Post Boy London Middlesex, April 17, 1710 : Front Page

Publication: Post Boy London Middlesex April 17, 1710

Post Boy (Newspaper) - April 17, 1710, London, Middlesex f oftfcnpt to the April 7 On Saturday arrtid Two with the following April Efterdav the Army of the ConfeJ marchd towards having lore Peaiants with iome to riniih the Levelling ot the Enemys Lines And this day the Army inverted on the fide of Cam r bray the other fide is under fo that the Enemy cannot relieve it and if they fhould drein there is a fufficient Number of Men in this Gar i to iriveil the Place on that in ail loon reduce that important is i great Quantity of itbemp the French Kings principal Apiil Its the Opinion of mod People that the French at will be focn lent to April The Duke of Shrewsbury is made LordChamberlain Her Majeftys in the Room of the Marquis of Kent and his Grace la ft iworn of the and his Place acthe Board O j 2oy in ;

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Publication: Post Boy London Middlesex

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: April 17, 1710