Perfect Diurnall, March 28, 1642 : Front Page

Publication: Perfect Diurnall March 28, 1642

Perfect Diurnall (Newspaper) - March 28, 1642, London, Middlesex of the from TK i MJT fi A Committee touching the in and being Ordered l T upon ihe making a Later in the Queens from the ted of the and delinquent ej voted him to in Market dayes in the new other committed him to a long r f Cr I that as ma as be b of upon their of theyll of Tonnage and pouh lately lo his for 0 ai they voted it and drew up an Order io that be ta the and the the care nor be wronged of r i Tney chen inco of the Fleet to be fet thereupon India Merchants wett to t r it tili For the better tion for the next J ft P 1Oa ii A ;

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Publication: Perfect Diurnall

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: March 28, 1642