Friday, May 20, 1701

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Post Man (Newspaper) - May 20, 1801, London, Middlesex k K K Ani tlie Hirtoricai Account, From Cuefoa? May 20, to May 22, 1 for. Stmt, May 7. ""^His day a. Congregation of State was-Wd on the In-' Vdtiture 6i tsaplo and Sicily 1 bat die refolutiom taken therein are kept fo piivarc, that the p^bK^c knowf nothing thereof. The Frw/i ?nd Sp�tfardi arc Very confident, that .that atfair will he at lift de� -JBH* cided in their favour ; but rhe i'artv of die-Houic of vbtfiria are of a different opinion, and lell u�, that tne icenc of aiidirs will be conijderably altered in a iborl time, -on F.xpvels from Fer-rara has bcoughcadvico,, that the French are in morion, ancl that they intend to march into the P"eroht^t, to tafce r^flUKou �f ^""f 1'oftsJ whereby ttey intend to prevent the patYoge of the Imperii-li'fts, but the fitter have taken iuch meafurcs, thai Count Laaierg, -AmbalTador of the Emperor btnfe, chjt it h not in Ac power of rhe French to itop the Imperial Forcts. The Ambairadortjf Spain gave on the rft iniianc, being St Philip; day, the name of his Matter, a nwgriificent entertainment to (evt/al Csrdinals, princes and Ladic, ^ttenfled with Mufic, Fireworks, Bic. whicn drew into the place of VSpjix, a great conclude -of potite: The Bench and Spaniards begun. t!ieir'3cchm3tions by Long Live the King oESpa'm, and the Houie of �Fr-iice f bur they were lilencedbya greater number of men, who �cryed Long Live the HouC' of ^iaitria, which bred feme ronfuSoij, tiur there happened no ftcchcr cUiorder.' The Pope has illiird nut fiewCommiffionB forraiiiDg'io Companies of Boot, md 2 of Dra� goons. ' Ktnitj, May 14, The Ceremony of marrying the Sea, which, according: to cuftom, fliould have been perfdnried �i Afcenridn; day, ''vas deferred to Sunday iair, Uy reafon of bad Weither, an* Signior RHtxJna represented chettoge'ts {hat (blemniry} Txxaufc h$�'$ei*nny j* indjpofol of the (Sout.The Cardinal SEftrcti laying not been able to angage the Senate to declare for Spam, not to receive any Troo^ -of Eraacciato Vtrma, fct ouron Saturday laft for Mantna, and he' if to proceed from thence to tbe'Courtsof Parma and Moieno, after ving conferred with the Frrnes CJenerafs. The General of our Korte� in Terra Firma, continues togive ail ncceffary djrefiiowfof: the^^e-�curity of our Frontiers, and order* �r& ftntw bin, to form ah in-ximpment nearfoww. OurtLettenfrom thence fyy, tfjiii the finpe-riali'tts have already a good Body of Tropcf afcour Btrgheto read/ to march into thzVermeu, and felfrai upon ffic advice, iharthe French broke up from Monhea, and havoakeady fceitnpetf betweenKrwi -and fimpwaji, which it an advantageous Poflr, intending to make a ftjnd there, Co that the rmperiififetoaft right their wayand-beat �ttie Fretich, before they can prefcait to ttfitca into bJ]. A� Imperial Genenls have doubtlefi forefteo Sit the Frenchwouti march that way, there is no dbubr bur they are refiTved to fctce theirway, and thereibre weiiaSy ocoeci toHwar of an IngagaBent "Kounr CajUlborct, Envoy exfaordinary of. the finpcrof to fivoal �.Courts of//a// i� arrived here from Hentni,' and we hear hfa Mailer has appointed him hj's Commirtioncr for rhe Jmpicriji'Fiefi iubalj. . ThtSemie itfoWed on Tlibrflay laft, t� pufan additional diry �Jf one penny upon the Poftage of every Xefler, and rjjtt-buty itlettb f�rmfor livtyeara for 303C0 