Tuesday, November 8, 1644

Perfect Occurences Of Parliament

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Perfect Occurences Of Parliament on Tuesday, November 8, 1644

Perfect Occurences Of Parliament (Newspaper) - November 8, 1644, London, Middlesex Perfect Occurrences OF P A R LI A MENT COL LE c TI o N s of L E T T E RS of good done by Sir ohn James ti C p Sander Pembrook j C o between bith fince the centreing by Sir William Wallers and Sir James oj nte on our fidey taken from the find Officers of Forch the dead Prince Charles vend in 2 Kild and by Cornet and other commanders All the heads of the charge the General And c Attain Hunger taken Armes at vet Jermins audience at the in The and charge the two Sir Arthur the Army at la the And the Letter ttr the f Friday the of till Friday the of the is net taken I told you the lafl that it was a Malignant rumour to amaze us about Mafoy But yet the Firebrands of r the true of Her Winter I Monmouth not the Town but the arid came within three miles of our I at Monmouth and there et fire of a kild fome that would have come out to the rook and were burnt in the I hope that as hath enlarged his will be taken for forces for him accordingly And is it net good we have an eye to him by his valour I the hit Week 3 that the Kings Forces had in have they not effected it by relieving Dennington The King was this day in ii W arif by come from i t is further that it is red in they are again upon as great a ais ever they had in hand that it is the rather to be it Mth fo

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