Friday, July 1, 1701

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Post Man (Newspaper) - July 1, 1801, London, Middlesex Numb. 8f4 And the Historical Account,- o Fro a: ttcWa? Ju-lv i, to %$mtmv July 3, � 701. 1 ' >' �? "� o Warfav, June N Suwrfaj night the Director of the Dyet reported, fcwb according to order he had waited on rhc King, and laid before him ihedeminds of rho Dyet, which areas ___ fallow, viz.. i. True his Majefty be pUifitd io caU atiucher Dyet b-'frore January next, a. T:ur hi iOpoiata cerrain rime for the fending hoin� the Foreign Troops. 3. Tmt in rhe mean time he ends-.i^urs reconcile the difference ? between rhe>*Yo-b'tl'nv uFLithuania and the Hnufe of Sapieha. 4. Thar his Maj:(t) bs pleafed to remove Genera) Fleming from the place ofGiesr M-tfter of the Hurfe of Lithuania, and confer the fame upon a Nobleman of that Counr Cry. <;. That an accounc or the publick Debts be irated, and that expedients may be tajcen for redeeming thejewels of the Crown, pawned to the Elector of-Brandenburg And fJthiy, To be pleafed to fupprefs the Tribunal of die Chamber, which is bur-thevifome to the Republic's. The Dise&or reported further, that his Majefty having examined tbefe Pro-pofals in Council, had agreed uuv^ta; fame, and that his Majefty prorogued the Dyct to the 22d of December next j which was accordingly done ) and foall the Deputies, after having fpent j weeks in fruirfefs dif-putes, are returning home. We hear the King intends to be going in few days for LAvvnla, to put him-felf at the head of his Army, and fight the Srvidet, who are dnwir?^ up an Army about Ktksnhaufen. The Sieur Cranenburg, Envoy Extraordinary of the States Genera?, is arrived here from Htlland, and has had audience of {hi King, wherein h* has offered the Mediation of tliair High MigbtinefTes, in conjunction wiihjhe Emperor; and we hear that Minifter is npon his departure for the Svedijb Army, to make the fame offer jo the King of SHedm. The Dyet being thus fe-pararsd, without making any provjfion for paying the arrears due ro the Army of the Crown, *cis feared they will confederate themfelves, which they had done long ago, iia/l not the General of the Crown pro-mil'sd them that theDyet would cake cate of their payment. From theTreach A~rmj at Qifp'i, June xj. The Mare/coal of Cafhat being informed of the motions of Prince Eugene of Sanity, and of his preparations for palling Canal-aiavct, and -proceeding further into the Dutchy of ^matched to St Pittfo of Legnagt.with part of his Ai:ny, and on the i8T.h detached 4 Regiments of Dragoons, one ofHoffe, and about 5000 Foot to fecure this PoAV-ni prevent the Enemy, who intended to Encamp here. The General who Commanded that detachment ordered immediately fome irjtrenchments ro be cai\ up, and Erected thereon a Battery, to play upon fome intrenchcients the Germans are making ac the point of the Ifland of VMabona, ro favour the Bridge they intended to lay on CanakBianto. On the 20th inftanr ar ntgnr, there happened a Skir-raifh between fome of our Grenadeers and a Party of the German;, but as the River tfas between theart , tis thought the^fpent much Powder to no purpofe. The Imperialifts continue on the other fide of the Adige, 3fld in the lib.n6 0? Wllabana in the Polejfino,whett they have plenty of Forrage, and they are erecting O/tns there for biking bread for rheufe of their Fotces, but whether tftey intend to mnrch further, fill the rc!r of ttieir Troops are arrived, 'tis uncertain. The Troops they havrlifr at lioveredo, have made fevcral motions for attempting to jjafs at RJ<voli, and the Fcrrara , but the French Troops which were left for rne*"defbnce of thole Gaffes are Co advantageoufly Ported, that 'tis believed the German: will rtor think it convenient to undertake to force their triarch that way. The MarefcfVl of CariWr has patTed the little River Mertago, and is Encamped at On/gforo hinder the Enemy frbrfi palling the Canal-Biana.The Prince ofVaudemont with another Body otVrintk zfidSpamp) Troops continues at Can David, Within } mifes of Krone, and the Germain have on the other-fide of the Adige a fmall body of Troops Encamped for fecuring'the Valleys of St Michaele and St biarlino, and thereby pVeferving a free communiciti-tron with the Tyroi, from whence they are expecting reinforcements of Men and Artillery. The Duke of Savoy is not yet arrived in our Camp, but he is expected by the latter "end of this month. Parti, July 9. The affairs of Italy, and the offenfiVe and defenfive League between this Crown, Spain and Portugal, are now the fubject of aNourdif-courfes, and tlie latter efpecially, uhicft wasalmoft unexpe&ed, con(id'*r:ng the difficulties our Court ha been obliged ro remove, tobrJng^rhe King of Portugal into 4 Treaty, wtiic'i feems mamfefrly contrary to hts true interefls. This Leagu? with Fsnugklts' represented here of fuch importance, that if we^fnay believe them, nothing clfc but that .ould oblige tb* Engjiii Irid Dutch to continue in Veace with Spain and this Crown, for otherwil'e they muft lofe their Turkey Trade, or be 4t fuch expences for preferving the fame, that it will be a burthen to them, having nOPoftcovtm info to refit, after a Battle oY a Storm, whereas rhe Harbours! of Portugal had been of 3 great conveniency to them. Count d'Eflrtet who arrived fome cime ago at Cadiz., will lpeedily be reinforced withfeveral Men of War, fo that his Heet will cojifift of near 40 Men of War and as many Gallies, which are a fufflcient force to guard the Mouth of the Stftightt. An Exprefs is arrived here from Copenhagen with advice of the Treiry concluded between the King of Demnarkznd trie States, nqtwithft^nding the great promifes of our Ambafladot have hot been a61e to prevent. Hague, July 9. They write frotri tthgH, that' the Magiftrates of that City having received fevml intimations of a defign formed by the Frepch for feizing that City, in conjunction with another Prince, from whom they oughr�to expeft protection, they have redoubled theit care for the fecurity thereof, indtalftn 100 Gunners and 20 Bombardeers into their fervice. They have appointed fome Officers to watch fach Foreigners who come into their City, and they have daily parties of the Garrifon abroad, to get intelligence of the motions of the French. Our Minifter to the Court of Berlin makes prelTIng inftances ro the King o^Prufia, for the march of his Troops towards the Rbhte, and the Eleftor Palatine being threatned with an hivafion from the French, has fent to his Pruf-fan Majefly for ehe^ooo men, with which he is obliged to ailift him, by virtue of the Alliance between trie two Families. Our Leccers from the Netherlands fay, that on Monday Iaft they began at Namur to loarf 3000 Waggons with all forts of Ammunition for G*J-derland, and that the Company of French Miners who Were at Brufels, are marched for the fame Country. The French and Sfanifh Troops are ordered to rendezvous at Pietonan the 15th inftanr, but 'tis thought rhep will not ftirfrom their quarters, till the Conference* with Count 4' Avaupt are a&ually broke up. itiidtn

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