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Patriot (Newspaper) - September 11, 1854, London, Middlesex Published on Mondays and Thursdays.] LONDON: MONDAY^^gEPTEMBEB 11, 1854. No. 2177. Vol. XXIIL Price 5d. BAPTIST METEOPOLITAN CHAPEL BUILDING SOCIETY. THE New Chapel, situated in CAMDEN-KOAD, UPPEE HOLLOW AT, fthe firat erected by this Society) will bo OPENED for Divine Worship at MICHAELMAS. Full particulars in future advortisements. Applications for sittings in Camden-road Chapel may be made to Mr. Booth, No. 1, Carlton-viUas, Camden-road. Contributions to the Sodety'a funds -will bo thankfully ro-ceired by the Hon. Secretary, Rev. W. G. Lewis, 33. Moor-gate-street ; or by R. Cartwright, Esq., 129, Camden-road-viUas. UNIVEESITY college, LONDON.- FACULTY of ARTS and LAWS.-Session 1854-55.- The SESSION will COMMENCE on Tuesday. October 17."when Professor MASSON, A.M., will deUver an INTRODUCTORY LECTURE, at three o'clock precisely. Subject. College Education and Self Education. CLASSES. Latin-Professor Newman. Greek-Professor Maiden, A.M. Sanscrit-Professor Goldstttcker. Hebrew-Teacher, the Kev. D. W. Marks. English Language and Literature-Professor MasBon, A.M. French Language and Literature-Professor Merlet. Italian Language and Literature-Pnjfeasor GaUenga. German Language and Literature-Professor Heimann, Ph. D. Comparative Grammar-Professor Key, A.M. Mathematics-Professor de Mo:^gan. Natural Philosophy and Astronomy-Professor Potter, A.M. Chemistry-Professor Graham. Practical Chemistry-Professor Williamson. Ph. D. Civil Engineering-Professor Harman Lewis. A.M. Architecture-Professor Donaldson. M.I.B.A. Mechanic.ll Principles of Engineering-Professor Eaton Hodgkinson. Geology and Mineralogy-Professor Morris, F.G.S. Drawing Teacher-Sir. Moore. Botany-Professor Lindley, Ph. D. 2oology ^Recent and Fossil)-Professor Grant, M.D. Philosophy of Mind and Logic-Professor the Rev. J. Hoppus, Ph. D. Ancient and Modern History-Professor Creasy, A.M. PoUUcal Economy-Professor Waley. M.A. Law-Professor Russell, LL.B. Jurisprudence-Professor Foster, M.A., LL.D. Schoolmasters' Classes-Professors Ne%vman. Maiden, De Morgan, and Potter. Residence of Students.-Several of the Professors receive students to reside with them, and in the office of the College there is kepf .i register of poriies who receive boarders into their families. The Registrar will afford information aa to terms and other particulars. Andrews' Scholarships.-Two Andrews' Scholarships, one of �100, and one of �60. will be awarded in October. 1854, and the same in October. 1S55, to proficients in Latin. Greek, Mathematics, and Natural Philosophy. Candidates must have been, during the academical year immediately preceding, students in the College or pupils in the School Goldsmid Prize for Hebrew.-One of �10. Williamson Prize, offered by Alexander Williamson Esq.- �50 for the mostsueoessfulciperimontal research undertaken in the Birkbeck L.iboratory. Prospectuses and' further particulars may be obtained at the office of the College. AUGUSTE DE MORGAN, Dean of the Faculty. CHAS. C. ATKINSON, Secretary to the CounciL August, 1854. The Session of the Faculty of Medicine will commence on Monday, the 2nd of October. The Junior School will open on Tuesday the 26th of September. SARL'S ARGENTINE SILYEEPLATE IS THE BEST SUBSTITUTE FOR SOLID SIX.VER. MANUFACTORY, 18, POULTRY (NEAR THE MANSION-HOUSE), LONDON. THIS Unrivalled Production continues to give the same Satisfaction as when first introduced by SARL and SONS, Thirteen Years ago. From Its Intrinsic vnlua and brilliant appeuance^ it fiir surpasses' all other Substltutoa for Solid Sllrer. A new and ma^ficent Stock hasiust been conmloted flir the prasent season, to wUdt puUic Inspection is respectful^ InTlted. It comprises Spoons and Forks, Comer Dishes and Corers. Dhh-Covois, 'Zoemia, and