Ducats. Letttrs ftpirt CmfloftpupU ' fay, that our Ambiffador his made iiich a vtogreft ia b4 Ntgoaati-�lhi, that out of 27 Articles in debate, 24 agreed upon, Brujfds, Miy 27. TteHorfes^eligrvctfibr the. ier-vice of tke great Trsia of Artillery of the ftcncht are eipefted this evening ztGembhurs, and rM^ are -making iuch othet preparaiiom as make JPeople be. ,leive thar trx;y intend to Often the Campaign with V Srege. The Frwnch hive viewed rhe meadows upon ouh FronHers, and bought the ufe of the fame* for thtit Horfe, which will be fent i grazing rilVrbe time of Aftion comes on. Orders are come fto^x Sfain ov Pan's,, to bring an Action at Law againft the Countefsof Berlipr, snii the Privy Council hfs ordered to fei2 f Ar//j�r is not be-of tar Cj'utt of Spain, is not tTie'Vews we have from fcv Vjgtf.' May 27. Our ncxr ?-:r Jt�!y in Impatientiy �.xpett<.iJ, to rj from yiennt and ! >�fwlvt� ciirtnvoy ExtraorJdrrriirV, wi)J be vety atceprable to fhat'Pnrrce. thi'K'ttri%f'Sweden infifts, :Wat die Saxm fhould firil. as a, PrrfTrni'narry, ciktbite,paiea-h'aujen,'thmtmuridtrlnd fc�sr SdSwwr, 'ancf't^erPwtcby of'CvrUxd, and th,en ^'is willlrig "ro fefeffb z Tret-iy the fatisfaftion'Pferendedby him for'the'ef aoiagps he and his Subjefts-hi^teceived. Gur <2enerals are very btifie in reviewing our forces," wWcb;will fud-denly begin ro encamp. The FotiifkatfWjf of Jt7/j��* nave been carried on with fuch Idrlfgence, than: ftiat'plice is novi'irtaj'godd poftore of^sfelp'ce Se-ViW Kegiments ate ^ht(ifly expeftedi here, fltom our l&Hi-ej'-m the Em^ite.1 , ' PSfw^'May �1 Tfie'Abbor of ftSgm, formerly AmbaffidbrfroTO triis Grown to the Cburr of PtLmd^ isTeirotedTo the Kings favour, and had rheffonour tr'be admitted to his Mafeillys prefence on rjie 36th, being introduced hy the;Marquefs ef Tsrty. The. unexpected rerurn of rha't'A'bbo^makes fomepeople be� lfeve, thar he Is to he ferit abroid Uport wme' fectet Ne^tj|ations. Ah Ekprefs ftoin Englfrd ^ having bipxxibt advice bf ttye. ^efolutions of.tttef]PaiIiifrieox cbhc'erifirig the tSn'thomaftd men to 6e-fehtto th� Srafcrs o fend WUIr i\\ geffihle Ipted,' 21 BateHipns ahc^evfral Sguadrohs'frdrn At~ fate, tp'the Sfatffi'Guelfottnd, for reinf^rcine our TroopslotHrtCisruiitry. 'Orders wereaccwingly dirpatchd ^way, and riew*Inftruaibr1f Kn�fd( Count d* M&xatthc H/ig*e: - rVptwhhftaHd5rfeilief?prepa-^tibnV, foaie ffilr of Peace, bttt the ^heiality arexonvincfid, that r^ete^wiH be3, War, a^IIctoni: J^/Wbur late AWfcj?aH� rto the Stafe itlandt all necefliry piepatairionj ate making "for o^ehihg,the4 Campaign;ano;a'pfQtfigidns cr^andty^fA%mumtion� fending to Brvffelrarii^tk^et phces.Ta^'C&brr rece4vfts frequent Expfefies frorh bithf, but we knb^ nothing of their difp^tches, except that cat Atdiy1 wmarched into the Vtroiteze, to fecure the chief pane?, whereby the frnperialtfrc defign'd to mar-CTr fntij-'lidf.i This Court feems {bmewhatdiiTalistied wlat'ttie dilatori-neis of trie Dukeof 5�*�y, who has put offhbni time, "tb time the march o� his''Troops ; arid1 ah Mprefsis fent tA defsre htm to hillen rhem, arjd to'ftt dttt with' allpoffible fpeed for the Army, whete^iH^refirncefe neceiTary. -' ,. Lvndm, May aa.- *Tis faid, fome Merchfarits b�ve Letters from Genoa, which mention the Xagsgemehf between the Ftdcb and theG�7n�^mehtidn^'inottr former, with the fame circumft�a<-�; is ilh#y wrtol it from Germany.

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