Friday, February 4, 1701

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Post Man on Friday, February 4, 1701

Post Man (Newspaper) - February 4, 1801, London, Middlesex ?He ^itt, And the Historical Atcouht, :<#c; Bfoa} XttCfDap Febuary 4V to jS^t)ttrIclap Fgbuary 6, 1761/ Rk�, January 18. Ttte Cardinal -folutely neceftiry for preferring the Pence of#��} Hedging, that if the Milanefe had been defenceless, or atleaflveryUl provided, this would have proved,,* powerful inducement to the Emperor, to fend aifc^ijf" my over the Alps, whereas the march of the French. Troops will perhaps prevent it, or at leaft incourage fhe Italian Prfnces to appear for the defence of the ir Country. Thefe reafons are fpecious, enpugh, but rhat Cardinal has been told, that the. Italian Princes had no lefs jealoufy of the French, than of the. G^1-*m�s. The Venetians have communicated to the Pope, thac they are certainly informed, that the Emperor will fcni an Army into Itdfy,md de/ire rbat he would follicit the ittrtiah Princes to a nter in a general Confederacy for preferving their Liberties, and oppofb fuch' (either Germans or French) who fliall make any innovation's on their Country, This day the Pope gave the Pallium to the Cardinal d�~fyiullm, as Dean of the Sacred Coiledge. and on aH occafions he fhewcth a very great refpeS For that Prelate. . ,. , ,. Pemee, January 21- The Inhabitants of Brefcia and the difti-iit thereof, hive ofFejred ro the Senate to raife at their own charges, and miintaiu a certain number of Troops for the defence of that important piacej which offers the Senate has thought fit to accept. S/gnior Msliito, Provedicor General of Terra Fthha is returned to Perma, having vifited the Frontier Places, ind given fudi order? as he has thdught necefTary for the further lecurity thereof. General Mmtmi, who is ro command in Frioul, his been in Conference with Mini, and is returned toTrtvija, to hiften by his ore-fence the new Fortifications of that place. Th&Gtr-*nan Troops grow very numerous on their Frontiers, and 'tis confirmed frt>m all parts, that they will march into Italy, as foori as the Seafon will permit it. The Ambaffador of the Emperor has notified by His Secretary to the Senate, that his Mafter was fully refblved to maintain the yood cortefpondence that has been hitherto between him and Hie Republick, and that therefore they ought to give no credit to the insinuations of the enemies of his Imperial Majefty, but that his mafter promfifed bimfelf from the friendfhip of this Senate, that they would give free paffuge through1 �i fie'rs of Holland, An Exprefs has been difparch'd to the KingofSfij/�, tp acquaint him with the march of burTroops into his Places,and another to theRegenc^ on the fame fubjelQ. Our Letters from Madrid have brought fome very material advices. They tell us that the Confeflbr of the late King _has been banifljed^ for having revSal'd Fome myfieries about the Will of his late Majefty, and. ducovered that that poor Prince being almoft in an Agony rjn the ad of OStbtr, was in a manner fprced to fign that paper, which is given but for. his .Will, and that he would have refented that yiolencei had God preferved his Life. The fame tetters add, that, the Regency has notified to the .Queen that it was fit for fome important confiderafi-; on$; that fee fhould remove taTokdv, and that feve�#t perfon&jDf quality; who ire fufpedted to be in the confidence'of that Prmceis, are to be removed from her prefence, and banhTied into theremoteft parts of the Kingdom.Thii ftverity of rhcRegency does not defer feveral Grandees from exclaiming againft- their pro-iieedings,and tfiey grow fo jealohs of otjr Nation, that 'tis feared the Party of trie Houfe of Xufiri* is more, conftderabk ih Spain, than it was at firft reported. The1 IJfft tetters from Milan fay, that CojantKfi tintl ,a l^objeman of that-Country,, has endeavijui'4 to, iaiie ari inforre&ioii againft the hetf Kihg otsjfom, in favour of the Emperor, but the Government having timely notice thereof, prevented.his defigns, and obliged him to Withdraw from; the tSfihiete , apd retire, irito the Veho&ns Country, 'Ti� fairl they, hatre refolv-ed to difarm all his Vaflals; The Inhabitants of Fet' rata feerri likeWife inclined .to declare for the Empe^ ror, but we hear the Pope is fending ^000 men that way , to keep his Subjefits {ri . awe. The Count karracb, late Atabaflador at thi Emperor to the <^ourt of Madrid, is arrived here in his way to Plevna, and on .Tbttrfdaj lift appeared in th* Aflembly ot Foreign Minivers, which-meet emj. week, at the IntroauQors' of the Ambaffadbrs. Th,e Conftable of Cafiile wasibmewhat furprized to fee him. there, but however, they fainted each othqr with alj pofSble marfe of civility.. Arif*Exprefi arrived here fome days ago from Pilaria*, arid there is a report chac ap Allianee between the moft Cbrjftian Kipg and.his. Palijh Majefty is concludei,bt it leaft very near its con= clufion. vThey ta!6 as if tie fame was to prove very advantageous to us, but .we rhuft tartyibr our ftexc Letters to know the ceftamcy.rJ Ks. of theJKing-. dom are marching to the Ffphtiers, that they May be in ajeadinefs to aftas qccafionfhall Tedfuue..... tkdin, FebuaTy '5'. Yefterday his Majefty was gra=. cioufly pleafed ,tp confer the jhon6�r of Knigh&ood^ upon Eawdr&lJvrtictt Efq; being prefented by the K\$ti Hoftbu'rible the tori Cimi. tc?

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