Tuesday, May 10, 1701

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Post Man on Tuesday, May 10, 1701

Post Man (Newspaper) - May 10, 1801, London, Middlesex K.K& oft fMfa And the Hsftorkal Account, p^7iatutia-> May .�, to XutRSy May � j, Dantihk, May 9. A" N Exprefs from P�w has brought advice, that our Deputies rliar were lent thither laft year ro-owke our fubmiflions ro the teA King* -for the pretended affront put upon thtfPfmee of Cmi, when he came iu'tbefi parts in'the y�ar 169-}* have been told in the name of tfte rrtoft Chriftian King, that we ffluft pay about rooooo Crowns for that affair, or elfe that hh Mljefty y>\\\ order his Men of War to take all our Ships, and cohfifcare them and our effects. Our Deputies write>. that they were furprized at thofe Exorbitant pretentions, and anfwered, that they were only fent td excufe, upon account of the neceiliry of thePublick affairs, the refufal this City had made of reCeivirfg the Prince of CanrY, according to the re--fpeft due to a Prince of the Stood ojF' hravct, in hope^ ; dm after that lubmiflion, the rrioft- Chriftian Kih^, would order that jult i'atisfa&ion ftould .be giyen unto us, for the damage we foJlained by the feifcirig offomeofour Ships by the Sieur Baert, which were publickly Sold at Coteu Haguen, and thatluving no other Inftru6>ions they wtre oblig'd to return home. Our Senate has approved their Conduit, and.' Wrjtiwjf to the King of Poland ab out that affair, as alfo to 'tlJe* Cardinal Primate: by whofe perfWafiorf we' werfs prevailed upton to fend, a Deputation to France, rjio' w'a were, confeious having been wanting1 no way^ wfaatibever in the refpect due to the Prince of C?�fiV According to our laft advices from IVarfdw,. chei;. General Dyec is. like to be very Tumultuous, and rhe-; ffobility pf moll x)f the. Palatinate;, having fefplverT so accdSipany their aOeputys-onHorfebacS; 'KPiJid-' tHe Jxtng-ofyPtJand is fending for his Regimie'rfts'of Guards from Gurlond, which the Dyet is like to reftrit ConTtdcrihg the gnnimoiities of toe Poles .and' i&JriM *rasa�i'agajnft the Saxons. 'Ti$ certain that tb/e tSlar irrfendsitttmake fbme advantageous ProppJais- to tfiV vP#fcr, toihfage them to enter into a War wlru'S^ArVB} but Poland has fo often experienced how little &4 Atafcovisef are ro be relied, upon, that their Jlejtabjffijii lb noclifee-xo be decoyed info.a jiVar by tnteir'orotfe. ^The.WcacJHth Sweden, ins not diverted theCzar from u)]din�',o'f SHiy ;.Menot War > which are upoi} the flocks:' .The.King -of Smdem is preparing to take1 the Field, ai^d nis'af!? Toady . 'i'aoop eJFe&ive Men, betides the'g^ear^ ��nfotceajeti��Jb,B,�xpe�ls from Sweden. The. A�rfts p&�tbat.Pjriac C^unfry, and every one is perffcvaded thaf rhey feck otiti to divide Eitropt,^hat thty may Lord it over ail. The States have written prerfing'Lett.ers to their Allies for the fucc.gurs.they,. are ohfigeiittD give'em by'publick Treaties^ao^ ?s thei* will be ftortly Forage abroad, 'tis thougbt?there \vijl be fotnfe Hoftiliries in a ibort time. Our Officers a>^{ going to their refpe&ive Garrifons, the Tflr/pps Jbelr^g1 ordered ^oftic'amp in a few days, the FnmhbsginfX^r^y: the \\]ce in Gaelderlend and other pa�s* Cptir|t<i<^. Envoy of the Emperor continues his Neggtiatjonsr in^ this place^tnd teJljhs that rhe Imperial Arepjy s-^e^jr to march ibro Italy, and that the French; spa^(fi^^d Savoyards, will not be a&leio look the Imp^ia^tjin. the Face, They flatter chfcraferv�s.at riVwpftqjjf^Lthai Pope arid the Repttb)ick �he 'GtiatJ^bffPonugai^s ifsnt a ' Courier-rwith advice, that; chftlKiiig'iof'-PiWigtf/ has ex*-cufed hirnfdCIJoTOe/JttjngaiBtentbatLeague, left, he fhould^nd^4ni^M'-.erigag�aiifta;War o&^%B^a^bef4id iothefprmer. This advice cajifo^riVf�q|di,.of1 fp^cula-tjiojns, Vpd. makej qia^.., people,, gueiWn the truth oT thev.Keports| buhlifed here, torreernfrijg' the dif^ficiohs of levetal - Pjinceir-eitljer; to joyftiwtth us, orJ/tand- Neuter bet,iveieii! the} Q9ipefoci�bd'iJtbenew Jfing- ef . Qyr Letters from A^,fajuThar the fope is relbfved ob'grant the Invefiitur* 'of^A'*/^/' and" Sicily ,ta his CaJhoticlt.-JW** jeftyVaftfi ffratthe1 Coltgrfegifion of CardihatsOtfird'; Prelates, appointed to examine the Titlesr.bf *h'ag_ Prince;i�r>ddiBft ortrhe^EI!Ia^)e^ior^ meet cnly. yit^f foHniikiji'bHeitniay^fl,' that U)� Report is,optJfetr rer grouu&d^tban.' the League: With Portugal, ^ri;. Ejfprefs'iiii'iiirived here;ftpcn the wirh aijvlaf, Wherelrl t*�ej�de?lared unto nirnvubrk ruejj'jcuiuuo he hadde4iveres4Arito. the-Stites;;�onc^rnjpg^'fhe-a4� mitting cjfi'MinilVerofdie Kisg a$v^l*MW� <he ?oftfereri�e$/iw&uotufi&tafory, and JChap.�s th�^� Interefts; Were^irifeparabie 'frorni Ss^laHdyifi -tps.jpi.e-ftm jun&ur�,Y.they. couid . not treat witbyUj; Jbuc.igi. conjunftion xn'lthJhis Majeuiy bfiCr^, B^iriffleftrigg him at'the TttiieitMae to iaidqiiaiut his rrioft Chriftun Majefty With thei* **iT�!uti6ru iTtet Bxprefsis^nt baek to the Hague with new Inftruftions ; but w.e, ai?e not like to know; whar�they ate^ has mad^'a-fdther decIara'tipiiiJiaSh^^tfliifs, In fte mean-!time as frbfii"orders ar"e �vna$fZ ouf Q$cers^to repair5fopthv�iih,tbJthfeirtrefpe^iy.e/C^mra^jads, 'm generally Derived, thit Ihofe ConfeepcpSj.wUlr come to nptKingi a^f'Peopleiare moi^.appirsteguye.of a new War"' ^@dt Letters from iPrtrtfyies^ contirrue to. talk of artlhfurredioa ait Afc^iiMi,;_anA Ifiit iJieGover-riour-ha's decla*edforthe.Ei|iperor ;. thftfa^e thing written from Rime j bot-tbey ieemito beJsevts/nothing of it at C�urt; fo that we imuft.expect, qfltaexf. tetters for a certain account, thereof. , Some Advices from Germany Tay., that Propof*l^vhaving been made on the pirtof the Emperor ito^be-Elefiorof Bavaria, that Prince has entred-int# a private Negor tiation-vvith ths Imperial Court,, notwithstanding <:{ ; .the

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