Perfect Diurnall, August 15, 1642 : Front Page

Publication: Perfect Diurnall August 15, 1642

Perfect Diurnall (Newspaper) - August 15, 1642, London, Middlesex w a were taken from at and brought tx being peru fed for that of the letters to the Proclamations of Art ay retained by Thn Newes came to the that and Cok neH the Earl Ro bert one HI ore that was a Gentleman of qualify at Watting ton in the County of coine with an intent to upon the of that part of the which was the faid rown and had a put in execution the of Array in had Warrants to other places Fof that And that Colonell nd Captain them up to be there in the the rofe about appointed to meets again in the and about of the dock compleat the Earl of reft of the Delinquents to the and they the Earl the houle again the next was to the that divers Lords shat from the Parliament to come away from and are rety red fn the with be received the Earl of of Lord divers iii the morning rhe houfe of of Harrow on the the one of rhat that he not preaching a to preach once a Sar would him rome into had many in the Church delation it was ordered rhat the faid that the Cud be lent for to to that i fi S which to be car v l fell inro debate the pitting in di ver s me for and other places being conceived to L j ;

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Publication: Perfect Diurnall

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: August 15, 1642