Tuesday, October 4, 1701

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Post Man on Tuesday, October 4, 1701

Post Man (Newspaper) - October 4, 1801, London, Middlesex -And the HiPtorical Account., &c. From SttUUfta? October 4,to xllltiM? October 7, i jou becaufe they are incamped in a low flat ground ; Brujfili, October 7. whereas the Gernur.s are pofHisIeJ of a more advanta- geous place, moQ of theiv Arrr.y being incamped eu YEftenhy mornirr* rhe Deputies cf thj Julie Hills, and coijfeqi.ently lefs exfoled ro the ia-Mjgiftiates of rnis Cirywmt to compli- conveniencies of the Rainy weather. BothAimics mviic the Marefchal of Baufflex:, woo :tr- fufFcr very much by their long continuance in the rii'tfd here on Tutjday ni�fit from Lowjain, fame Camps, and the Hofpicais of Cremona, Ltdi, deigning to continue in this place the Pavia, and ether places,are full of Sick Soldiers. 1 he jgieaa:t parr oftneWinrer. Tnat General intends ro delign ofbefieging Cajliglkne, Si/jtrino and feme c-be go'.ng t'ltf latter end of this mourh za Lille to change flier places in the Mantuan, poffeiT^d by' the Imperia-the Mi^l ft rates, and will come back by the middle Jills, is no?.' laid afide, beciule Prince Eugene has re-ar November wirh ilis Lady, The French Troops are inforced rhofe Garrilbns, and made a considerable to ure-.-k tip fudily and march into their quarters; Detachment for covering the fame. 'Tis laid CjuiiC but 'tis chough: ciiey will winter in rhefe Province*, Tmjfc who was detached for that expedition is oiJered that they may bs in a readinefs to oppofs any fudden to .ejoin rhe Army, and rhac ail other detachments irruption of the Dutch, who are reinfoicmg their are recalled, fhst we may be in a condition to tepafs Troops with 14 or 1 50O0 men. The Elector of rhe Oglio without any damage, in cafe the Rains com-Cek^n is fuddenly expected at Leigi ro call together pel us to it. In the mean time rhe Armies lye fo the States of that Bjfhoprick,but he is not like to fuc- near one anoiher,t!ut it will be very difficult for th-Tri CSvd better there than irCo/ognjWhsre the differences that fhall break up ruff to prevent thect.'er f;om between his Electoral Highnefs and the Chapter are falling on their R*at: Thofe Letf.is acid, that our grown to that extremity,chat theWar is like to break Generals being informed that a fuong Party is lent our that way ; the Emperor.the King of Prujjia and �ut by Prince Eugeiu, xhey have nv:de a detachment theStates having affured theChaptec of their afliLtance, of Hoife and Foot ro meu the fiqi-imge of the Ge-and the French having openly declared for theEleftor. neral Officers, who were tent with fVicnfieur Vdleroy The Circi-:-if Wefl'fhalia is to meet it Cologn in few into Italy. The ipamjh AmdalTador has received Let-days, and no doubt but they will put 1 Hop to the ters from the Viceroy of Naples, importing, that the violent proceedings of his Electoral Highnefs either Confpiracy lately Jifcove'r-J in that Kingdom is a itchy perflation or force. Our laft advices from Spain gether fupprelTed, and that the chief contrivers fay, that there is a general consternation in that thereof have been put,to death ; and an Officer has Kingdom, upon advice that a War with England and been quartered for having been concerned therein. Hslland is unavoidable, the Spaniards being fenfibJe The Viceroy feems confident, that rhe Party of tha � of the great lofs thay will fuffer by rhe total inter- Emperor is too inconfiderable to attempt any thing ruprion of their Commerce. Our Council of State after this difcovery ; but out Court isfcf another m;.-� frequently about the propoials made for farm- opinion, and'tis confirmed that orders-are lent to ing_ -An KingsRevenue in rhefe Provinces, but that Count d'EJirses to fail for Naples, and than? Barallions point is mare difficult than was imagined,, becaufe are to be lent thither from Provence, rho 'tis reported, the pi! i'ins who have offered the grsateft fumms that the Viceroy hirnfelf cannot conceal, but that h./e no1" reca.ied from their propqfals, becaufe of the Neapolitans fkew filch an aveilion for our Nation,-the hkeli'iood of an approaching War. Monfieur that the fending of any Troops thither, will rather Bagvols rhe French Iutendant feems much diflatisfied prejudice than fecure the interefts of the new King with o as rhem-from $ParU, and has frequent pair, give an account of the Ceremonies obferved at Confer?;.ce- with Count Tirimont aud other Minifters Saragojfa on the 17th part, when the newKifig fwore to about that Affair, but our Treaiury is fo empty .that obferve andmaintain truLa' � s.Privikdges andCufloms theyhivs no money to fpare. Our Letters from of the Kingdom^fvifrrflgon, and received the Oath of Milan fay, that the Confederate Army on the Oglio is Fidelity from rhe Prelates and Grandees ; and they fo harraffei by the Germany Parties, that Provilions tell us that his Catholick Majefty was obliged to tarry-are at an extravagant rate in their Camp, and that there longer than he intended, and appear every they will be forced to break up for want of Pro- day on Horfeback, to fatisfie the cutiofity ofhisSub-viiions, '� jeefs, who reforted there in great numbers to lee Paris, Oftober 12. The Court continues at Fm~ him. The mifunderftandlng beween Cardinal Por-tainbleau, where an Exprefj arrived the 8th from our tocarriro and rhe Pre fid ent of Cnftite begins to break Army in Ii*!y, bur the contents of his dil'patches are out, and it is like to have fata! confequences, if not kept very private, which is a lign 0ihak he bjought timely prevented, and 'cis laid the u.of; Chrarian no good news. Our Letters from German, have King has written to them about ir, to perfwade them brought an account of the defeat of one of our Parties to lay afide Panctilio's about the prerogatives of on the 16th paft, and the deftroying of two Convoys their dignify, and confider thatthe pre'. :>c condition of Provilions, in which actien we loft 3 or <j.oo men; of the Spanijb Monarchy requires the hearty concur-and they wonder here that that account fhould have rence of all the true Lovers of ir, for preierving the-been afrogerher fuppreff;d in our Gazette, fince they fame againft the powerful Enemies tfut are entering tell us fo many circumffances of if, that we annoz into an Alliance againft them. Letter' from Usbarmt doubc of the truth thereof. Private Letters from bring advice of the arrival of Count Chateaitrenasid in our Camp of the 2d inftant fay, that the day before that Harbour with 14 Men of War and 5 Hrelbjps, it began to rain in that Country, and as they uiually which are to act under the command of the Admiral have Iongand violents Rains in thofe parts about of Portugal. The King and the Prince of Brazil v- ,th this time of the year, 'cis believed it will be impoffi* the chief Lords of that Court went, on board Count ble for our Army to continue longer in their poft, ChatiaMuxud, who treated his Majefty with an extra-

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