Friday, April 15, 1701

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Post Man on Friday, April 15, 1701

Post Man (Newspaper) - April 15, 1801, London, Middlesex Numb'. S2J I I I And the Hiftorical Account, ^c. 7-Oiii'Cucfoap April IS, co'Xt)tltHap April 17, 1701. Tit K Row*, April 2. #>* W H K French and Spanifa Faction'take umbrage it the ' " ' l 0ci jdv'rx-itobist-OJvt. The former advifedcae 1'opc (bine iw;.jago,'b pnr/f-e ni-tiicif with Geefc, alluding to Me favicc Komw fo'iRi'l) received from thoic warcnfjl Birds, when the Gaul? were f.-iljdi:,'', fit Capiro!, and :.g:iif>ing thu he miy Hand in fear of the He d u^er f'-m � 1. i'uiie Nation. The Congregation oiS&n h � re-!> Vvd CO f4Ji :/cv t.l n--wKtgi.ilJits for the fecuncy of the Eccldufti-c! J erifjn'es, w -Ic'/i temmjeh alarmed iince the French h:ve_g-ir-ri o.ied I va�[�t:ces'.or f:r from Ferrara. The Imperial Ambafl'.dor f.-'vei tic fifL- of to Don Livio Odcfc>Ichi, and 'risGid that Vrince is tc tout a coi.Iideiable furrim to his Imperial Majclry. Kn/tv, April 9. The Senate has received advice, tint the Wench have put 5000 men in Mantua, by a-gr-emeiic wirh rhe.Duke of that name, who, for a certain itimm of Money, has delivered unto them his C^jiiril C'ty, and the (.itradel thereof. The Cardinal d' EJii-csli upon his departure fiom hence, without lutving rjeceedeJ :n his Negotiation ; but as the Frenji jY-m n.r laml'Ied with the refoluci^ns of our Re^ublick io fVa;id KeureT in this Quarrel, and have ufed! hnii'liry expieffions in their Conferences, the Seiuce have [cue freih Orders to their Generals and Governoiirs in Terra F.rma, to redouble their care and diligence for putting odr Places into a good po-fiure of difiiic-;. 14.002 Germans have begun to form a Camp i'i '/>.-/, and 'tis fai'd our Trcops will not op- ' pofe their palla^e through out Territories. They write from Z'W, that by a French Ship arrived there from Cor.^mtiinpli, they ha>'e received advice thac the Plague IVeeps a way a world of people at thac place, an i that dure were near Smyrna 11. Algerine ATcnofWjr, which have raken fome Land Forces on board, delign d, as 'tis thought, to aflifl the Government of Aigi:rs againft the King of Morocco. The Turks ar.; building feveral 'Mca of War. Mil.f-:, A.-ril 6. Tlie French Troops and thofe of this Sure', are now moving towards Mantua, and are ro be i]'.1 irtcred hi the N^ighbouriiood of that place, till the Se;,lon of the year permits them to encamp. The V \t I mis have publifhed in all their Territories 5n ths I:rra F.Vw;�, the intentions of the Senate to ftand r-iearcr between the Emperor, France and Spain, but dura is a report, that our Generals intend ro march "nfj their Country, and make a Line from Fejchura, .1 place li.-'iare at the lower end of the Lake Guarde, lo La chluj'-t, a Fortrefs whrch Commands tbe PalTage fV:>m Ttnl into the ^'rramzi, ro render thereby the ;.!lfi<;e of the Imperialifts more difficult. A-nother Camp has been marke d out near the Fort of Puentis, fir i 5-000 Men ro oppofe the paflage of the Impen'a'iil', oruhe iiJe of the Griforts Country, while the great A-my is pofted between Mantua and Pejcbie-ra, to "ppoie that Cody of the Imperial Troop*, which intend to march into Italy by i_t Cbiufa. An Expr^fs Is arrived here with advice, that our Troops got into M.::::p* yellerdty mirnin^.which news caufes a greir joy in this City, becaiife that Place is f0 conveniently fiiiiared, thick might have been very ferviceih!.; ro the .Emperor, had his Troops taken poiTefiri;- 'hereof. The French Troops are marchin* to Sor/^/'a , a Place belonging to the Duke of ModT, wher-fn :h-.f intend to put a Garrifon , and oblige that Pnn-.