Friday, May 16, 1710

Post Boy

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Post Boy on Friday, May 16, 1710

Post Boy (Newspaper) - May 16, 1710, London, Middlesex G fl 13 tu Freiricit Foreign and From Mny to iTljlirttiaj May The foilrainj prerented hffe 1 ihall take effectual we d n the i h i Sir A in this to ciioo c the knights if rhe for the of rr4ZR fJture as ihjii be niviolitlv anu ttcnded of the fame 1 to Your Pcrfon and G zeairiuily UCJ rhe Duke of their Lord ArFecred to our init Pure and Hoiv ani i runt Her Maiefry receivd very tender and c Regard to the and the other Gentic well a jjr Cre of the Liberties r I Q L on one of the knights of rhe for rhe of tJture PdriMnie attended of the fame introdu men had the Her MajelTys i I our Ma citys Rsrjjn rruy Lva and a iilefiing tQ Your own an Careful Mcchcrtcour Hoiy Ciuc rjt Vpjettvs Dutiful and our Mjicfty may vcrv exchange ii the Grand Dcpu tor a fixe and nniuortil one of rhc Payers lientlemen I iceholders f tlc i f rv roit chtvji fully I n n cur f fC M to the i Per May i XS lay hold of this O w e will a u s utniolt of ihnt Adherents Loyalrv at and Law in ro all Triyterr IV which iice r 11 re tend ro the utrer R Church And we that as we u i i nn f incelTant in CL is ro difcuurge and llpprcls who pretend to pronund into rhem So we wi fch Pcrfcns can ire no Medium Between r Pieendc his S HE Dkc f Berwick uas to fet Cur r i 1 to i foi fn r Ai frtlici A make i Fou into bavoy and r by ghbourhocd rf Gems toward i h ue Nf n 1 i has Oi Irin to the Encin V tron r i c rd ail c for Lines a 1 which 1 the rf f me cf t the cf ori that lide tij ill N Expedition cpfs that ought o to allure Fo prevent the fjrther Progrcls the r L A f u Lerefation ft fucli we breatne nothing but dj iv Courier ro his Ambafiatioi s i Hi Reprefent us arc Eminent i Your raining the in ft P c ftant A and Dilcipire r riencd Liberties and P Thus we 11 Your mory of in i which is rh i ir Q cei v J M I s rhe and and rhe Offers ot this hu 1 V and t fpeejy Mrnlejr de in dies not rind his Affairs n 3 and the Jc any 1 i N c Drfiinr5 are c3 f an ci of r vcr T L j ric i c c Sub err i he Le we d r e us v ke ni ikinj ne i i eliong r e sr r f Me Perr and Places i r grrarei Hciue r f tiif wh ct ncrhing OMr Sec tis r t has n r f if Spa n nr in a good Sru n T d f j of i pita Burge and Borough r was piefenrcd er and tnt i tives in Grace the f Majeftys Id dc tLe c v f d mg js J1 u verv To the QLE E I d Humble of Your at all time wharever Ircror cefT and will A we as and Xn in our C AS niTtr anc evcrv N Two DV5 rie D h o the French Piruporcr tiarir r rv f i jC and j e1 f n r jle rrs went f r A iDifpf its firtie the French The u they ro the of Douay rrce Trvf fcm snd rhe de I and 1 v the 5 iffi Drrri Duke de tncr O to pe ivd in their Camp c f tret they will be in i C i we rit Fnd of this The t i I ivcs Jiid join d the Confederate Armv v 1 in D of after tlnce thev 1 X r rj rhe Pr Sue irhood of Tienen dine v re s by Law S the Garnfon oecini tj put up jc i i Apcfrolical fr of We l Opofers here o rein Girr trie G wrnnjc it A t i nll uers under and 3nd f v f to In 1 n OU I 1CV i i J v u u i r t J TJ Pr to accomphih i j