Candelabra, -with beautUOl 6stires and classical designs. Tea and Coffee Equipages, Cruet-Frames, Cake-Baaketa, Candlaticks, Salvers, Tea-Trays, Decanter-stands, Liqueur-Frames, Tea-Hms and Kettles, Soup and Sauoe-Turoens, with erery artlde reanislte for the Dinner, Tea, or Breakfast-Service. Pamphlets, containing Drawings and Prices of all the Articles, Gratis, and sent Postago-free, to al Farts of the Kingdont. Any Article may be had Separately, as a Sample. Sole Inventors and Manufacturers, SARI, and SONS, 18^ Poultry, (Near the Mansion-House.) SECTTRITY TO EMPLOYERS. TO SECRETARIES OP PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS, CLERKS, STATI0N-MASTBB8, BAIIiWAT OFFtOlil^t BANKERS CLERKS, TRAVELLERS, AND OTHEE& TLMES LIFE ASSURANCE AND GUARANTEE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, LONDON. JUNIOR SCHOOL, Under the Government of the Council of the College. Head Master-THOMAS HEWITT KEY, A.M. THE SCHOOL will OPEN on TUESDAY, tbo 29th of SEPTEEBER, for new PupUa. AH the boys must appear in their places without fail on WEDNES DAT, the 27th, at a Quarter-past Nine o'Clock. The Session is divided into three terms, v.z., lirom the 26th September to Christmas, from Christmas to Easter, and from Eastor to August 4. The yearly payment for each Pupil is �18, of which �6 are paid in advance in each term. Tbo hours of attendance are from a Quarter-past Nine to Three-quarters-past Throe o'clock. The afternoons of Wednesday and Saturday are devoted exclusively to drawing. The subjects taught are Beading. Writing, the Knglish, Latin, Greek, Frenck, and German Languages, Ancient and English History. Geography (both Physical and Political,) Arithmetic and Book-keeping, the Elements of Mathematics, of Natural Philosophy, and of Chemistry and Drawing. Any Pupil may omit Greek, or Greek and Latin, and devote his whole attention to the other brunches of education. There is a general examination of the Pupils at the end of the Session, and the prizes are then given. At the end of each of the two first terms there are short examinations, which axe taken into account in the general examination. No absence by a boy from any one of the examinations of his dassea is permitted, except for roMons submitted to, and approved by, the Head Master. The discipline of the School is maintained without corporeal punishment. A monthly report of the conduct of cich pupil is sent to his parent or guardian. Further particulars may bo obtjUned at the Office of the College. CHARLES C. ATKINSON, Secretary to the Council. The College Lectures in the classes of the Faculty of Medicine wil] commence on Monday, the 2nd of October ; those of the Faculty of Arts, on Tuesday, the 17th of October. August, 1854. BANK OF DEPOSIT, NATIONAL ASSURANCE AND INVESTMENT ASSOCIATION, No. 3. PALL-MALL EAST, LONDON. Established A.D. 1844. Empowered by Special Act of Parliament PARTIES desirous of INVESTING MONEY are requested to examine the Plan of this Institution, by which a high rate of interest may bo obtained with perfect seciuity. The Interest is payable in January and July at the Head Office in London; and may also be received at the various Branches, or through Country Bankers, without delay or expense. PETER MORRISON, Managing Director. Prospectuses and Forms for opening Accounts seat free on application. 32, COMPANY. ludgate-hill, lon D^O N. (Incorporated nnder 7 and 8 Via, c. 110,) \ HOSORABT PBBSIDEirrS. CHARLES HINDLHT, Esq., M.P., Dartmouth-house, West-1 JAMES KERSHAW, Esq., M.P., Stoekport. minster. | TStrarzES. James Alexander Donglss, Esq., 11, Queen-square. | Ambrose Moore, Esq., Bndsleigh-etroet, Tavistock-square. James NIabot, Esq., Bemors-street, Oxford-street. CHitKMAK-The Hon, Prands Vllliers, Berkeley-square. | Di?LTT-CauEKAK-James Wyld, Esq., Oharing-CToas. " THE TIMES " COMPANY affords Guaianteo to persons requiring the same at the lowest posslbla rate, and divided foor-fifths of the profits. Thus, by applying the justly-popular principle of mutuality to pablio gnatantee, thepimloms, nstesot of beinga tax upon honesQr, become a means of saving and Investment. BATES.