Tuesday, August 23, 1644

Perfect Occurences Of Parliament

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Perfect Occurences Of Parliament on Tuesday, August 23, 1644

Perfect Occurences Of Parliament (Newspaper) - August 23, 1644, London, Middlesex Opt F L I AM ENT of COLLECTIONS L E T T E R f Obtained i 9 J Genera 11 Sir William j in 3 the Lord d my Lord Genera 11 with Lard of both Lord Genera 1 1 with 1 The Parley between and the i and the Orders x Itrs thereof with a Lift tloAt Were fed for the execution of JK ft A ViR or j obtained by the Forces at Ships Foy tf Kings Forces in A mad Tte f the Burton with the Alfo thv ef From Friday the 13 of till Friday the of the v f both empty which two Barkes they and lent word to their friends of a great in finking two that ing to nay iord Generall with And the Lord Wilmet Articled for being 2 Traitor A las Malignant Wff kcv that long and there it many more in the Kings O but a found of his own writing they fay whereby a plot is 3 by which have retreated from the King with the and have left die King the Toot to be takeri by my Lord irf jf It grit the the the foot k defies y him them A for the joy of this exceeding great they have had the and this is grounds they have to hearts From the Weft e catte Foot towards intending as is to fend out a partee to ret which is grown fo in the Kings that a twopenny Loaf is worth hillingas feme have reported that come from the My Lord Generalise Was this day had quartered his forces labourer

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