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Publication: Perfect Diurnall December 8, 1645

Perfect Diurnall (Newspaper) - December 8, 1645, London, Middlesex e finding bnt little we in ra cr in fome Ic further cct Hcd thac of Treaty formerly Sy the Prince with Sir Thaw the Prince I o be to his Excellency in to to the Tnis cnt by Lord f ia of the g Id jvu If ffc that his o tng IK hc d of A this d t h ft ill ftj defire te labour in taif him an te it tj loyalty his R Father hj hs reft of hti fe by hi render y of the fruits he hf nutate hts fine ere intention a to wJt A this Kingdoms from Bat if he 4 fall give tte rtt cauff to and h hint it 4 of that t A CoaS until kis be o Us u at f IH hu A N Order wai this day made by the Commons ihe are in the fifth part incir Arreares paid them and in Ordinance to be brought he their parts The houe ordered that on Sunday next lie given to God in the Churches and within the Cities of and of for of and chat then Collection he made for the relief ofthe poore Town who have fuffered mach for their to the The was appointed heard ihc report forPe ions and Ordered to have the liberty pf i he learcher and others imploy ed le lame viewing them before they be A Petition was debated of ioma Darch were in v of the Stare during of their And the honfe ordered that bee paid them in fall of their and the of FT ere to be to advance the faid Tiere tyas another Petit fon of Sir Isger Knight who Fath bin a to the iat the faid Sir bavc 1 ii i ii 2 ;

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Publication: Perfect Diurnall

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: December 8, 1645