-From 7a. (Id. upwards. No Charge for Stamps, or Extra Charges. An Allowance made in the Guarantee Pn>-minm, where a Life Assurance, and Guarantee are combined. life assurance: Life Assurance, Annnltlas, and Endowments. Payments taken Monthly, as well as Quarterly, ba. Policies Indisputable, save in Cases of Fraud. Airangementa can be mode with this Office to prevent the loss of a Policy where the Assured Is unable from temporary embonassment, to keep up the payments. THE TIMES FIRE ASSURANCE COMPANY. Bstabllshed under Act of Parliament for the following purposes:- . ., , Assurance against Damage or Loss bj Firo, and Assurance of Plate-glass Window| �Dd SErrotB against Accidental Brea}cago. � CAPITAL, �100,000. In 100,000 Shares of �1 each. Deposit, 6s. per Share; all Calls ^eroon limited to is. per Share, with Three Months* Notice of each calL W Office of Ordnance, Sth September, 1854. _ 2963 nfTHE Principal Oflacera of Her Majesty's JL Ordnance do hereby give notice, that a quantity of Harness, Clothing, Serge, Leather, Canvas, Lead, Ashes. Files. Zinc, Tin, Plain and Pan Tiles, Wheels, about 40.000 Staves for Powder-barrels. Slabs, and 47 Cords of Fir and Carriage Wood, &C., will bo SOLD by Publio Auction, in the ROYAL ARSENAL, WOOLWICH, on THURSDAY, the 14tb inat., at 11 o'clock in the Forenoon precisely. May be viewed from 10 till 4 o'clock on the three days previous to the Sale. Catalogues may be had at the Ordnaajce OtSco, Pall-mall; Tower of London; and Royal Arsenal. Woolwich. By order of the Hoard, C. POIONAND, pro Secretary. iitnatiDDH, Ki. WANTED, a SITUATION for an ORPHAN LAD recently in the Haveratock-hill Asylum, as an apprentice or otherwise to some light business. He can be well recommended. Address, O. W. S., 11, Old Bailey. AFRENCHMAN, Native of Paris, 21 years of age, having studied in the Normal School at Paris, and since tatigbt in the Protestant College of Malta, wishes to obtain a Situation in England, in a Christian Institution or rioos 6mily, as PBOFESSOB of the FBBNCH LANGDAOB. Reference can be offered to the Director of the Normal School, whose address is, M. Vnlllet, Mlnistre, Bue du Uontpamasse, No. 34, Paris; and a certificate can be presented from the Bev. Mr. Bryan, Vice-Preaidentof the CoUege of Malta. Addrefis, poet paid. M. Emile Coquille, Rue sous Mur, No. 4, Auxerre, Yonne, France. AVACANCY occurs in a BREWERY in the West of England for a respectable, well-educated Youth as ARTICLED PUPIL.-For piuticnlars, address H. L., Box No. 44, Postofflce, Plymouth. COOK-A Lady, a Member of the Established Chnroh. is desirous of obtaining, immediately, the services of a thorough COOK, who would really value the Erivileges of a religious family. She does not object to a ilssenter. Address, C. D., Yarborough-villa, Ventnor, Isle of Wight. This Ddy is published, iio, 2s., CONTRIBUTIONS towards a HISTORY of BIBLICAL TRANS LATIONS in INDIA. (Reprinted from the " Calcutta Christian Observer."; London : W. H. Dalton, Cockspur-street. This day is published, in 8vo, cloth, EXPOSITION of the ACTS of the APOSTLES. In a Series of Lecttires. By the Rev. JAMES THOMSON, D.D., MinisUr of the Pariah of Eccles, Berwiclcshire. London: Arthur Hall, Virtue, and Co., Paternoster-row; Edinburgh: Paton and Ritchie. In the Press, and to be issued with all possible despatch,- Subscribers for nearly 2,000 copies being already received; the Library Edition-size, extiaimperialsvo, pp. 1,100, large ^>o^; price to Subscribers, �1 63.; to Non-Subscribers, '-pHE TREASURY HARMONY of the A FOUR EVANGELISTS, in the Words of the Authorised