Tuesday, July 12, 1701

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Post Man on Tuesday, July 12, 1701

Post Man (Newspaper) - July 12, 1801, London, Middlesex ______m^. And the Hiitorical Aecount, <sc. Fi^Sarttriav Julv 12, to XucfrJa? July r5l 1701. Paris, July So. ON rhe i7rh inftant a Lieutenant Collonel arrive! here from Italy, to give the King an account of a hard Engagement between the Impetialifts and a Decach-menc of our Troops at Carpi, which is rcLted as folio" :�. The main Bodv of rhe French and Spanijb Army being encamped at Sr Pietrode Ugnago, rhe Marefchal de Cxtinat detached four Regiments of Dragoons, one of Horfe and 5000 Foot, with 6 S'ieees of Cannon, to fecure a Dvfite near Carpi, between the Adige and a great Morals, of which he thought rhe German: intended to polfcfs rhemfelves, ro open their way into the Hantaan The Sieur dt St Premond, Major General, who Commanded t.'iat Detachment, being arrived at Carpi, ordered feveral Intrenchments to be caft up, the better to fecure that important Pals, and erefted a Bittery on a Riling Ground, to batter fome Works the Imperialtils were calling up on the Canal Bianto, for favouring a Bridge they feemed to have a defign to lay there.' The Enemy made on their fide a great fire on our M.-n, and every nighttbere happened hot skirmilhes between thein and our Guards, but the Canal being between them, few people have been killed on either fide, The Imperialiirs obfervingrhe:difpo-fition of our Troops, i'eemed to alter their defign, and having divided their Army, fent a ftronjg Body under Count Paifi towards the Pa, who having pafled Cand-B'sanco, or River Tartan, at Caftle Gulklmi, con� tinued their march towards Palantone, and Lago Ofcu^ ro, to pafs the P�, at thoft1 places in T Ferry-Boatsy. there being no Stones or Wooden Bridge in thole -parts. The reft of their Army remained at. Caftettal-dt and Vdl�-Bitm*i for fecur-ng their Bridge on the Adige, and waiting for their heavy Cannon and Reinforcements. On the fith" inftant, they drew up together on the Banks of the Canal, and made 3 great fWon our Menr making feveral pteparitions, as if they intended to pals it in fight of oa#-Forces. The next day early inv*he morning they n&iued the fame, and made feverat feints to pals-the1 Canal j but in the night time Prince Eugene wis marched with a great Detachment, andpafled tbs'Canal two Leagues below, with fdeh a 'iedecy, that we kn�W�nothing thereof. That Detachment came'-up and attacked" our Ifltrenchmenr with an unfpeakable fury, and were as warmly received, while rhe Impemiifts on the otheHtde made a great fire upon our Men. The German: got three times into our Intrenchmenr*;, and were as many times tepuMed ; but our men were at lafirobliged.JO yield to the number of the �n march that way into the M.m-ttian. This put.speop'e into a ;^reat expectation or" a Battel, there being now. no R.vers nor Mi>r:-i'vs ro prevent it. The iofc we h ive -XiW ur.r-i in th �: Aiu-n is vattoC'ly tsp&rtxd, Lut c-*i.-�Uily it mutt Is very coruidenbie, feeing we have loft out of one fingle Regiment of Dragoons, the Chevalier � /Hbret, Son to the Duke of Chevreufe, Collonel, 7 Captains, and terl other Officers, and no Dragoons. Monfieur de Cambsut, Gollone! of another Regiment of Dragoons, and Brigadeer of rhe King's Armies, was mortally wounded, and died few hours after; but they tell us, thit the German: have loft a great many men, and am'ongft them a General Officer ; they tell us aJ'b; that Prince Eugene is nightly wounded. As thatEx-prefs was difpatched immediately after the Ingage-ment, thefe particulars are very uncertain, but whatever they are, 'tis owned that we have �been beaten from a very advantagious Poft , which feems to be of a great csmfeguence. The Prince of Paudemont is at Milan, where he is now bufle in receiving the new Oaths of Fidelity from the refpe&ive Commonalties of that Dutchy, which has been thought neceliary in the prefent jen&ure of Affairs. We have no farther account of the detachment of tfie Germans under Count Palfi, who is march'd jnto* thef�rr�r�s^buttha't'jfcey hive made lev oral excursions? Into the Dutchy or Mirandeld, and that there hath happened feveral Skitmilhes between their Parties and the detachment,c/our Forces. Commanded by the Marquefs of Pramtst; who is marich'd ^'i way to obr ferve their motions. Our Jaft advices from Madrid, have brought feveraj particulars afjthe Treaty conclu* ded be.twfe'en France, Spain and Portugal, the mcit ma� terial of whfoi are : Thit Spain renounces all titles, ?lairns and Pretentions for ever on the Crown of. Portugx! :Thit the rnoft CliriAian, King quits unto' Portugal a debt of a Millions of Croons v Toat in caft of War his Majefty will never make Peace with the DKrr/i,without obliging them to reftare to thePortuguete. an Illand in the Eafi Iadie:: That in cale the Ejiglijtr refufe tp pay thejointurtof the QueenDowager^iimj France and Portug�Mhall pay the fame by equal (hares 1 Tha^the moft Chriftiaa King ihall renounce his Claim upon fome Countries belonging to him near Cajana iri Brazil; and laftly^rh.at he will affift his Portugueze Ma-jeftf with 2* Miiaflf War for iecuring fip> Coafis, of Convoying the Merchant Ships belonging to his Sub* jefts. 'Tis faid 'that. Monfieur de tffore is already fail'dl for UsUrme, with, a Squadron under his Command in purfuahce of that rreaty,VBefides the projefls of En-grofling the Sfanifk Wool,'and the Trade with the Spm. ijb Wefl-lndie:f mentioned in_ our former , they talk here of a Treaty concfllded with Spain tot fupplying them with fuch. a number of W^*xas|haJlbeneceira-ry for working' in the Mines of'P�n�.Monfieur dit Cafe Governour of Petty Guavtt is the Chief of tha Company that undertakes rhe fame, and the King is pleaied to concern himfelf therein. They hope by thofe means to render themfelvesMaftersof the Silver Trade, by excluding from it all other Nations. Hague, July 19. His Majefty of &eat Britain goes' to morrow ro vifit our Frontiers iri" Flanders, and is expefied back next week,about which rime 'tis thought there will be a Conference between the Earl of Mai* borough, his Majeftys Plenipotentiary, Count d'jvaux and the Deputies of the States. The Officers of oor Troops have received orders to repair to their Garri* fons, to prepare rhemfelves for a review which the King intends ftiortly to take of 'em. The Fr. Troops grow daily more numerous in rhe Span-Jh tfrthtriattdtt and a< it has been obfer-ed that their Souldiers (hew a crcu Devotion to the Relinks inriched with Gold and Silver