Friday, August 5, 1701

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Post Man (Newspaper) - August 5, 1801, London, Middlesex KK N an: And the Hiftorical Account, &c. From Xlicftfiy Auguil 5, to XlJUttDft? Auguft.7, 1701. Rome, July 13. ^Ardinal Grimtm being informed, that the Spaw'jb AmDuirado? had delircd the Pope to propole in the firfr Confiftory. rhe nomination of Cardinalp^^ to the Bilbop-rick of Calahoira, in tfie Kingdom or Mi-vir, by the new King of Spain ; his Eminence made a Piotiftation againft it, and all other Nominations to Eccleliaftical Dignities in the Spanijb Monarchy, made, or that (hall be made by that Prince, as an invalion of the undoubted Right of'the Emperor, who is the true and fole heir of the late King of Spain. He defired on Monday Jail in the Conilftoty that was held, that his Proteftarion might be entered in the Regifters, aryi Cardinal dsGiuiiici having �r rli�: lame time offered a Proceftitiori on ue part or the new King of Sfain, the Pape told them, that he would notfuffer any Prote-ihrion ro be nude in his pretence, and that they might apply themselves to the Apoftolical Chancery. The Pope held the fame day a Congregation of State, wherein it wasrefolved to fend j Cardinals, a Latere to the Courts of Wanna, Madrid, and France, to endeavour ro bring matters tt> an accommodation, and prevent the great calamities C hriftendom isjthreatned with, by reafon of the Spanijb Succeflion. Cardinal Grimani his difperfed a world of Copies of the Msni-feito of the Emperor, and the French ate preparing i fliarp anfwer thereunto. The Amba/Tador of rbe Emperor has delivered to the Pope a Letter from his Ma* fter, about the march of his Troops into the Ferrareze, which his Imperial Mijefty excufes, upon account of neceffity, and promifes that due fatisfaftion fhall be gi ven for the damages the Subjects of his Hoiinefit may have fuftained on that oecauon. That Ambaffador rook that opportunity to notify to the Pope, that his Maflerhad concluded anew Alliance with England and Holland, for preferving a Ballance of Power in Europe.. and preventing thedehgns of fuch, who have made it rheir onty ftudy, during the whole courfc of their Reign, to difhirb the Peace of Chriftendoro. The Baron de SeJJtMt, late SecretiTV'of the Imperial Am-bafly under Count Martmitz, is returned hitheT, as Agentof the Archduke Charht, and was on Tuefdaj laft admitted to the aadience of the Pope in that quality. They write front Naples, that upon the news of the advantage obtained by the Imperialifts at Carpi, the people have exprefled a great joy, and that leveral Grandeei of that Kingdom went thereupon, privately to their Country Seats, which makes the Viceroy very uneify, being iufpicrous rhat they ate retired into the Country, to prepare {heir VafTals for an infurrefti-on in favour of the Emperor, when occafion fliall offer. Bmm the Imperiahirm* at'la Cafina della Pulvere, be-iaeen Pefchiera and Pbori, July 29. Prince Eugene of Savoy having given all, necefLry directions for our march over the Mincio, and the further execution of the orders of the Emperjor, his Highnefs went him-felf on the 17th to view1 all rhe paffages of that River, between . Pefchicra and S; Lane. Toe fame day rhe whole Army marched in very good Order tovqardsx the Mincio, and came the next morning near the Banks thereof by Sallianz.4, where we laid a Bridge, over which the Army palled with fo much diligence, that before night it was drawn up in Battalia on the other fide. The DefrrtetSj who come over to us in great number, had fo unanimoufly reported that the Ene my designed to oppofe our paffage, that our Genetai expected to meet with great opposition, feeing it viS hardly poflible to conceal Our march, they being in-camped within twoLeagues of the place where we have palled, yet we have feen do body, and we have not \o[\ �ne man, where we were affraid <to lofefe-veral thousands.' Great Detachments were immediate ly feat abroad to! view the Country, and get intelli eence of rhe Enemy ; but they found buc about zo ftragglers, who could give no good account of'em. We areincamped in this place, and drawn up in Bat* talia, but there is no likelihood of any Action, till we come into the Milanese. A French DragooM, who came over to us th is evening reports, rhat the news was brought into rhe French Camp, of oUr having paiTed the Mincio, they 1 aught at it, dot}' even would not believe, that we had laid a Bridge on the fame. This happy fuccelVencourages very mach-cur Troops, who think, *that rhe French dare not look them in the face. Prince Vaudtmmt having defired, rhat a Catte! may be agreed upon, for the exchange, of Priibners, Prince Eugene has agreed thereunto, provided theiame is rranlacled between their Imperial and mod Christian Majefties, on the fame foot as it Was in the late War. Cvtni�gskrg, Auguft 3. We have not yet received a perfecr account of the late defeat of the Saxnt near Riga, but 'tis agreed on all hands, that their lofi is mora considerable than it was at firft reported, for ftwae tell us, that there are at leaft 4004 killed on the fpot. There have been 3 feveral A&'upon the palling of the River ,in which the&wwCavalry behaved themielves with a great bravery ; the fecond in at*-tacking the Inrrenchments'j and the third in forcing the Poft of Lutfcnholm, wherein 300 Mufcvojtet defended themielves with fuch bravery, that the Svtdu loft on that occafion a Collonel, fome Officers, and about 50 Soldiers- All the Mufcsvitet were killed except 17 of'em, who upon the arrival of the King of den had quarter given them. The Mujcovitit who quitted Cober Sckans, left a lighted Match near a Mine, which fprung the next morning, whereby 3 Soldiers were wounded. The King of Sweden being informed! rhat theSaxozr were rallying about Jhmasderp, march* ed with his Army that way on rheaiftpaft, wit^h a defign to go and fight the Saxons and Mufwoitet about Cokenhaufett ; but 3dvice is juft now arrived from Mcf-tau, that the Saxm Army had not thought fit to venture an engagement with the Victorious Swedet, and that having blown up part of Cokenhaufett, they retired towards Birnen in great confufion. The King of Swede* has an Army of 30000 men with him, betides 3000 who are polled about Dunammder Schaat, to block up the fame. The Garrifon of that Fort confiding of 700 fdufewites and 300 Saxoni, who having no hopes of being relieved, 'tis thought they will fur-render in a few days. There are 1 $00 Swedtt in Afifr* tan, and their Commander has publiihed a Placaert, lignifying that a^l the Inhabitants of the Dutchy or Cauriand mail be prote&ed and unmolefted, and that they may continue to bring Provjfions. to Market, and rheir other affairs as before without,any troublein the world. The Arms, Ammunition and Provisions belonging to the Saxons, which the Slides have found at frhttau, are valued at above 300000 Rix-dollars. * aVap

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