Version, and according to GresweH's " HaiTnonia Evan-gelica:" in parallel columns, exhibiting at sight the Supplemental Structure of the Gospel Narrativea of our Redeemer's Lifei and Ministry: having Scripture Illustrations, Expository Notes, frxjm the most approved Commentators,. Geographical Notices, and Practical Reflections, with the events numbered an'I localised in a series of Charts. Compiled by Mr. ROBERT MIMPRISS, Author of " The System of Graduated Simultaneous Instruction," " Christ an Example for the Young," &c. &c. A fiill prospectus, with specimen pages, will be forwarded post free, on application, and subscribOTs' names received by the Publishers. London: Wertheim and Macintosh, 24, Patamoster-row. CHIEF OFFICE: 32, LUDGATE-HILL, LONDON. NEW AND IMPORTANT PRINCIPLES. In addition to the usual busineas of Fire Assurance; the Directors have extended the system to- ^ First. Insuring a apedflo sum payable oocEDiATrLY to the representatives of persons who have assnred their Property ag^nst Fire to the extent of one-half the total sum so assured, in the event of theh: Llvee being destroyed by Fire. Second. Insuring compensation in case of bodily ii^jury arising from Fire, either to the employer or employed, by payment of all medical expenses. ____ H. B, SHERIDAN, Manager. UB-MATRON.-A respectable female is _ wanted as a MATRON in an Instjtation for the reformation of fallen females. Her chief duty will be, to give religious and plain secular instruction to the inmates. To a pious and judicious female, imbued with a missionary spuit, the situation would afibrd opportunities of much usefulness. Mlnlstera would serve the Managers by recommending such a person. Satisfiwtory testimonials as to piety and fitness will be required. Address. S. T., Mr. Smith's, Baker, 3, Lamb's Conduit-street, Holbom. TO SCHOOLS in the METROPOLIS under Government Inspection, of Evangelical Dissenting Principles.-A Female Apprentice, in her second year, is DISENGAGED, in consequence of the discontinuance of the school in which she has served. The managers can highly recommend her, and aro satisfied that she would be regarded as an acquisition in any schooL A Male Apprentice is also DISENGAGED. Application should be made to J. C, care of Messrs. Partridge, Oakey, and Co., 34, Patemoster-row. THE EMPRESS OF CHINA'S TEA, THE POPTTLAB TEA OF THE DAY. Sold In tins of various sUas by one or more Toa-daalcrs in almost evety town in the Kingdom. Applications Tor Agandea where none are yet opened may be Addiesaed by Ta^daalan only to Messrs. MOORE and Co., 14, LirTLB TOVXB-STBEET, LONDON. REDUCED TO 4s. PER POVlb>* TJNDEK THE DOME OF ST. PA|JL'S ABB THE ROYAL CRYSTAL WAREHOUSES, WHERE NEW AND ELEGANT KASHI0N8 IK MANTLES, SILKS, SHAWLS, DRESSES, AND FUES, MAY BE HAD AT AVAILABLE PRICES FROM THE LONDON MANTLE AND SHAWL COMPANY. ELECTRO-PLATING UPON ARGENTINE SILVER. AEGENTINB SILYER was introduced to the Public about-tei^ years since, and very truly described as the bast Imitation of SUver ever discovered. Large quantities hate beeofU, but, after a few monUu. wear, ithasinTarlablydlsappointed the purchasers. GEORGE ATTENBOBODGH, BtLVBHalSfH, 252, BEGKNT-arBHBT, thorefore, uses the Aigentliie Silver ostly as a body, oe rooKDATios, which, when plat5dra;:fte electro process, prodnooa articles, both of utility and ornament, that cannot be surpassed even by sterling aUVenllBefi: The stock is nnilTBllsd for SaS^ELA^"*" '"rfs^'ncl'i'li^e^T requisite for the table or side-board, and a ouwniSeent display ofSFSBQNES, SILVER PLATE IN GREAT VABrETY. . , SILVER SPOONS AND FOEKS, 78. 2d. ;per M. SPOONS, FORKS, &c. GROCERS, &&-Wanted immediately, by a married Young Man, of good address and busi- ___habits, a Situation as FIRST COUNTERMAN, TKATELLBB, or to Take the Management of a Branch Concern. First-rate character from his employers, and security given if required.