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Publication: Perfect Diurnall September 26, 1642

Perfect Diurnall (Newspaper) - September 26, 1642, London, Middlesex was a general meeting of the at which time unro them i o n his forces the Lord F an intent to the of the into the Country people with the 6fd Forces to joyn with one of the Company Hood and that they would Freely clarc whether they were for the or for the Wher jt was they ipd chofen fent the his W they would aiJ adhere ro nim the Earl Whereupon a conference was wth the torck and at which the faid Letter was by the E of the Pad would gHe Warrant and to their that they might with their which it was ordered that thanks hould be returned to the County for their fidelity to die and to Jet Parliament doe well of aliens in this and will ayd and them This day was read in the a Letter from the Prince to the Lords ofthe upper the proceedings ef Prince with his he laboured his imp opinion to his arid and that they would fend him towards the of his taking the faid Letter into ordered that the have i the draw up Prince A Letter was fent to the houfe of the Lords and Commons from the Lord which in be ing full of matter taxing the Parliament with their and laying that he flayed with tf em ai he with honour and of tumultuous the Jaw of proceed therefore to obey their fom to attend upon the of being up on in the Lords they conceived that by laid Lord and the Earle of R 2 r ;

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Publication: Perfect Diurnall

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: September 26, 1642