Tuesday, June 28, 1701

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Post Man on Tuesday, June 28, 1701

Post Man (Newspaper) - June 28, 1801, London, Middlesex if 6 Numb. 87; And the Historical Account. &c. V om �3>aCtftiDa? June 28, to Xutfd�p July 1, 170s I From the Imperial Camp under Prixce Eugene of Savoy Artoie, June 24. tfrArmy lies now encamped on both,fides rtv W.%<?,rh?re being a free communication between our quarters by the largeBridge Venice, June*2 + Notwithfta nding Signior dhjfandfv tooting Proveditor General of'Terra Firmd,bis fignifled to the ImpenaUnd French Generals, that the RepubJick look upon rhe interruption of the Navigation''of the. jfdige, w a formal breach of the Neutrality; and the feizing of Che Boats belonging ro their fubje&s, as an .. __.. . 4^ oi^ Ho/liliry committed againft them, our Lertsrs we have laid 00,"} that River atCajhWMo, from Varoa* tell us, that rhe French and'Spmifo Generals .which is U7 paces long, and ueareievwi hive fo JirrJe regarded ths'Remqriftianccs made unto broid.We are building t#oForrs^for the defence thereof, them from the Prov.editor, that they continue to feize on: ar djulbaldo, and the prher in the liJand called ail Vcifels on that River, and fink them or' bury rhem :---------1 E'nder ground,left the Germans ftiO\i\d make ufe of 'em ro make Bridges. Monfisur &�nW had ordered i Bridge to be Jaid.it Gofolengo a little above Verona, in order to pafs the River and march into rhe Valley of Pcl'tJeila,no cut offall commnnicaflon between the Imperial Army and Tyrd,bvt the violence of the ftream Has prevgnred Ifcaf d-fign. The French intend to-make ajine from VdUbona ro Trtjjenttt,iwl have marked out a Camp on the Bank called Delia Spozd, having tl i River Po behind them, Canal Bianco in Their Front,the River CaQagnjiro and Mdlofera to their Right, arid the BamcbelU to their Left. There have been feveral Skirmihies between the two Parties, but without any V^-'.onna, v here part of our. Army is incamped. T.'uf :llani is a fore of a Triangle formed on one fide fa/ .. i Adige, where .our Bridge lies, and rhe two orhei by two Canals called Cttnal BUnco and Maijpera, oi which we are likswile hying*Bridges. Stiong patriate daily lent abroad, which have made incur/ions a; fir as 'the Rivers Po wdTararo, but the French who wcri (...�;-jbfervc their morions, have nor thought fit cu vjM.furs a brum with them, and have always retired up..n rhe. approach of our men. The Adige and other Rivers are confiderably iwoln by- the melting down of rhe Snow on the Mountains, but this woukl not hinder oui march, if the reft of our Troops and Artillery were arrived The-FienCh hiving not thought great damage. We'hear from Home, that rhe Pope has fit. to quit ths Poft of R.ivdit we have been forced ro 'efolved ro have an Army of 100O0 Men in the fend for pur Baggage and Cannon by the fame way we F,eld to protect the Territories of the Church ; His came into the hcentim, and as the Roads are very Holinefs either by his infalibiliry or advices forefeeing difficult, their march has been retarded. Frequeor. that the Dominions of &Pcter may be in danger of an Exprefles are fent thither to haften their march, and Invafiop. The Imperial and S^aw/bMinifters at Rome we hear from Vuenz.*, that rhe ftoads of Bercola being have redoubled their Intreagues about their Mafters iojade 9 foot broad, our Artillery and 1000 Waggons pretentions to fhe Kingdom of Naples, for as the time drawn with Oxen were on their march ro joyn us, uiv of pay ingrhe yearly Homage theicof draws nigh,they der convoy of 5000 men., 'Tis laid a ftrong detach- thought the Court of Rome would now dement of Horte is ordered to go and meet them, in cafe c'ar� their minds. They are however miftaken, the the French make any motion that way. The French Pope having fignified unto rhem that thofe Trifles and Spanifi Annies continue divided into feveral bo- ought toTlaid afide as long as Italy is in a flame, dies, but the main is incamped at Cerea notht from Franckfirt, July 5. Our Letters from Vienna bring Legnano, bye as far. as we can find, 'tis likely, th*c they nothing material this Poft except that the Count of (Jo not dci'igni to fight us, as we were in hopes fome who is to ferve under Prince Lewis of Baden the 24th paft for this Country. Prince Levis of by a detachment that was lent againft him. We are Baden is hourly expected at Bruckenheim, a Caftle with-gecting together all the Barks we can, and making in 3 miles of Hailbron, and 'tis thought the Imperial Other preparations for palling the little Rivers, which Force**will foon draw up together. The Marefchal we flail meet in our way, upon our breaking up of Vdleroy was expected as yeftarday at Strasburg, and from hence. the French give out that their Forces will pafs the Mantua, June 11. Our Frontiers being threatned Rhinet to protect, as they give our, fuch Princes who with an Invasion on the part of the Germans, the Ma- are for a Neutrality. That Nation has made fuch a refchal of Caunat has fent thither a fmall detachment buftle in the World for thefe 40 years paft, that one to obferve iheir morions, andoppofe their incurilons. muft beftupid to fancy that they will wahtfpecious Some Regiments of tiori'e from the Milanese hav� join'd pretences for colouringwhatever they have a mind to. the French Army, and fome Troops of the Duke of The Commi/Tary of the Emperor at Ratisbome has Savoy are like wife arrived in their Camp ; but we do communicated to rhe Dyer, the refolutions of the not hear as yet of that Prince being fet out from Turin Imperial Council againft the Duke of Mantua and two to joyn the Confederate Army, which is now pofted of his Minifters,againft whom they intend to proceed about Car.'A Biarno, t�< oppofe the march of the Impe- according to the utmoft feverity of the Law and rialifts that way. In the mean time rhe Marefchal have them declared Rebels and Enemies of the Empire of Catinzt has commanded a great many Pioneers, for adhering to the French. They fly that Captain whoare enlarging the Roads between his Army and Langtteval has made great difcoveries relating to the the Gcrm.ins, that he may march againft them almoft Hungarian Confpiracy. in order of Battel. The Confederate Army is divided Paris, July <5. 'Tis now publickJy difcourfed at into feveral Bodiei, that they may more conveniently Court, that an offensive and defen five League is con- fubfift, and he ready to march whether occafion flial] eluded between this Crown, Spain and Portugal, tho require- They talk of a Jeligri of cutting the Banksof chief conditions thereof are not yet made publick - the Po, ro drown the Country of Pol/fino and theft/-- but 'tis faid that that Prince fends JO Men ai War fareze, but'ris thought that delrgn will be laid aliJe, into the tVefi Indies, to joyn with purs and the Spanifb, becaufe of rhe incredible damage the Pope t^d yens- for the defence of the refpeflive Dominions ofth� tians woulu fuftain thereby* three Crowns. He is aJfo to joyn the Spaiifk Forces

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