- Salary moderate. Address, A. B., at Mr. J. Jackson's, Bicester, Oxon. Just pnbllxhed, price 4d., HINTS on STUDY. By the Rev. THOMAS IiIGHTBODT, ofShefBeld. New Brunswick. Ward and Co., 27, Patemoster-row; Edinburgh: W. Innea; Glasgow: O. Gallie. OONGBEaATIONAL CHURCH MUSIC, r jIHE SINGLE VOICE EDITION is now X. ready, beautifoUy printed in gem type, 16mo. It forms three rolumes (treble and alto in one), Is. each, stiff cloth ; Is. 4d. cloth boards ; 3s. morocco gilt. London: Ward and Co.; C. H. Purday; J. Unwin. Lately published, price 2s. �d., POPERYandPUSEYISM ELLTJSTRATED: A Series of Essays. With Addresses and Appeals ta tho Sundiiy-sohool Teachers of England. By JOHN CAMPBELL. D.D. " I wish I could breathe thmidorctaps against the Pope and Popery, and that every word was a thunderbolt I .. . The kingdom o<' Christ is a kingdom of mercy, grace, and gfood-ncss : tho kingdom of the Pope is a kingdom of lies and<�imn-ation."-Luther. London : John Snow, 35, Patemoster-row. oojrrKSTs: ESSAY L EDLE or FAITH AHD TI3T OF TEUTH. Sect. I. Period from Ad.-im to Moses. Sect. 11. Period from Moses to Christ. Sect. III. Period from the Commencement of Christ's Ministry to His Ascension. Sect. IV. Period from the Ascension of Christ to the Death of all tho Aixatlcs. Sect. V, Popish and Pusoyito Objections Answereo. Sect. VI. Charges against the Popish and Puseyite System of Trtulitions. Sect. VII. Practical Deductions. ESSAY n. THE DOCTRIKISS OF POPERT. Sect. I. Summary View of the System. Classification of doctrines-Principles on which the discussion is to bo conducted-Defects illustrated-Light in which tho system should be viewed. Sect. II. Examination of the Romish Catechism. Claims made in behalf o the Church, and contempt of the Sacred Scriptures - Exposition of the Apostles' Creed - " ' Limbo,' what and where!"-Papal headship ; its absurdity -Dogma of Catholic Unity-Marks of the True Church-Popish IniaUibility-Perv^on of the Sacred Scriptures- Prayer and Pureatory-Proofs of Pmgatory-False flosses in Scripture-Credulity of Mankind-Mortal and venial sins- The impiety of the Popish idea of Purgatorial suffering as an atonement for Sin-Forgiveness of sin-Deadly errors- Doctrine of Baptism and Penance, and its fetal nature-Popish views of the faith opposed to those of the Bible-Wbrship of saints and angels-^The worship of the Virgin-Priestly pnde; how it acts-Satisfaction; how it is given-Confirmation defined, and its bearings on priestly pride-Popish treatment of ANTHEMS-ADAPTED to the OPENING ofPUBLICWORSHIP, DOXOLOQY, andSANCTUSES, for the use of Clapton Congregational ChapeL Vocal Score, 6d.; Organ Accompaniment, Is. Ward and Co., Patemoster-row. rjTOR THE PBODUCnON OF �PRIZE 1.^ ESSAYS" on behalf of "THE CHINA GOSPEL MISSION," see aPamphlet just published, price4d., enOtled "A VOICE FROM BRITISH AND SCOTTISH LAYMEN, asking for Missionaries for China," Ac &e. 82 largo pages. London: James Paul, and all Booksellers. BT AUTHORITY OF THE BEGISTRAB-GENERAL. Now ready, in royal Svo, price Ss.. nPHE CENSUS of GREAT BRITAIN in \. 1851: Comprising an Account of tho Numbers and Distribution of the Peoplo; theh: Ages, Conjugal Condition, Occnpations, and Birth phice; with Returns of the Blind, the Deaf and Dumb, and the Inmates of Public InstitutioiLS; and an Analytical Index. Reprinted, in a condensed form, from the OfSdal Reports and Tables. London: Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans. Eins's Viotoris, Albert, *a SARSAPARILLA. IT is asserted by many eminent Medical Men, that there is no Medicine in tho Materia Medica comparable to Sarsaparilla for recruiting the debilitated constituuon, restoring the tone of the stomach, improving the general state of the system, and by its cnntinucd use removing various morbid symptoms ascribed to a deranged condition oi the fluids-such