Friday, May 6, 1701

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Post Man (Newspaper) - May 6, 1801, London, Middlesex KKK %l)t $od |Han And the Hiftorical Account, &c T^rTiLUfCoa?, Mav 6, co Ctmttda^ May 8, 1701. Francfsrt, JVfiy 8. COunt bnteflem W.irthtim, Envoy F.xrraor-dini'V of the Emperor, is gone Poll for Dttjfeldorp, co confer with the EJeftor PaJa-rine, and crofs rhe Negotiations of rhe Mintller of /w��, in that Court. The Circles of Swtoaiid Fnaicoma feem iclblved ro fhnJ Neuter, notwich[landing the folicirations of rhe fic-perial Minifters, but they intend to puc themfelve* in a good poihtre of defence. Tne Frtnck make great preparations in jAfae* and intend ro have rhree In-campments. Oil* between Calmzr and Nssr-Brifac, a-nother near Stratburgh, and a third about Landau. They write from Siratbttrgb, that t!ie Trains of Artillery for theft Annies are in a rsadinefs, and that the Duke of Bprfamd], who is ro command rhe French . Army on die Rhau, is expe&ed towards the Jatrerend of this month, or the beginning of June. The French give out that in cafe of a ruptuie with the Empire.the ' Puke of Burgtaidj,fo\]o*\ng the example of his Father, will (ignalize his firft Campaign by the Siege of Philtiptbitrgh, in hope that the taking tlrcreof will ac-; quire unto him alirname no Iefs glorioui than that of the Dauphin, who was Thereupon called Usoit It Herdj. The French feem very much farisfied wiih their Negotiations about the prefent juncture, and itmuft be confefs'd th� they are fair dealers ; they ufe fair words and pay re�dy /vtoney. All out advices from Ptim�, confirm the difcove ry of a Confpiracy againft jfche- Emperor,with feveral horrid particulars which are not fit yet to be divulged ;had that helhfh defign taken cffcSt, (here had been an end of theHoufeof AupU, and an unpatallell'd Coofuiion in the Empire. The Deputies of the Ele&ors of Mtntt, Trytrs, align, and that of the Ele&or Palatine began yefterday.- their conferences about the Ptopofals, made unto thpfe Prjnce* on the part of Prance fat a Neutrality .The Funth are preparing every thing for rebuilding the Bridge of FenLemt on the Rhine, which was demo-lifhei by vertue of the Treaty of Rsfvicli Hague, JVfiy 1-;. The Memorial presented by the Count <T Avaux being very ambiguous, efpeciaJly in what relates to the admUGon of the Envoy of the King of England into the Conferences to be held about the Succeflion,the Deputies of the States for Foreign Affairs bad yefterday a Conference with that Ambaf-fador, to know more particularly his meaning, and itgnifkd unto him, that the States could nor would not enter into any Treaty, but in conjun&ion with England, their Interefts in this cafe being infeparible, �nd that therefore they defired a pofitive anfwer in ihat point, especially now, that the owning of the King ef Spain, ha$ removed the chief objection, which was made againft Treating with the Minifters b�England. We do not know yet what anfwer he Returned, but 'tis likely, that he has defired time I*have an anfwer from Pdra:Many are of opinion,that tftefif Conferences wilJ not have the delired effeft, and tfifat the French will draw this great affair into a lin-flring Negotiation. 'Tis confirmed from H*���wg,that *Jje Ki*jg a� Sweden has mortgaged the Dutchy of Bre. mm to th* Elqfftor of and the Duke of Ztll, and that rhe Troops of thofc Princes are to take pof-ieffion thereof. , B'uJfAi, JVUv 13. The tumulc that happened on Tuifday Uft at Ltuvain, upon account of a Soldier, which the Students refcued, as hejwa& carrying to the place of execution, is happily appealed by the great .care of the Baron de Csurccll::. The fame day the Sieur Bognols arrived here from France, ro be Inten-danr General of the French Army, and MooiU-ur Pwfegur is returning home. The M 4> Out laft advices from Madrid fay, that all the Proje&s that were on foot for augmenting their Troops ate at a Hand for want of Aloney, and they tell us", that the new King has been oblig'd to write to hit Grandfather, and delire a fupply from hence. In the mean time, Money , is fo very fcarce with us chat the like has not been known in the memory of Men, and there is no caufe to wonder at it, conhdering what vaft fumms are daily fent abroad for preventing the defigns.of our Enemies. We ei-peft with great impatience an account of the Conferences in Holland about the Peace, for Count to quit ibm� f oils they ;were ppffefled of, whereby they kept his Father with, his Army in fome manner as Ptiioners. The Prince of Wwlfembntul is fet Otfe fat Germany being very much fatisfied with his Negotiatior.s in this Court, and the honours he has received. Our Letters from Turm fay, that the,Eguipag�of the Duko if Sav�y was going for fiantUn, and thtt Iris l^yai

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