Friday, May 27, 1701

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Post Man on Friday, May 27, 1701

Post Man (Newspaper) - May 27, 1801, London, Middlesex .0 *H-- Genoa, May I*.  'S'/i1** C^*;' V^^^ttWHifti called : a�H tavK^o^r i^�b�a�ll�h.Mount -eJHe .Galleys of N^, &f *�rff�fh' -P^-rb^bironquriK �pdWtf^JS ^ Duke of 7ty& are expend .*.s tMfete .  5y<*) Men.ncampefl with iooa Meri *iL:N�.S-in this Hatbour, and afiw h*v,ng land- jrtaftWft Valltysiife^ibporc rhemrffh^lWftjSn ed fpine recruits for *te Neap!,,*, is ,n /�,/�*., the Pafs leading thereunto fritoS Troop* in'the Dutchy <rf thty v'tW^d*^'-^Sle�i^h^SSfcme wWl fail for mime. The mtfte* oF a Smthm toUTte,, ^mmma^tfiO^^JStX' fiuk arrived h�r< fro.n %/� report? that-* -Noble < �*a fcodjr*oT,t*iid�,. wfce�i�f,toSJ^2J! Man in Crf/^. ^declared .Ba,nft thfRing ofspam, ^ ^ ^..Tatf^ ijrtfffe- tfeEngtidiRig up^ h.sCaftle; whereupon -they General* *M%a*fe�4 W^-WftrnKKfo ,cfied againft him,and the . tWY^enrfy pT&fed, tfur rfcey,^ rtrii^STc and put up i Viceroy .uSfendin^ iQme: ^J^^ j.^B,. They h�w �c&t*t * -B��iyio*^?^te,^itjfl,e 'wrjrf all poftibls pift'^e Troops in to be rea- l were.--ordered *p jqyn fpeed. We-heatfrpm Mi^Jhal thatDutchy are. rnarcliing tQW^rds �dy.!,8t hand W joyn theAnny'" but both the Frenc ney. ^ Turin, May sr. epient Expreffes Monfieur Cattnat. oihis Troops, but aojw�iu�~�".y<�-,�t.-t- , . . ;, ,_ ., t . fiv^a-- --*� - oas are making in qrder taereunt have drawnupon them. There ar;e(fuch rrSir-> muft bring Prowifionrftom MantaitaaiGWgtio�e" �tuiingsamong rJieSubjeas of ourOuKe/ upon ac* Katoa,Miy; i*. Q., Letters ftom^fr^Ani count of the new taxes, which rnoftrefirfelo pay, and TrnfdvM^Jiy, yfax fhef "BaVef-Wlce'' Mm 'that 'tis- believed he wUl ftani m need or\i�i$ own ftrfy, that riie . >tefel- ^peAed rher�r in wtich the Country People have loW*d by hiiMraHrers. The rarfe coritfhne vitv killed the Colleaots. of the Taxes, and oblige* too qmet on thettj?rdntiers, and our (^rie'iaMiff toftnL Soldiers that were fent to fuppou ?hem, to retire to the neceflary-diEe&ons.i/qr prefCT^e^P-Tca in iir�. The Iiihabittnts of are like to fo�ow " � - - - - �J6^xe�com &at 'example, and therefore itis not Jxdieved that pru7 dence will permHour Duke to fpare the jojOo men vate, jreopie rancy mcis is a weg'OuattQtt'fb'bt he hajpromjgdtp^he French King By Letters the Spamjb Siicccffio?,". ky tb*Miiax�g^'& Fobe^ iom the French '^amp at' Miitex e:P�ac6 oWw*** and *Mon- of. Letters from tto&eih fay,:^ar.�&e<iJjtetii-have fieut Catfyat having taken ifta'rrow'View of all the fo fecuredthe pafl^s, fha?: onr paflaije-- ihffi�d� hv U to be made, and fent .for bettor to defend the lipie. ,- ,-xt - ,,u ,, , , then isiight of their Camp ; b'utwe'donot hear b� 1 for fggte'Keeir$snYii arty condderable Aa&fo that his bajpenedjas yet.TSe �orit^of h^Per^ r. Impetialifts areaboye.50006 ftroiig \ and the French to be very ^ujnu^.o�s,.A deti and Spaniards hardly ijoob, but tne'latter have the-T^rmy is adyantaee of the Ground, and'a rapid 'Rifer in the^tr , that plape, Front. whicAthe^^/muftJafs. ^:,'! .^"M^Sf May a i. Frequent" FxpreiTes arrive fronv^Ernperor hasTp f^tu ^r<w*, to inform the Senate of the pofttfre 06 aF _____...... �rt that fide. According to-our laft Letters, the give us great 'd;: towirds JfvW uWthe ( ... in their Carmiiat: ^Rfitole, and the; ^omi� is like oFfteiWrJo up the 6Tthe iarion at tiir Peace in irrr is Fr��cfe continue Mountains w m<m9$ a grej^flurflbeT -T,r._, ._. _______^ Roads more prafticable. In th� rxieaTt time the frewib have takeri ali p^d^btl e, precautions toir fecuring all " Hazue. Tune � 'fhii, -J^ yiif vts- 1 �...... the Paffes, and%e divided the, For�s as FohLs, $nj Thsy h�v* pafte4,c<deUchmerttpii ths hills tilled fituated riear 1:1:15-. ii^r^ik'tiMm^eik^tpauii that place dri ehV Cinaf, fxt^dk disc ....

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