as eroptions on tlie skin, ulcerations, scorbutic and cutaneous diseases, ondrheumaUe pains, operating as a general and complete purifier of the blood-BUTLER'S "COMPOUND CONCENTRATED DECOCTION, or FLUID EXTRACT of SARSAPARILLA." is the original of the now numerous preparations of the kind, and is extensively prescribed by Medical Practitioners; it is most carefiilly prepared (fro* tbo finest Jamaica Sarseparilia importo<yat a low temperature, so as to preserve entirely the virtues of^the root in their most efficient and concentrated form. A pint bottle is equal to four quarts of the ordinary preparation. Prepared and sold in pint bottles, 20s.; half-pinU, lOs.; and quartei-pints, 6s. 6d.; by Butler and Harding. Chemists, 4, Cheapside, comer of St. Paul's, London. BUTLER'S TASTELESS SEIDLITZ POWDER, IN ONE BOTTLE.-This useful aperient preparatioii, besides forming an equally efficient and far more agreeable Draught than that produced with the common Beidliti Powders, is mode in much less time, and with infinitely less trouble. To allay Fever or Thirst, a tcaspoonful in water forms a most refreshing Saline Draught Being enclosed inabottle, it willre^iainuniuiuredbyhumldityduring the longest sea voysge or land journey. Sold at 2�. 6d. the bottle (which is enclosed in a case, and accompanied by a measure and spoon) by the preparers, *' Butler aud laarding," Chemists, 4, Chespeide, comer of St. Paul's, London. Be carefjil to order " Butler's" Tasteless Seidliti Powder, aud observe tho address. BUTLER'S CONCENTRATED JESSENCE of GINGER, and ESSENCE of GINGER and CHAMOMILE, is found useful In indigestion and flatulence; and ai a warm stomachic, for cold, gouty, and rheumatic habits. No family should be without this valuable preparation, as, in numerous cases, a dose or two has checked, and frequently cured, most violent attacks of indigestion, flatulency, spasm, cramps, ic. Sold In bottles, 23. 9cL, 4s. 6d., and 10s. 64. , BUTLER'S POMADE DIVINK - This celebrated preparation is so generally known and approved of, that it is unnecessary to enumerate all the purposes for which it is employed. When properly pt�pared. upon which much of its utiUty depends, it Is found to bo a moat efficacious application for chapped hands and lips, bums, scalds, excoriations, and roughness of the skin occasioned by sea-bathing, exposure to the sun, or inclement weather. Prepared andsold 12 Table Forks IS Table Spoons .. 12 Dessert Forks .. 12 Dessert Spoons .. 12 Tea Spoons 4 Sauce Ladles 5 Gravy Spoons 4 Salt Spoons, Gilt Bowls Mustard Spoony do. each Sugar Tongs............ 0 Butter Knlvee .......... 0 & 8 IS 3 IS 3 0 8 e 1 IS 1 8 Fiddle Pattern. Double Thread. � s. d. � a.' d. 2 10 0 .... 3 10 0 2 10 0 .... 3 10 0 1 16 0 .... 2 12 � 1 16 0 .... 212 6 1 8 0 .... 110 0 016 0 .... 1 � 0 0 14 6 .... 15 0 0' � � .... 0 10 6 0 2 0 .... 0 8 � 4 0 .... 0 6 8 __ 4 0 .... 0 6 6 SonDlAdleB.. ........ 0 15 0 .... 10 0 8^afS,il�reed ........ 0 6 o .... 010 0 6l& BpooiaTGnt Bowls ....... 0 12 6 .... 0.16 0 Mofit Sug�r8poon.......... 0 2 6 .... 0 � 8 '^^^fS^nlxA Catalogues, containlug upwards of 1,000 Estimates and Sk^dies, sent post fr� AN ELEGANT ASSORTMENT OF GOLD AND SILVER WAlfcHiS, GOLD CHAINS AND JEWELLERY. < 6EORG& ATTENBOROUGH, 252, REGENT-STREET. A Remittanoe or Reference, expected with Provincial Ordaza. wUeUai* wnt poettga free.  U 1 0 0 4 0 3 On the 18th, In One VoL, Svo, price 12s., doth, rpHE AUTOBIOGRAPHY of the Rev. WM. JL JAY. With Bemiuiscenoes of some distinguished (Sintomporaries, Selections fh)m his Correspondence, Literary Remains, Ac Edited by GEORGE REDPORD, D.D., LL.D.. and JOHN ANGELL JAMEa With Portrait from a Painting by W. Et^, B.A., and a Vignette. HecenUy published, Mr. Jay's Last Work. T ECTUi^ on FEMALE SCRIPTURE CHARACTERa Crown Svo, 6s. cloth. LondonT Hainllton, Adams, and Co. HARVEY ON THE EAR. Just published, foolscap Svo. sewed, prico 2s. 6d., nraE EAR in HEALTH and DISEASE ; or, J. A Manual of Aural Surgery. With Practical Remarks on the Prevention and Treatment of Deafhcss. Illustrated with Wood aigravlngs. By WILLIAM HARVEY, F.B.C.S., Sui^eon to the Royal Dispensary for Diseases of the Ear. London: Henry Renshaw, 3S6, Strand. COALS, 308. OA, BEST.