-  to'Jechr.-e againil theErh'peror. 'Vienna, April 9. A difcourfe has been publifhed here about the Spamfb SuccelTion, which fhews ihe right the Emperor has to the fame ; but the Autiioi it feems has taken great pains to no purpofe, for all the World is convinced, that there is no other Prince, that has any right to the Crown of Spain, ifRenuncia-tions confirmed upon Oath and folemn Treaties were now of any force in the World. However, the Memorial ofhis Imperial Majefiy is impatiently expefted, for 'tis thought it will give fome light into the Myfte-ries thathave attended the Will of the late King of Spain-, and 'tis not doubted but it will appear, that that Will is either a fuppefitious piecs, or at lealrj that his late Catholick Majeiry was forced to fet his hand to it, and that uiediri that point,' ought to make it void. They pretend Hkewifeto fhew by ftrong and folid reafons, that it was not in. the power of that Prince to difpofe of the Ciort'n of Spain, and transfer it into another Family^ tha'n that of yiujiria ; infomuch, that were our pretentions to be decided by Laws, we fhould not queftiori'the. fuecels of it. The Tmperial Troops f"rom Hungary continue their march for Tyrol, and feveral Regiments are already gone by this place. Prir.ce Lewis of Baden has taken his leave of the,Emperor, but there remains fome points to be adjuflf^d with him, by the Mediation of the King of the Romans, who has a particular friendfhip 'for that Prince. Tbe French Envoy is preparing to return home, not doubting but the War will be declared between the Emperor and frsm<e, as foon as the Imperialists are got into Italy. Hague, April 22. Mr Stanhope, Envoy Extraordinary of England, has been in Conference with the Deputies of the States, on the prefent pofture of affairs, but Count d' Avimx has had no Conference with ths Penfionary and faid Deputies, lince he delivered his maftcrs anfwer to our Proposals, and if he has feen any of the Members of the States, it has been only upon account of Ceremony. Tbe French Kings anfwer to our demands have been communicated 10 the refpective Provinces of the Repuhlick, and that of Holland and fome others, have already delivered their opinion thereon, lo rhat it's believed, there will be in a few days a fecOnd Conference with theFrench Ambafladot, on the fubjecl matrer of the former s, wherein they will declare unto him, that the States cannot enter into a Treaty with him, but in conjunction with England, as it is e^preifed in their refo" Jtrfion for owning the Duke of Anjon, for King of Spain. We continue our preparations rO be ready at hand to defend ourfelves, and our .people are fo in-couraged, that the late Loan of 6 Millions of Flo-, ring was full in lefs than four days time, and many complain, that the Cd.mmimbners for receiving the? Subfcription were partial and admitted but their Friends. We hear from Copenhagen, that the Danes are to fend 20000 men to the afliltance of the States and other Allies; and from Hannover, that Count Rapach, Envoy of the^ Emperor, was arrived there from Henna, to adjuft the march of the Forces of Lu-nenherg. Paris, April 13. The late King James has been feized with a fit of the Gout in his journey to Bourbon, which is like ro oblige htm to return to St Germain'. The Duke of Berwick fee out poft upon advice of that accident.' On the 10th the Duke of Burgundy arrived Poll at ^t/ji.'/lv, and the fame night he was declared General ofthe French Army on the Rhine, and ths Marefchal of Villtroy was appointed to ferve under him. He receives the compliments of the Court tireiflbpon. Th* Hereditary Prince of WolfimhuttiU who'

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