Monday, December 24, 1900

Post Man And Historical Account

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Post Man And Historical Account on Monday, December 24, 1900

Post Man And Historical Account (Newspaper) - December 24, 1900, London, Middlesex Numb. 847 SEE lie So And the Historical Account, &c. roxi Xittf&l?,December 24, to Xt)UtCdap December 26,170a R<?-y but they cell us that it is as com-pleat a Victory as has been obtained in this age. The Czar had pofted 20000 mento defend two palfes.thro which he thought the Swedes wereto come, but his Swedijh Majefty, by the advice of the Gentlemen of the Country, marched another way with inch fecrecy, that he got between thofe PaiTes and the Camp of the Mufeovites, who continued the Siege of Nerva, and ac-Cacfcad their Lines with fuch a courage, that after a Fight of three hours, the Swedifk Foot forced the In-fcrenchments of the Mujcovihs, and made a way for their Horfe, who put rhem into an unparallelied con-Kifion. They retired over a River, but the Bridge breaking down, a great many were drowned, and fuch who found themfeives between the Swedes and the Jtiver, threw down their Arms.and begged quarter, and the liberty to retire into their own Country, which was given them. The Duke of Croy and feve-raI other General Officers are taken. Tis uncertain whether the Czar was in the Army, for fhere are tome Letters which fay, that he was gone tor Mojcuw two days before. The King of Sweden went into Nerva and {fayed there but a fhort time, and with fuch of his Troops as were left fatigued piiriiied the Enemy,who are in fuch a confufion, that 'tis not likely that they can rally together rill they are in their own Country. The Swedes fufFered very much in their march from y/tfrnforg, becaufe the Mufcovites had deftroyed the Country, in order to deprive them of all means of jjubiiiijuce. The" Foreign Minifters are gone for the Army , coco ngratul ate his Majefty on this great victory, and they cannot admire enough the Piety and Courage of that Prince. He commanded the Left Wing of his Army nimfelf, and expofed his perfon ro ajl manner of danger , which fo encouraged his Soldiers, that tho they were but a handful of men, they were not affraid to attack above 100000 men very ft roijgly entrenched. The King ordered the day before the Battel publick Prayers to be made throughout hi? Army, and as foon as the Figh t was over, his firft care was to have pub)ick thanks returned to God for his unparalleled fuccefs. We have taken all their Baggage^ 7� Brafs Pieces of Cannon, 30 Mortars^ and all their Ammunition. We have no certain account of the number of the dead. bantzick, December 1<f. Our Letters from Wllna r tell us, that rhe Gentry of Lithuania perfift in their re-folurion ro continue in Arms, till they have obtained a new form of Government, and turned out the Family of Safieha froiB ajl the great Offices they were poiie�-fed of, and have fignined the, farm e to the Deputies the King has. fent unto t,hem. The continuation pfthefe troubles will likely oblige rhe King of Poland to go in perfon into Lithuania, to endeavour to pacify the fame, and we hear from Warsaw, that his Majefty would let out fpeedily from thunce, bat whether he intends for ffllnaox Mittaa^ 'tis yet uncertain. Tfaey tell us alfo that chat Prince has been invited by the �-je&or of Brandenburg, to Comngsberg, and that he will toe prefene at the Coronation of that Prince, for which they make great preparations. The Saxons continue for the moll: part in ths Ducchy ofCurfand, but they tell us from Mittau, that Duke Ferdinand has received fome Difpatches from Livonia, which have put him out of humour, and that the fame are fb important, that he has fenr three ExpreiTes to the King of Poland. There is advice here that the Swedes have entirely routed the irlufcovites; and notwirhftanding Letters fronj Mittau give a different account, thereof^ the lineal!-nefs of Duke Ferdinand is looked upon as a confirmation of the Victory of the Swedes. * A Hamburg, December 21. The defeat of the A^-cvoites before tfer the acceptation thereof, being the only wayifor preserving the Peace of*Europe. Several �x-prefles are arrived from Rome, Venice, and other parts of Italy,zai. we hear that Country 16 ina great confter-n^tion, upon advice of the preparations that are making here. The Court of Rome is very bufy in tijis affair, and havefet all their Engines at work for diverting the Storm, and preferving the peace of Italy- Frankfort* December 22. . The Count WratiJIau,En* voy Extraordinary of the Emperor to the King of frngland, has called at feveral Courts of the Empire^in his way to the Haguv, and has made unto them fome propofals relating to the prefenf? juncture of aifairs. The Elector Palatine is coniiderably augmenting his Troops, and they write from Vienna that the CounciJ of War has refolved to augment every - Regiment df Horfe with 4 Troops, and thofe of Foot with� Comi panies. There are fo many Officers railing meri in this Country, that they begin to be very fcarce; The Imperial 'Commiilaries continue to buy vaft 4iiariti- tiei

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