-R. S. DIXON and SON watilditrongl7adTlM to purchase for Winter. The this Summer, and tho supply ily in arrear of last jear's gradual advance In price of bast Coali being ooi quantities, lead to the belief that the price will steadily increase. N.B. Steam, Smokeless, and every description of Coal, delivered in siiy quantity by land or water.-Providence Whari; Belvidere-road, Lambeth. PANISH CLASS PB0VI8I per lb.-FIBST. momical Prices. Anrlng THE CHOLERA!!! Prevented by the Dastrootion of all Noxious Effluvia. CREWS'S DISINFECTING FLUID. (fiecommaided iy flU (kUtgt <if PhytidcouJ THE CHEAPEST AND STRONGEST , CHLORIDE OF ZINC. Quarts, 2a.; Pints, la.: Half-pints,^ Bold by all Chemists, Druggists, and Shipping Agents, and at Commercial WharC Sflle-enQ^ London. ? rasmtetije nUway termlnT^mdwitto fr� mfles of London. of �Rwnso to the purchaser, and packages gratis.__', . *^ OSBORNffS CHEKB^ABBHOUSE, Osborne Houses 30, Lndgate-hll].near8t.Banl'�. Al" 1^0PINDIA PALE ALE i . P^^'^S^B S^S^ in fine condition, ai ncom- ApphrtoHAIHASIEL BABTTT, Wisz, BniL^ad Bkasdt Mxbohabt, _ (bMUXBAHMZBaCT. I^LEBGYMEN _ V/ FUBKIBHihoald'iL of yrbUh the New BUO^ GENTLEMEN about to th. maiiifertadviati��tf2S^SfS!l��q^^from ^BNT^B^CABPWB^ttOOB^IOTHB. ISd^Sfled Pv^'S?'?- T����*���T�t^naUe PampWrfSiows the coat of;T��7lU�^ ^|h� oo�t of wpante rwSTMweU aa entire cost o* jondSing ereiy SScriptl^nBr house anon *-- A (bur-roomed oottaseu^l A six-roomed ditto, i&h. t a six-roomea oino, wUlt�nrrogga An elght-toomad bMML in Kmnarli A twelve-roomed ^ttSio^SSSr for.............^^^V^^^. Special erttmateaiod of the Kingdom, bm af cl^ MimdMl ttatoU and A^n^UilVHBKD Hooiet^ TIE CHU CHRISTIAN WITNESS and _ CHURCH MEMBERS' MAGAZINE, for SEPTEMBER. IMoe Threepence. OosTEMTS:-Theology-Safety Amid the Ravages of Pestilence ; Prayer Meetings Behind the Age; Revival and its Beenlte; Spiritual Deaension; What it is to be FUled with the Spirit; Prayer Union; Alphabetical Names of Christ; Luther on Perfection; Scripture Illustrations: Lessons by the Way: Biograpfav-Joseph John Gumey: Popery-A OaUows Scene; Social ESbcts of Fopeiy; The Vatican: His-�ions-History of Modem Missions: Books for YonngMen- The Sunderland Lectures; Dr. Morison's Lectures; Human Anatomy Simplified; A Soldier's Retrospect;. Exeter-hall LeetnresJ Ezoelsfor: Obitnaiy-Rev. Messrs Edwards and KUnin: Review and Critidsm-^venlogs In My Tent; Russia aod its People; Short Notices: Poetry: Monthly Boview: Bellglaus Intelligence-State of Religion; Ministerial Movements; Moriey, Yorkshire; New Chapels. Profits Devoted to the Benefit of Aged Ministers. London: John Snow, 3S, Fatemoeter-row. May be had of aH Bookaellen. THE CHRISTIAN'S PENNY MAGAZINE and FRIEND of the PEOPLE, for SEPTEMBER. OOaiXKlM. Tho Cabinet: Conversion and Prayer; Faith and Works; God Watching Over His People; You Need the Prayer-Meeting; A Cure for Backsliding; The Beatitudes; The Mystery of � Christian; Bight Employment of Hme: Handwriting of Fettons: BiognpnT-Thomas Fradley; Last Moments of Great Artists; Lindley Murray: Popery-Popish Exrora; COn-fseiions in Itajy; Popeiy and ChrisUanll?: The Letter-box-Man's Bespondbillty; To-day, Not To-morrow 1 The Counsel Chamber; The Fragment Basket; Poetry; the Children's Gallery. This Pahllcation is designed to be the forerunner of the Christian Witneas." Profits devotod to Aged Mlnlstera. London: 'John Snow, Patemoster-row; aud may be had of aUBookMillen. Third Edition, Price 2s., entered at Stationera'-hall, of XTtVEBY