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Publication: Perfect Diurnall September 8, 1645

Perfect Diurnall (Newspaper) - September 8, 1645, London, Middlesex A OF SOME P ES IN T And from other of this Kingdoms From Monday the A more all or the m 11 Munday the r the c of fech at to tx truly Printed for Colet and ia the OM And re to at by Sir ro 3 r the ie houfe of Commons this day according to mer Order with and tooke into i i T i i f ration the ot tne as it Tomi to have the and precedency other the Ac i v J V dome in Jo cries ib loud for 4 f 1 9 v I I L I I L i J 1 4 VAKA 1 M 1 i r i t i i a Cr of cve i and Shp hereupon the fei from irand Committee to as a and ordered debate hereupon the fell from Committee to as a and ordered this on V r A hc furtner proceedings of Te Lores fecc ns herein the Their Lord to put the n mini o the to a and the e c of e cnt rors ajor J t T J j J r J r in and ers o their o A Petition was by the iad in the name of the The fell news retia which read bur nothing TL j j i The tor exempting wives and or fr come out of the t or that are not in the Major was likewise brought froin t acd the reading thereof the houfe the fame with ths amendments and th r u ;

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Publication: Perfect Diurnall

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: September 8, 1645