Middlesex Numb. 904 QQQ ? Cije $M :| And the Hiflorical Account, &c. From ^atUtDap Novem ber 2 ztto 3CtKttta? Npvembcr 25,�701, Hamburg, November i�. OUr laft Letters fiom Po/W fay, that the Houie of tapiek* has reje&ed the conditions propofed unto them by the Nobility pf Lithuania, as injurious to ;hem both in point of Honour andintereft. The Nobilhy have adjourned their meeting to the beginning of March next ; and in the mean time have quartered rheir Troops on the Lor dihips belonging to that Family. The King of Sweden having advice of the breaking- up of the Congref* of Gndua, and the refolutions taken therein, has fent a reinforcement of 2 Regiments, of Foot, to the Troops that he lent feme time ago into Sayogitia to protect, the Lordlhips belonging to the Sapieha's, whom his Majefty has taken into his protection; and as the Confederated Nobility have fent $6 Troops to take quarters in thole Lordfhips, ,we may fuddenly ex-peel to hear of an Action! between ih.e swedes and. Lithuanians, which may prove of a dangerous confe-qurnce. Prince ferdinaisdqf QturUn d is very bufy ia Pil*nd, but he meets hitherto with very little fbc-ceft, and fame Letters/ay, that the Cardinal PrLnare told htm in plain terms, that if no body but hijn-felf was concerned in the Invafion of Ceurlaad, the Republick would hardly take his part, feeing he was chief contriver of the unjuft. invafion of Uvmin. The King of Dtwnark intends to raife fomj: new Regiments ; having, as 'tis faid, promued to fend more Troops to the afiiftance of the Emperor. General Bminier has obtained leave of the. Duke of Holftein Gqttorp, to accept the Command pf the Venetian Forces, and he is to have, jdoo.o Crowns a year. #{w�0,Nov.t6.The 6oooDanef'm thefervice of the Emp*ror are arrived on the Borders of Ttral, and.are continuing their march wifh all pofliWe fpeed for baly. They write from Hmgcrj, that the Regimem of Hitjj'*rs of Collonf 1 Ekergfif, went through Bud* �on tbe Schfthftant, tQ continue xJieu- march for Italy by the way ofStyJ/*. The Capj.ajn^bo favoured the .efcape of Prince Rfgmk? is .feized, and is to be ,tryed far^the iaroc The Council is taken up with the examination a/fooie Pjapofals made unto them, for fettling, diveis. MinufacturjeS in the Hereditary ,Count rqhants, concerning their Woollen Manufactures, ,w?hich;chey propose to fend up the J/J*, and �feerw,�d by .the D*-0ti> into Tarty, .incafe their Trade by Sea is ob-itrucied, by .rcafon of,tbe French having ftfixed JCt* dit, and Qthsr Spi��//l>:Hari)ou.rs. Qrufils, Nov. 25. S.SV30 ..Batallions of French Troops, 2 ..Regijaents of Horfe and one of dragoons, marched on.the ud intrant into the City and Cir-radel of Liege,, and the fame being, but Auxiliaries, are commanded by Count Berk, General of the Forces of Lii&a. We hear rliar the French TroQps marched at the fame time into .Rhimkrguen, Ktyjerwo-trt and Bom. They write from Liege, that the Frenc'i Troops being come.at the Gates of that City, Count Btrlo cold the Magiftmes, that his Electoral HighneJi pf Cohgn tht�ir Prince, had commanded him in admit into the Citadel thofe Troops, as -Troops of th~Circle, of Bu.rg<mdf, to provide thereby for- tr.e iccurity of hjs faithful Subje&s, who were threatned with an. inwafion by the Dutch, who not only ccncimied.their Fortifkatiom on the Hill of St Peter nsar Ntf</?n^^twithftanding the complaints again}} ic, bul l'nfendedJikewrfe to fend $ or 10 Ba-k\f#T into Httpl, at th,� J^ti*s of .his Capital City. That the fear of an Invalion having obliged him to take thofe Auxiliary Troops, he piomifed to fend them back, as foon as his Neighbours would remove all cautes of jealouiles. We, hear likewife that the French have fent Troops into Dinsnt and Huy, and that the French Commanders have taken che Oath to the Ereftor of Coltgn. Some Deputies of Gelderhnd are arrived here to acquaint the Government, that the Generals of the Forces of the King of Prujpo have fignify'd unto them, that un-lefs they pay by a certain day, the Arrears due to their Mailer, they will put the Country under Military execution. We expect. feveral%ataUions from the French Conquers, in the room of thofe that are marched into the places belonging toihe Electorate oiGolcgn. Paris, Nov. 30. Letters from our Army ui Italy of the sift inftant tell us, chat having relied two days' aboutfwe�s*,tkey continued their march ibLuvigntvtfi having fuffered very msch in rheir march by rea-fon of the bad ways. Tbe heavy Cannon and moil of the Ammunition were fenton the 21 ft to Qnmor.A, it being impoffible to carry it any further, fo that Monfieur ftllfrtj has but 1$ fmall Field-pieces with him. The wound of Monfieur Catinat proves more dangerous than it was at firft reported, and they have been obliged to tranfpore him to Cremona to be cured there. 'Tis thought the next Letters will bring us advice of the entueiepar ation of our Forces^ which arefomuch harraffed, that we have loll abov� 5 op men in their marsh from Urago to Lwvignam. Thofe Letters bring no manner of news of the Ger* WW, that 'tis hardly believed that the latter, who were fo troublefome to us in our Camp, fliould tamely fuffer us to retire without intuiting our Rear in our Rem�. They feem very much afraid her* that Prince Eugene will direftJy march into the Mil*-nezeby the way oiCamniea, but others tell Us, that the Country is fo drowned by the overflowing of tb* Rivers, that an Army cannot march that way. In the mean rime, as thai Prince has found means Jto pafs Mountains that were judged unpaflible, and done feveral things this Campaign, which oar vir perienced Generals judged impoffible, many are a* riaid that he will overcome this laft difficulty.'and nwr'ch direQIy to Milan. The Troops of Savoy continue their march homewards, being Very much Weakened by defcrtion and mortality, and out Minifbrs have not been able to prevail with his Royal Uighnefs to leave his Forces in the Mlaittze, till they ftp what raeafures Prince Eugent will take. Several Expreffesfrom Bom,Rhimber��entKtyJer9aert,*nd Liege, have brought advice of the march of our Troops into thofe places, the Elector ofttUgp having de-fired the Kings afliftance sgainft the EleSor Palatine, yiho.has a Bodybf Dutch Troops in the Countrys of Bergues and Jutien. There are n Batallions in Rbimberguen, Keyferwaert, Nuyt and Kemfen, and H Batallions and 8 Squadrons in Born; we have notyer. a certain advice of the number of Troops that are in Uige, but they talk of 6 or 10000 men, which may he reinforced in caie of^ need, by the Troops we h^ve in the tfetherfandt. 'Tis no longer doubted but that the Empire will take this as an infraaion of the Treaty of Rifwick, tho our Friends in thofe parts -will riot fail ro fay, that the Elector of Qoiegn has as much right to receive French Troops into his TTowns, as the Eletlor Palatine to reeeice the Dutch. Tho we art fenfible that the cafe is very different,we ^lo not matter it very much, and the leaft plaufible pretence is all that we need care for. Orders ate fenlto 3^ Ba:*lions in the frtuch Conquefts to march iato

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