Sunday, September 11, 1701

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Post Man (Newspaper) - September 11, 1801, London, Middlesex And the Hiftorical Account, &c. Fro n iLtJUtltJap September i i,to >atUT&ap September 13, J 701 cm, Dantzick, Seprember 7. U- Le'rrers from Warfare f.,y, that rhe Car-dina Primate is arrived ther jdrui has had fact A Conferences vvifh tie King of Poland on the preterit juncture of atfiirs. 'Tis raid, that Cardinal was of ojjini-ffW a Senasvs Cofltiii n ihiujd be immediately called, but nis Majiity lhewctb fome uriwillingnefs thereinto, and has fenf. for feverai Senators, ro confer wirh them privately upon that fubjecf. That Prin-e has lent another Exprelj to the General of ihe Forces of rhe Repub'ick, ro recommend to him to march info the Pufchy of Courlnnd, for obliging the Swedes to quit the fame ; bur the Crown General goes p'n very flow'y, and is icnllb'e, that the forces under Kis command, are not able to cope with the Sweats, The King of Polanc1 has disbanded his Company of Grand Moufcfietnires^ which conlifted for the moir part of Reformed Officers. The Saxon Troops c nli!ting of about 8000 men, are arrived in the Ptlljb PruJ/i* in their way home, 1 id live there as in an Enemies Country, requiring Brandfchat money from little Towns, threarning lQ burn and plunder the lame in cafs of reftifil They have had the prefumpcion to ask of our Ma^ifrrafes joooo Rix, Dojtars, with 30. Laftsof Rye, and as many ofOates ; whereupon the. Magn'ntes met together, and ft was refolved to ler ' *" .1 know, that this City was very much diilatistied With ikfilyl^liayiour, but that in conlidjfration of the KJttg, they Weald fupply them with the quantity of Cor/I iAey delired. In the mean rime the Guards of th ti' Ciiy are doubled, arid due care taken for preventing a I manner of furprize from the Saxons, who have with rhem 40 pieces of Cannon, 3000 Waggons, and about zooo Women. Hamburg, Seprember 13. The Landgrave of ffejfe Cajj'el wffh his Prince A", and rhe Prince of Saxe Goth*, and i.Ptinceffrs of Hejfe Hamburgh, came into this City lame days ago, and having been entertained with an Opera, returned in the evening to Altvna, where the Queen Dowager of Denmark will continue for fome dayst Our Letters from Comiingsbcrg fay, thattheKing of Prttjfij has reinforced all his Garrifons on that tide, and el'pecially that of Kernel, and that they talk of railing 4 new Regiments in that Country. The Swedes continue to put under contribution the Dutchy of Courland, and make fuch denjands for the damages they have iuftained by the invafiorj of the Saxons and Mufco-tfitesy tnatone would rhink their good fortune has altered the difpofition which they fhewed before to Peace We hear nothing from the Mujcwites, and the Swedes tell us, that Herva isfo well provided, and their Fronriers fo coyered by General Welling, that the Czar mult venture a fight before he can beliege any place. Thar General fends frequent parties into the Enemies Country, who de/hoy it with Fire and Sword. Let-reis from Funen fay, that they have discovered there a mod execrable murther which happened there. The Ceunt of llocklen going 'o the mii;i land in a fmall Veffel wirh a Valet de Chambre and a Footmen, the under of the Utile �nd his Man refolved to kill them, and rake their Goods, which they effected while that unfortunate Gentleman was afleep wirh his Servants. They rhievV afterwards thtir Bodies into the Sea, and rhe matter of the VelTel being aftaid that his man fh/)Ua! difcover jf, knocked him on the head itkewiie, and rhie-.v him intothe Sea.' lie landed afterwards privately theTrunks and other Equipage of the Count, and funk his Ship, giving out fliar ti;.-y bad run againft a Rock, svneie the Ship had been /laved in pieces, anj ail die men drowned excepr hiiiif'.'If.'The wsarner having, been foinuwhat itoimy, thiC rc-ort was easily be'ieved ; but a young Girl having lien that Man n a Wood digging trie Ground, and laying in a Trunk, ihe acquainted her Patents with it, and cue Mrgiitraus having repaired to that p'ace, found the Equipage of the Gentleman abovenamed, and 1500 Crowns in the Trunk' The Skipper was feized, who* confeired ihat horrid fact, for which he is to be punifhed wirh trie' utmoit feveriry, to decer others from the like practice' Paris,September 17.AII our difcour/es now are upon rhe Atfiirs of Italy, and the dsath of rhe late King "James, and the Proclamation of his pretended Son. Tney rell us that the late King has appointed his Queen to be Regent during tiie minority of his pretended Son, and that the Princes of Conde ard Canti, with the Earl of Middelronwe appointed Co-Regents with her- This Hep of our Courr, and the prohibi-. ting of tbeEnglifh ManurattuieS are looked upon as a aemonftrati<sn,that ue aie informed thaiEngJurd js absolutely in the inter eft. 7 the Emperor, and in tba general opinion of people, this conies Jicde fhert of a Ueciaiation ofWar. Out Merchants are very uneafie . at this Prohibition of (.cmrr.erce, for the fane beginning from the 6th initam, tiie day of"the publication: of the Edict, tbey will be great loolcrs, becatiie they are not allowed to import rr.e Goodsprohibircu, rho ic-may be,rhey have bought great quantities cf 'em,which they had not time to import. They complain alio that the time given them to the ift ofNoveitiliernext,fot difpoiing of the laid Goods, which rhey have actually upon their hands, is too (nort. The lofs we have! fuftained in the Affair of Chiari appears every day ro be greater, and die blind account our GaZerte gives of ir, is fufficienr to convince any unprejudiced man,that we have received a very considerable check. The Gazetteer has thought (it to avoid giving the particulars of it, but tells us only rharour Right forced the Intrenchinenrs, but rhar rhe Left having not been able to do the like, the Troops retired and were drawn up in Barallia within Muskef-fliot of the Enemy.It was there, fays he, that we had a'great number of men killed aad wounded by the fhot of the Enemy, who fired upon us with their fniall Arms, and their Artillery loaded with Cartridge-mot. This ii owning a great ,lofs, but we expect a more particulat account, by private Letters from our Camp. Brujfets, September 16. An Exprefs from Paris brougnt fome days ago the unwelcome news fof the new advantage obtained by the&nnaxs over theConfe* cerate Army in Italy. This has /buck our people into a great conftevnation, for rhe Mate/thai of Bouf-flers and the Marquefs oi Bedmar had fo confidently boafted, that Prince Eugene would be obliged to repafs rhe Mountains^bcing net in a condition to make a ftand aepinft the numerous Army commanded by the Duke ot Savoy, that we wiftied only that they might come to an eng�gement,not fo much as doubting of Victory being on our fide. We have rectived fihee an account: of rhe fame Action by the way of Holland, which a-grees well enough wirh ourlalt Letters from Ptris, for 'tis owned that the French had neir 3000 men killed upon the fpor, with a great many Officers, and that the Souldiers were fo difcouraged by the vigorous reftftanCe they met with, that the Generals did not think fit ro renew the fight the next day, as the' firft advices of tiiat engagement would nuke us believe. Thofe Letters fay, rhatrhis attack was managed by the Marefchil of Viilenr, wiio in the Council of Wit carried it agajnft tne Oaks of Savoy and Monl.eur Catinat, and if that report provetft true, Monficirr noujjiers may flatter himfelf with the hopes of being fenr. imo Italy to retrieve the Honour of the Arms of Prance. General had fome diys ago an interview at H^rrnal on the Mmfi, with Count TallarJ, and went fore

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