Sunday, September 4, 1701

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Post Man (Newspaper) - September 4, 1801, London, Middlesex Rome, Auguft 13. p^" m-^li E Imperial, French and S^in'flt Mi.: I Hers H continue their Intrigues at th's Com r, hue B arv. nt�t like to obtain a.iy ^iWik 4:1 Aver � to tlieir Propofals, rill one of tne pjrra->' .JBL has got the better in the Milanezs. "I he Pope has very much appro, ed rhe coududr. of the Ma-giftrates in the Kin^jom of bfjplet, who have iigni-iiiJ to the Viceroy, chat they coulJ not in coiifci-eace take the Oath of Fidelity to the King o?ip.<nn, till he had received the Inveilirure from the Holy SV^. The Spanijb Am ballad or has thereupon redoubled his inftaaces to his Holinefs for granting the fame, buc trie Pope has anAvered, tl)3t this being the nicefl ca!e that ever concerned iiis Church, he had appointed an extraordinary Congregation to consider of if, and thjt he was refoiveJ to make no (lep in due affair, till they were come to fornc refolution. That Congregation meets now and then only for form fake, for after aH nothing but theiucceft of the War, can decide the controverfy. The Popehjs appointed another Congregation of Cardinals', who are not Partisans of the Emperor, France and Spain, to confidet of the mcfr proper means for preferving It sly from a rota! ruin, bat we don't kno;v what rsfolurions they have taken ; and mofr people are of opinion, that the Neutrality of the Pope, the Venetians, and other Princes A the wor.1 expcJien: that could ever be taken; and ihuz Italy is undone, urvlels the Italian Princes joynuiru one of the parries, to drive the other beyond the Ahs, and thereby put afpeedy end to this farai War, which muft needs fpread it ij If next Summer further than the Milar.cze. The Venetians feeia very weary of the long continuance of the German; in their Territories, whereas they had only at firfl deiired p:fAge through the fame, buc their complaints accjuoc are little taken notice of by a conquerable Army, and not very much regarded by the Imperial Courr, who excufe things of this nature, upon account of an indifpenfable ne-cefiity. The RepubHck feems afraid, that the Germans will by the fame reafon take Winter quarters in their Dominions, and this feems now the greatcir point in agitation. Italy is fo much concerned inthedifpute about the Spanish Succeilion, that almoft every body rakes pare therein, according to private intereft or inclination. This caufes a great divifton, and has interrupted the friendship that has fo long continued between Pafqmn and Marforio. The latter has declared for the French, and the former is an indefatigable AfTerter of che Rights of the Houfe of Auftna. Some few Perfons , who have Honour enough to be Neuter in this affair, have endeavoured to reconcile thole two Friends, and to perfv/ade them , that they mould remember that they are Romans, and not Germans, French or Spaniards, and their kindly Offices have proved fo effectual, thai they begin to fpeak the fame Language. The Legates ofMwia and Ferrara have fent ExprefTes to acquaint the Pope, that there is a contagious diftemper in Mantua, and that they had refblvedro forbid any communication wirn rhatCity ; but chat they had received Letters from the Duke of Mantua, that that diftemper was only occafioned by_ the Sick and Wounded Frerfch Soldiers in the Hofpi-" tals, who were to be forthwith removed. From thi Imperial Army between Pones Oglio and Urago. Auguft 26. Nothing material has occured ftnee our laft. We continue in che fame place,waiting for our reinforcement':. The French are encamped at lovtanciLi, their Vanguird reach near Canelfo, and our i';jies bring advice that 1 hey have received the Korfe ami I'or t they ex peeled from France,znd that they were ir.i.'ting neceffJry picp.iraiionsfor oafling the Oglio and backing our Army.U e ite preparing our felves in rha mem :im� to rhem a w j�r� icceprion, and will tarry fur rbcin in th:s Car.ip. Our Parties who were ^nt out the iy-li,zitii 3nd iifr, killed 70 men cf the Confederates, ai.-d brought34.Prifoners.amongft uhom tHere is a CW.miiTaiy, a Captain, 4. Guards of Prince Vjud:n:<ivi, and 2y Morfcs, and we have not ,;oft one man on our fide. Genera! Vaubtwt having paiTsd the Oglio ro intercede a Convoy of Provifions going ro the French Army, cook a Brigadeer General of che French' Kings torces, a Lieutenant Collonel, a Captain ci Grar.adeerj, 2 Lieutenants of Fooc, and 3 of Hcrfe, 5 E:v:;.;.!is, 1 ] ki''ed upon the Jpor. Vienna, Aiiguft 27. VVe have nothing material from Italy s Prin.e Eugene makes prefHng inf*ancesfor che reini'i-'rcements that have been piomiiid unto him, and orders ate fent to che Troops deligned for that Coun-tiy co haften their march with all poffible fpeed. Frequent ExprefTes arrive here from the Hague, with an account of the Negociations there, which are attended with greater difficulties than it was believed, our Court making rheir utmoft endeavour to ingage their Allies into iir.h meafures as are moft favourable for our Incereir. They ra!k of a projeft for accommodating the differences occafioned by the Spanijb Succeilion, but {he Emperor fheweth the like averhon to the dilmembring of that Monarchy,as he did when the famousTreaty ofPartiticn was communicated unt� him. Hamburgh, September 6. The Danijb Troops defign'd for the fervice of the States of Holland are co be reviewed the 15th inflanr, and delivered to the Dutch CommilTioriers. The Foot will embark at Glwkftat,an& rhe Horfe will go by Land for Holland. Our Lerters from Courland fay, that the Steedijb Army confuting of 24000 men is marched ro Polangen, but that the Saxtnr have withdrawn their Artillery from thence, and carryed the fame to Elblng. 17. Saxon Regiments- are marched by Coningsbergon their W3y homewards, Hague, September 9. The King of England continues at Loo, where the Duke of Zell and the Eieftoral Prince of Hannover are expefted next week. The Earl of Marlborough is gone chiHiei. Sr Robert Sutton AmbafTa-dor to the Port is arrived here, and has received the vififs of feveral Foreign Miniflers.Letters from PeraCrux of the 19th of May lafl fay, that" they were in great Confternation in that Country, upon advice from Cuba that a Fleec of go Men of War Eyiglljh and Dutch were feen off of tharlfland. This faiierumour was confirmed by a French Man of War, who reported there that the Englift) and Dutch was preparing a great Fleec with 3 good Body of Land Forces co make an invafion in the Spauijb Weft Indies. The King intends(horcly to fake a review of che Englijh Foices The news we havethis Pod from Livonia are very favourable, and we hear the King of Sweden has declared that he will never depart from the interefl of che Emperor. Pari;, September 10. Our nexc Letters from Italy are impatiently expe&ed for the parciculars of che Attion. which happened on the 4th inftanc, in the attack

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