Friday, October 21, 1701

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Post Man (Newspaper) - October 21, 1801, London, Middlesex And the Hiftorical Account, &c. From XueCoap Odober 2�yto XEmttDap Q&ober 33, 170 1 Brufltli, O&ober 14- ""<dHe Secretary who was left heie by the Rcfident of cheEmperor.was ordetcd laft weel^ i$ depart thrii Country tn�4,houTj rime, whic h he complyed with, and __ went to Liege to wait for the orders of his Mailer. The trench Carabineets and Gendarms begun their march oixSoturdaj laft for tranche Cotnte, where they areto nave their quartets, that they rnay be ready to march for Italy or the Rhine, as 6cca-cafiop ya^ require. An Exprefs is arrived here with �dyic� .that Prince Levis of Baden his fent a Body . of Troo<jgi0/1 thiVfide of the A&P�; under pretence ot making, a �ipe from to ojrwer/heiw.where- . fcpon a Courjiej.^M been df/patched to Count Tolland . with or^rsfo Jha|{ea, the mfi^ of'Uie Troop's de-' %nedib'r.p^�. j^/pbferve the' motion*of the : f Gratitude. Hagtse, 0�toberi$. Our Lettersfrom Stockholm of ' the ad inftantfay, that orders were fenr^Ci/wflr to" embark the Regiment of Horfe of Scania or teoo men' Commanded by Major General Stromberg^, with1 z Regiments of Foot of 1200 men each, which are to/ . be Tranfported to Liebaw in Cwland. Count Defmd Envoy of the King of Prit/Jsa to the Court of Sweden , was preparing to fecdrn home, without taking, ahy audience of Leave, arid bad already fent away pare of iiis Equipage; This made people nrft, for fear ofa rupture between thole two Princes,.but we are allured now of the- contrary, and do, not queftion but a fudden Peace will be concluded'in Livtnia- Our Letters from WarjaH tell us, that the" Palatinates have in general eXprefTcd a high refeat-raent for the.expreflions contained in tfie Letter of the King of Sweden to the Cardinal Primate, which the molt, violent would have burnt by the common. Hangman. The Caftellan of Gnefna has amongft o-thers fignalized his Zeal, and drew out his fword in in AfTem&jy, concluding that the faid Letter mould te burnt" 6i beaten to piecas with (ticks for a greater Ignominy, but the Wifeft pwt of the Aflembly were ofanpther opinion, for fear of exafperating matteis,and they have contented themfelves toaflure the King of their Zeal and Fidelity for the defence of his Title and' Dignity againft all his Enemies, and to deiire the Primate to write to the King of Sweden, to reptefent unto him the diflatisfa&ioh of the Poles, with the expreflions contained in his Letter, anddefire him to evacuate the Durchy of Cour-land, andreftore to the Republick trwCannon that has been taken by his Troops. Paris, Oftpberay. Mr PonJJin is arrived here from England, and has given co the Minifters of State an account of what he has done in that Country, iince the ' departure of Counr TaUsrd ; but we hear he has had lirde regard [0 truth, for arxlongft other things he has reported, that when they told him from the LordsJuftices, that he Ihould depart the Kingdom, he was told at the lame time, that unlets he complyed in 8days, he would be fent to the Tower. . Tho that ftoxy is nototioufly falfe, it has been made ofe of to countenance the order fent to Mr Lewis, whom the -Earl of Uanchefier left here as Secretary, to depart the Kingdom with all fpeed, without allowing him two or three days, for ordering his private affairs, and we hear he fetout this morning; for htgland, Mr Pcufihthzs appeared more lincere, jn. reporting that the proceedings of our Court, in relation to the pre-� tended Prince of Walts, were fo. highly andfo general Jytefented in England, that nothing more favour,'3" ble could happen for the Emperors inletefts. Several ExpreJTes are arrived here ftoT^aples with advice, that the feverity of the Viceroy a.gamu\fome of the chief contrivers of the late Iniurreclion, have deteir'd their accomplices, and that ail iVgujct both in that: City and the Kingdom. Our Letters frpp Whn bring advice, th� notwithftandihg,tI|f many reporc* We have had, the Imperialifts will, take Winter quarters in Italj, and .the- Venetians caaqo'^pofe it, wj�h-,out breach of theNeutrality,: jsjeng ji the Germans offisrto pay ready money for t^ePrpvjfions rhey have ^occafion for, as they have done hitherto. However, as they have np'TQwns that may be fit" to make places of Arms, they, will find it a difficult matter to match into their Quarters,, as long ajsi pur". Army keeps the jFjeld, which; they are ordered W4pjRl.l the lair extremity. According to our iaft XjBtrers f rom Rome, : the Pope has por yet declared liis.mind, about the In-vjeftitjure � outfits, and the Congregation of Cardinals appointed to examine that afra\r, make ui'e of all imaginable pretences to delay- making their report; . from whence'tis inferred, that what our Gazette tells ns, that his Holinefs has written .w the Archbifhop. of Naples, that he owned Philip'ths 5th for lawful King of that Kingdom, is one of t|ie, ufual anticipations of the Gazetteer, who knows by a long experience, that a llory of this nature, tho never fo f'a)fe, may-prove very ferviceable in Spain, to difcou-rage the patty pf the Emperor. An Exprefs is arrived here from Monfieur de Chamois, our Mlni-fter u Ratiibomu, with advice, <w/, and that he has caufeto fufpeft that moftof the Princes who had ingaged for us, under the fpecious pretence of Neutrality, would declare for the Emperor. That Minifter has communicated to the Deputies of the Dyet, the reafons which induced the molt Chriftian King to own the Prince of Wales for King of Great Brittain, and allured them at the fame rime, that his Majefty would religioufly ob-ferve the Treaty of Refwick ; but thpfc reafons have not been relUhed, acd they tell us, that one of the faid Deputies told MoViiieurC^amoir.rhat he wondered our Minifters would expofe to the cenfure of the World fuch pitiful Stuff; contenting himfelf to tell him, that the inftance of the Kings of Navam was not to be aUedged on that Occafion, for the donation of that Kingdom made by the Pope JuHus 2. to Ferdinand of Arragon, being the only title of the Kings of. Spain, and that Title being in genesral difowned by all the World, and even by the Kings of Spain themfelves, i< was but juft that,rhe Pofterity of John of Albret, who remained in poiTeifion of a great yaic of the dominions belonging to phe Kingdom of lla-varre, being thus unjufily difpoffefled bytheS/um-ards of the other, fliould retain the Title and Dignity ofI Kings of Nav*'r. As to the other inilance of the Kings of Naples, he laid there was no parity in the cafe, and as ro that of Sweden, he asked our Envoy, wherhefany Princes in the World,'would havegiven the"

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