Tuesday, August 2, 1644

Perfect Occurences Of Parliament

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Perfect Occurences Of Parliament on Tuesday, August 2, 1644

Perfect Occurences Of Parliament (Newspaper) - August 2, 1644, London, Middlesex m in fh and But whether will lye or Northwards and I love not to sire my judgement in things I no grounds but this is thereabouts is utterly un done by 5 A TVR His day the from the news from die Forces at Parliament have been a large therefore I them But t houfe That oir fortes in the made many the tnd that about and at a time whom it was ct Hay of hred with a wis Bur ic was they have no want of neither This h the Relation of came out of one may It was aifb certified the that there lan ded n m the whither about broken routed is no great f care of their us much through Gods upon our endeavours The Scots have drawn the nail of and are all ready tcr rife as hateful they arc to whether the Mar q in whether he is I caa heare of no certain It is reported that is drawing ajit Troops of to fend chat to joyn with Sir ss to march towards Scotland chat more as mid licence was this day a Conference held by the Lords and Commons about the execution of which the of mons to the ot whit ill it be to brina in a the Lords mentioned that w execution fieM te dnu after wire made muft the determination of both alfo be known before ex was bv other they made ic a delay d be in the execution of which is now put m A a u

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