Tuesday, August 9, 1701

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Post Man on Tuesday, August 9, 1701

Post Man (Newspaper) - August 9, 1801, London, Middlesex And die Historical Account, &c. From ^aCUrDap Auguit 9, co �uefcclj� Auguit 12, 1701. cu by Mitdrid, July 28. "**^He Kin 15 has received advice of rhe advantage obraj;.e({ by rhe Imperial Troops ar C up:, an,] they have caufed rhe Truncation of the ac:ount given thereof by the Paris Gazette to be piintsd bete, to-rhilreprelenfaftons that the-friends to the  vile 0f Aullria might mike of it; but the Character that Gazereer is lb well)(,inw� ui rim Country, rlie falfe accounts and grofs -forgeries, he uled to ]>ub!i!h during the Reign of the late King, there is' little or no credic given to what he tay.s. Th ?rivUedges,ani that they give place to the King's Natural Sons and Foreign Princes. There are in Cadiz �4 French Men of VV'nr, 2 Bombing VeiTels, and feverjl Gaiieys, and 18 Ships more are ihortly expe&ed. 'Tis faid the Marquefs.of Lega-nez. is inclined to lay down his Commiflion of Vicar General of the Seas, as the Duke of Naxera has done his of General of the Galleys, becaufe he cannot agree with Count d' Eflrees, Lieureniint General of the Spa-uijh Armada. Berlin, Aitgulr 9. Several ExprelTes are arrived here from hlittau, with advice of the progreis of the Swedes in thofe parts, who have puta Ganilbn in that place. They write, that they keep a very good discipline, md that the King of Sweden has alluied the young Duke of Cow!.i�d, that he was very well informed, that his Highfiefs and his Council, had no hand in what had been done in favour of the Saxons againir the Swedes, and that the Infractions of rhe Peace, and *ood correfoondence between his Ma-jety ought to be impuu-u' to Duke Fadintnd, and thit therefore he may allure himfelf, trrar. his Subj,- , 'tis yet uncertain, l.i the mean time as the Neighbourhood ^>f thairArmy gives great jeaioiify to tiii5 Con:r, his Vrufiiatt Majfc-ily has lciif.oidets to fiis Forces in Pru�:a to draw together on his Frontiers, and have a watchful eye en the ^Swedes, in order ro cover our Territories. The Garrilon of Ounamunder Sckans has delvred to Capitulate, and to reure with the Cannon belonging to t^iem", their Aims, Baggage'and other marks of. Honour, buc the Swedes will have them to furrender at difcrerion. We hear fiom Warfare, rhar upon 'the news of the defeat of the 5axonr,!everal polijh Grandets took an opportunity from thence'io reflcci Very HVUch on the conduct of their King, and a Sevaitts CobctfiMn is to be called to advije on the moll proper meani for preferving the Republic"!;. Trre Swetlilh Forces in Pimirm.ia make feveral motions, but'Hi jaid they fere' to con-inue about Stetiv., till the rerutnof th* Diike of Holjfeip GttiQrp, who is arrived in ZivowiVte'corifer with the King of Sweden 1 Loo, Auguft 16. The King has been for forrte days >ndifpole �rpugb and.the Lord Cuts arcrettirhed to the Hague i Fiom whence we hear that Count where we have already a Body of Troops encamped. The eefws of the great advantage obtained by the Kingof'S�e tkf< produce a fpeedy Peace, in thofe parts.^ for 'tis likely; that the King of Sweden being fatisfy'd with having driven the Saxans out of hisCouncry^ will undertake nothing a-gainft the Poles, who hawe pot concerned themfelves in the arFairs of Livonia. An Exprels arrived Jaft nighc from the Earl ot Gallway, who is now at the Court Palafioe, and we hear his Ek&oral Highnefs is very fiivourably Jifpofed for the Common Cauft.

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