Tuesday, October 25, 1644

Perfect Occurences Of Parliament

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Perfect Occurences Of Parliament on Tuesday, October 25, 1644

Perfect Occurences Of Parliament (Newspaper) - October 25, 1644, London, Middlesex th is day there intelligence from that Commander Sir how Carefully he hath all for the raking of Lcr with as little as may behad I time I Valiant and Gentleman hut to be I ft ill ot the Articles which bee lent to the at The Conditions of a Treaty offered to Sir Robert for the rendring up of e Town of for the life of King and by the That upon the of the town of with All of and other as are within the within after the the Sir Biron with the field cers way march to what they exec with horf Sir Robert and the other officers of ow Regiment with Lord officers wit with ever and proportionable to the number of Her with fach baggage properly bt to any of That all officers Nat the Kin taking the Covenant all have free entertainment with their to ferve here m Ensl nd ort whether they ft Al bee tinder the command of Sir or any other that be til and of what Nation that will not ferve th King and baut liberty to withdraw to in ty with their to any as fly all be made choyce of by then Commanders That ill Ladies avd Gentlewomen within Liv erf cole have liber u with their and Horfa them tog to Inhabitants of the ft have their chowe of o iff the the the fruition if V L within bourns of the Articles on loth fides fo Icr and to enter the Hwn at which time Sir Robert the officers art to inarch out of the with equipage all owed by That be provided for men at foal I be left then they fidl be to choice of Tbt a of three hundred ft all bt appoint ed to march with tket

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