Sunday, August 7, 1701

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Post Man (Newspaper) - August 7, 1801, London, Middlesex Numb. ;88 Ian: And the Hiftorical Account, &c. From ^ijuriMp Auguit 7, to >atatfcap Auguft 5>, 170 Brtifcli, Auguft, 1 j. "S^tle General Review of our Infantry is put olf to the loth inftant, and the fame is appointed m the Meadows of Lakne, near this City. The Officers are oidered to have their Companies compleat by that tim? upon pain of being caftuer�d. The French Tn-ops in thefe Provinces have made feveral motions, (ince the Conference which was held on Sunday laft at tfamur, between the Marefchals oCyilieroy and Boutflsrs, the Sieur de Puifegur and Come other French Generals; but what refoiutions they cook therein, 'tis not yet publicity known. Some SpatiijhGeneral* teem difjufted at rhefe private Conferences of the French Commanders, and 'tis faid, th� Marquefs de Bedvtar bimieir", who went Two days ago to vilit the Maref-chal of Doufflertit Lonvain, could not altogether con. ceal his diilariifaction, that Monfieur Boujflirs fljould tell him noching of the meafures conceited at Numur, The Gentleman of the Horfe to Count de Avaux, who �was fsnt fome days ago to 'Parit, with the aniwer of theSutes Cieneral to the Memorial of that Minifter, went through this place on Tuesday morning in his way bac'; to the Hague, with the French Kings laft refolu-{ions. HS reports, that the faid anfwei of the States Jus caufed no alterations in the meafures of theFrench Court, and tb-it Count d'Avtux is ordered to return bomi tviiho'it any further delay. He adds further, ehac the French cannot hear with patience, that the Stated fliould infill on the fatisfa&ion pretended by lh.-i fe/npe�or, i rid that Count Ttrcy, Secretary of State for .Foreign Affairs, had publickly declared before ieveral Minifters, that if the Sates had only debited fome fur that fecurify for themfelves, his moft Chrillian Mjjeft; out f .f his affeftion for them, might havebscn induced touls his intereft^with his Grand* Son to yield fomethim', unto them, for removing their fears and jcntoufies; but that the moft Chriftian King was not ufed to have Laws impofed upon him, at they have done in the prefent cafe. This advice feems infallibly to foretel a War, tho the recalling of Coun t tfAvauz from Holland, is not breaking with the States. The Duke of Btrvick arrived here yefter-day in the Afternoon, and was this Jay fplendidly entertained at Dinner by the Marquis of Bedmar, The fubjea matter of his journey is not yet known, but 'tis faid he is to tarry but four or five days. Notwithstanding we have been feveral times told from Parit, that the Duke of Burgundy was to come hither by the beginning of rhis month, we hear nothing of it at pre-fent.and'tis believed theKing has altered his refolution. Our Letters from Milan and Mantua by the ordinary Poft� repreiented the paiTage of the Mivcio as a -thing impracticable and fo dangerous,tJut it wai not believed, Chat the Imperial Generals would undertake if, yet Our tetters from Paris tell us, that they have advice from their Camp, that Prince Eugene of Savoy has palled that River without lo/ing one man, and was marching with all poflible diligence towards Milan. This news is like tocaufe a great confternation in Spain, and will prove a great incouragement to the Party of the Houfe of At~Jiri�, which according to eur laft advices from.Madrid, is not to be flighted. They wonder h;re very much, that the Confederate Army ihouIJ 110c dare to fight the Germans-, being fo much fuperior in number, andPeopIe look upon it asacer* tain proof> that Monfieur Calinat does not rely upon the Spaniards,not the affeftion of the Inhabitants of the Milmeze : for to tell Us as they do,that he has fuffsr'd Prince Eugint to pafs the Mintio, on purpofe to draw him into a noofe, is filch nonfenfical fluff, that it cannot meet with any credit, but among the Mob at Paris. Hague, Auguft i*. The Foreign Minifiers reliding here are very bufie, and difpatch frequent Exprefles to their refpe&ive Matters. ThePublick knows nothing of thefe Negotiations, but there is a general difcourfe, that there is fome great matter in Agitation, which will break out 8> in a few days.Our Merchants do Co impatiently long for a War.thac the departure of Count^'^v<w�,who goes away to morrotv,caufes a great joy amongftchem. 'Tis faid a certain Prince has denied of the City of Atnfterdam to advance if .Millions of Florins for the general caufe, and that the fame has been agreed unto. The Imperial Minifters talk very big fince the news of the palling of the Mincio by Prince Eugene of Savoy, and feem confident that their Mafter has a confiderable party in ths V.ila-nex.!. Our Letters from Antwerp lay, that the Inhabitants begin to remove their effects, for fear of a Bombardment, and that the good Garrifon they have, theirLines, nor new woiks caft about them, ate not able to recover them from tn^ir fears.The States feem Very jealous of the defigns of theEleQor of Cohgv, and a Body of their Troops with another of Brandmburgerr, are ordered to hold themfelves in a readinefs ro march at an hours warning, in cafe the French make any motion towards Cohgn, which in the prefent juncture is a place cf the higheft Importance for preferving the Communication between tt z Upper and Ltrmtr Rhine, The Troops which ate to incamp on Mtkerbide near Nj-megutn, are marching thither with all freed. That Camp ts to be commanded by the Earl of Athltne, and the Army which isincamped near Breda, will be commanded by t he Prince of Nafax Saarbruck. The place of General of our Infantry, vacant fince the death of the late Duke of Wirtemburg, is not yet difpofed of, Our Letters from the North fay, that the Nobility of Lithuania have chofen the SieurQgMS^' for theirGeneral, in the room of Prince Witfuvsaiski, and 'tis feared the Commotions in that Country will very much increase upon the approach of the Swedet, it being notorioufly known that the Family of Sapieha have afllfted the King of ttland in the invafion of Livonia, and no doubt but the Swtdei will require fatisfa&ion for the fame. The Ambaflador of Mufctvy has been with the Penfionary, and frgnify'd, that his Mafter will readily accept the Mediation of their High MightineiTes without any previous condition, as he defired at firft, and 'tis believad Monfieur Cranenbwg will be lb happy, as to perfwade the King of Sweden, that his late iuccels ought not to caufe any alteration in the peaceable difpofirions his Majefty expreffed before. Our Merchants have been fo diligent in withdrawing their effects out of Spain and Po��g*/,that they are now very eafy in that poinr. The^ write from Madrid,thzt this has caufed fuch a fcarclry^Money,rbar the like was never feen. The Emperor borrows a great iumm of Money in thefe Provinces at 5, per cent. Inrereft, which loan goes on with good fuccafs, becaufe that Prince has punctually repaid what he borroweddu-ring the kite War.

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