Friday, November 18, 1701

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Post Man on Friday, November 18, 1701

Post Man (Newspaper) - November 18, 1801, London, Middlesex Numt). 902 Q.Q.Q. And the Hifbrical Account, &c. FromXttS&ap November 18 ,co XfttttDap November 10 * 70 may begot together upon any fudden err>�. ;.ucy . They write from Warfare, rhat the Army of che Crown is fo very much diflarirfied, that Count j*-btanowki their General, hasfentan Exprefs to acquaint the King, that they are refblved to Confederate themfelves, which cannot but have fatal confs-quences in the prefeni juncture of affairs. The Deputies of Great Poland, Pruflia, Ermerlaiid, and Ce\ eral other Palatinates have declared that they are unable to pay their Quota for farisfying the Army, becauie their Country has been almoft ruined by the extortions of the Saxon Troops. The Deputies of Lejfer Poiand who were come to Warfavt to allure his P�-lifb Majefty of their Fidelity, are returned homc� having in their laft Audience defired. that Prince 'altogether to rely on the afre&ion of his Subjects, and tO'forbear to recall his Saxon Troops, or ratfe new Forces. The King of Sweden is not farisfied with the anfwet the Cardinal Primate has returned to his Letter; and indeed that Eminence makes but a very odd requsft, indefiririg that Prince to refiore the. Artillery he has taken from the Saxons, upon pretence that the fame was given in the year 1699 tot the Re&uMick. The requeft he makes, that his Saed^fWould evacuate Ce�WW, leems likewife very preposterous, as long as the Saxon; ate in poffeffion of ThtDitnammder Sthanr. Ratistmpe, November 14. The Cardinal of Lem-bergr High Commiflioner of the Emperor to the Dyer, is expecredJrere this week, and great preparations are making by the order of CotJtjt Papenhtim, MarefckaL of.the; Ernpirej for his publick Entry, .wfeieb is "appointed for tiie 27th inftant. The E-lejfcor oiCilogn has caufed his anfwer to the Mani- v�, ...................fc�b.-of ha-.ehiptw-w be communicated to the pretention, which-was privacy affitfd to. the doors \ Dyet, and chat Jie is-refolved to cortcur. to all th� of the Churches, while Cardinal Atcbin* was.^/ofotiqnstthtt (hafl be taken for the-good of the there, to be ignominiou^y.; torn,in pieces. - They BnW.*,fe� * long as Monfieur dz Cbamiu, Pie* talk of railinfffix himdred. Dragoons for .rein.' �'P�W:^SS^^W� "I10T*"?? forcing the Gmifons ef Firrara and... Motia, and- - Intereft of hu1 ElectoralHighnefs, we cannot but that the Pope will he K...W 1pW�*4to tak*� queftkw fine&tyof his Proteftations, and con-Body of i^V^w into his fervic^ in or^�a: cIudft ^-k-'i* �MtJl*2* u��J on the tath lnnant^and by favour of a Cloudy night , --\fled theOgtoy'and tefired to Xtii and Cremona. ______,._____ ____s.introducing' of the French Troops into the Ri*tt are fo > fwoth of 'bur I.FaUeiCittadeJ.of L�V> Jind other places b* haveW been able fjo^brqad^ Eleaor of CAracanfn nofurpriM and^elsWdoulsVbutH'e^ftencQ-TOU fqdjdeply., here, for the delrgris of that Prmce are fb well be dbtfg*d to' decamp >nd'we'mu� do the li|e.fqo�. kndwn, that no body relies on the pYoteftations he afwr,--it'bdrtg,h6w'altogefherlmpofrible tb'Continue. makes, of hu intentions to cohnntie ip the intereft any longer in the fapia Camps. W�, have fent, .back i of die Empire. This will be doubtlefs coloured to CtoftSWWRvtf at Carriaees'and feveral other things Z with the common nfretenr-fe nffe-m^. �� J- - Rows, November 5. THe Viceroy of petfirts in his re- folution, not to fend back Prince RJceia into the Church from whence he was taken, cohrrary to the Ecclefiaftical rmmuntries j and fome advices from NspletteU us, that they hive proceeded againft rhat Prince wrthfomuclrfevefit^.tKalf fie' was put to the Rack, to extort from him k - ,-j-j iciurucu uumc it was at �rff imagined. The V|ceroyJs fending to .having in their laft Audience defired that Prince Sfain the 2 Noblemen of the Finely" of Atfuaviv*) T .fc- ---c l:_ ct.-.n. daring not to proceed againft them,with.hisufual feVerity, for fear of exafperiting th,e Nobility. The Cardinal of ^tirimhas notified t they ufed\to have, this Court being feniible that as long a5 the' two Parties have referred to the Sword the deciiiJin of their pretentions, they ought not to declare their opinion on that fubjedi becauie 'it would /Ighify nothing, buc rather would certainly draw upon bs the rafent-msnt of one of the Parties. The differences between this Court and. the Duke of$atnj, aboutthe prefentation to Eccleflaj|icalBenefices.pretended by that Prince, are conudfirablyr j^creafedy. lince ; advice came from N�x* th?t.the M�giftratei of that phce'have ordered the Bull of the Pope againiV his _____r . _ ...l � _i_______. Z��te?fc�tel^<oT, ana:ib�t,th^p.eaiwt . �^r,&�mfioar. �r_e to be_iffu�d out mthis -g � ;/f fpporftmey'fb declare againiV the. Country by the Env a f.�vmirab)e 'tfpporhinify^ ... _____-r ______ JVrsA-jSnd Sp.ifiiards, who ufe t'hern, with great feve fily.Withoa'r ahy regard to'tlieirlfriviledges. . H:ir�lu*zb, November 1 i. Some Lecters from C; ilnpbcrghy, thit the King of.Smden has fear his -Aiyiy info Winter Qn.urers, andthatmoft of'erri V� qjt�wteJ on the Cordars of litikania, th& they jivoy of Dutmark, for iraifing * Regiments of Foot, and the Imperial Miniftej is alfo ordered to raife one of Cuiraflierr:' They writ*, from Daway, that the Biflaop of- Arras haS forbidden, the jeXuits tpprefume to P�ach ot Administer the Sacraments in his Diocefs, before they have recant? ed tf-prdpofitions of theifs ofl Equivocations and Me-

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