Friday, April 22, 1701

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Post Man (Newspaper) - April 22, 1801, London, Middlesex And the Hiftohcal Afecouht, ,drc. From Xtt�fl&? April ia,*to Naples, April 3. JHe Duke of Medma'Celi our Viceroy, continues to give the neceflar.y orders for the feeurity of this - Kingdom, arid a Camp will be fpeediiy formed upon out Fran-11 rim- The recruits and reinforcements defigneJ for the Milanefe, are ready ro imbark on board the Galleys commanded by the Duke of Imfy which aie to be joined by thofe of this Kingdom, Sri city and Sardinia, making in all 21, and fail fotPirt Mahtme, where they are to join tfie French arid Galiiss, which beings* in number, .and 30'Men "of War, the French pretend to guard the mouth ot the Speights of Gftralte?,*a& hinder all other Nations fipm coming into the..Mediterranean. Several French Ingmeers are arrived here from Milan, to view Our "fortified places, and fee what is further to be done for their 'Security Leghorn, April li.. The feizing of M�tfra*bythe French makes thp Italian Princes, very uneafy, for the Mm'fters niFrance tajkvery haughtily fince that rime, and prefi very much the grear Duke of Tujeany to declare agiinft the Emperor and his Allies. His Highnefs has (eat an Exprefs to the Pope* whom he cOn-"fults as an infallibleOracre.and no doubfXbut he would "ftand Neuter as the Venetians ; but it feems the Frendh won't allow it. They are likewiie very prefling upon the Duke of Madena, and as there 'is no power in Italy able to wichlrand them, many Jong for the coming of the Imperial Troops, as the only riieaas for preferving the Liberty of Italy. Milan, April t2. The Girrifon of Mantua has Seen reinforcsdwith fome Troops,bothHorie and Foot|and the reft of our Army will incamp in eight Or ten days, Artillery confifting of 60 pieces of Cannon and &|fer Morrars.being already feat to Cremona. 'Tis,confirnwd from Bart: and ZV�'�,,"thac the Duke of Savty is to command the French and Spanifb Forces as Generaliflimo ; but the time of his coming hither is not certain j and they tell us from Turin, rhat his Royal Highnefs Ht not very fond of that great imployment.Some of hisTroops ire ordered for thei'e pir:s,and LeveraltrenchBatalltdBs are expected, be/ides the ijooo men they have already in this Country. A Gentleman has been lent to Madena, with fome Propofals from France and Spain, to the Duke of that name, but we don't know the contents thereof. The Marquis de Crenan, late Gov/er-ftouf of CaxiA commands ia chief in Mantua the French, and Spaitijh Troops, but; he does not meddle with the civil Governmerif,..which is intirely left to the Duke. The Marefchal of Catinat is arrived*- here from France, bat lair from Tan's. The Venetians have reinforced the GirriforisT of their Frontiers. Venkel April 15. The Senate has lent Circular Letters to all the Governours of our places iaTtrra Firms, with orders forcalling together the Council of rhe NobilityWd Heads of Commonalties, f� acquaint them, that the Senate forefeeing a dangerous War irt Italy, and being preffed both by the French, Spaniards and the Emperor to declare themHjlves, had refolved to ftand Neuter, and not pppofe the paflVge of any Troops on either fide through their Territories ; but that in the mean time they have provided their places, and commanded their Generals to proteft their fub-je�b, againft any manner ofinfulr, the Republick being refolved to declare againft fuch, who fhall.firft commit any Hoftilities in their Dominions. We hear from Verona^ that tha: pface is in a' good pofture of '"' ' V aft4 ; defence, and feveraj .Barks -laden i�i$7.C3nnon and Ammunition are-fending thjther, ,t *iv.6urtheFren^^my*n foe Frbn: tiers of the Eccjefiaftical State,, ajflloft a'tthe Gates Frankfort, April 1+.. Prince i^iof&H&HO Mriysji at Nurembttgfitsta #(enna,t ^t1(^t�pJ^g^^{srCoun> .try Seat in, Qibenti*,and Jus Highnefs is j^denly expected at Ptotipburgftinl 6ihib Frontrets^-flr view the Fortifications and .Magazines, and wherfier?chey are in as good a poftufeef aeferice,;asiieihai been fold at Vturn*. 'Trsiaid ihii Frinceij to iH�&ttSihc plo-pofalstothe' Circes;6f'Sa&i*ih� -flUk^SfnMa^ to thahrWferir' voi> W�A to depart as yefierday for Rotoered), to; put himleif *at trie' Head of the Army defigned jfbt The Sieur 'deChamis Plenipotentiary of Fiona at Ratir-bm, has communicated to the Minifters of the Dyer, the demands dffirg/iHi^ and Htlland, amHent the farile tarlto eachof ^etn, with a Letter.; wherein he pre-tends tq fhew, that they ought-not to be granted, and acquaints-then> wjthaf, that his mafter is. informed, that the Emperor endeavours to foment a .general War ' ttppn account ^of tht&panifk Sncceffion, but that:iie "hopes rhat,tn)e~�}ec}ors and- Princes of. the Empire ^ill not ingagein[the Ernjper'ors quarrel }:fefeing the moll ChrfftiaijKjng is refolved to live in amity with tfofavand bb'fijrve the Treaty of Refmck. . ^ '-'PiiriVj.^pril 50; Ah Exprefs from Rmt,h irripaii-eritly expefted to knriw the particulars of the refolu-tion of the Congregation of State, appointed by the Pope, to examine who has-, the beft Title to the Kingdom of Naples- and S*�7y;They tell us openly here that their report is to our*advantage, but Peoplerare willing to fee that news confirmed before they give an entire credit thereunto. The Ambauador of Vtriu paid a viiit fome days ago to the Earl of Manchefier, AmbafTador extraordinary of �*g/�nrf, and told him that lie was commanded by the Senate toncrify 10 his Excellency, that they have refolved to ftand Neuter between the Emperor and France and Spain, and thac the Republick hopes that their refolution will be ap* proved by the King off^faHf*, arid the Stafe*GeneraI. The Troops defign'd to lerve on' tht'Rbint, are cn their march for their Rendezvous, but the departure of theDuke of Bwrgxndyjxs put bfF'rill thsy have begun to encamp^* 'Tis laid that our Envoy axPiemi* is ta be fuddfrily recalled, arid that Count Zimendnf intahds to go away by thermiddleofriextrrionth.  Hague, April 29, T^is laid that Count <f Jvaox is tyro be recall'd, arid that no otherCJonference will be held with him or any other Minifter of trmn, 'tig they give ananfwerin writing, to the Prep�lils de-

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