MAN hia own BREWER. Con-JLU taining paetieal instructions by which any man can brew hii own beer of a strength and flavoor eooil to the b�rtl�nd yuBJeniTJt oosnBJiA'nos. Signs of tho Times-Fearful Possibilities. Sect. I. Statement of the Papal Doctrine. Popish notions of Confirmation-The spiritual wonders ascribed to it-Popish views of Confirmation-Teaching on the subject now prevalent in England-Tho sevenfold gifts imparted by Confirmatian-Dr. Hook's Catechism-Lamentable state of Dissenting communities according to the Puseyites- The want of Bishops among the Dissenters. Secf. 11. Evidence Adduced in Support of the Doctrine. Dr. Hook's iraument on the subject of obedience to the Church-Dr. Hook's misinterpretation of tho Scriptures- Argument from authority-Appeal to Teachers, whether they will surrender their consciences-The young the hope of the Papists and Puseyites-Obligation of Confirmation in " all Christians"-Misrepresentations of the suyect of Confirmation -Dr. HooIe's perversion of the Scriptures exposed-The Apostle's view of Confirmation-Striking passage from Scott- Apostolic Confirmation. Sect. III. Practical Deductions. ^ Appeal to Parents on the subject of Confirmation-N'ew condition of Church-fellowship - Exultation of Episcopal Order-^Testimony of Baxter-^Views of the Rev. Thomas Spencer-Appeal tc Teachers-Dishonour put upon Christ- The demand of the times-Dangera of Protestantism-Appeal to Sabbath-school Teachers-Erroneous notions respecting Baptism-The doctrine obstmctive of unity amongthe fhithfol. ESSAY IT. PAPAL ASD PU3ET1TB APOSIOUCAI. SUCCESSIOS. The agency required for the conversion of souls-Addresses of the Prophets to the men of their day. Sect. I.-The Doctrine of ApostoUcal Succession. The Popish Theory of a Popish Priest-Identity of Popeiy and Puseyiam on the subject of a Succession-Condition of all * Nonconformists and Diasentera in the opinions of Papists and Puseyites-Remedy for the Evils which prevail among Dissenters and Nonconformists-Persecuting spirit of Popery and Puseyiam-Examples of its t^iBration-Lsavsninj inSu-ence of Popery. Sect. II.-The Doctrine of Apostolical Succession Beflited Dr. Pussy's confidence in the power of I>o>gmatism-Claim to-Apostolic Dissent, the strength of the Puseyites-Arrogant claims of Puseyism in the Church of England-Apostolical and Anglican Bishops compared-How the Bishops of the English Church have acted towards Missions to the Heathen -^Folly of the claims of the Anglican succession-Bishop Hoadley's invective against the claim-Bishop Stillingfleet's rejection of the succession-Effect of one error in vitiating the lino-Monstrous assumption of Archdeacon Mason-Foul ihannel through which the Apostolic line has flowed-Tha trae doctrine of the Apostolic Succession-Qualifications of an Apostolic Bishop-Uirmpt character of the Succession-Dogma in the Knglifih Church-Circumstances of the elective power of the Crown in the Episcopate-Questiou to the Puseyites-Consecration of an English Bishop-^Patronage of the Established Church, and its exerciso-Obstacles in the way of trae piety-Portrait ofa woridly parson-Importance of the Doctrine in the Apostolic system-Appeal to the Pnseyito Clergy-Paul's views of preaching contrasted with those of the Puseyites-Paul's mode of teaching the Atonement-Puseyite views of the doctrine of Justification-Perversion of the use of the Sacrament. ESSAY V. COBISTIAS SJLl.Tt.T10n COSSUJERSD Df ITS BEHTIOJ? TO^. POPEKY AHD PDSBYISIC. ^ Sect. L-The subject of the Christian Salvation. Sect. II.-The Matter of the Christian Salvation. Sect. III.-Comparison of the Protestant with the Papal and Puseyite Doctrine. Sect IV.-Tendency of the Popish System of Merit Teachebs The Volume here presented to you is especially adapted for your use. in the present circumst.'mces of England. So far as your wants are concerned, it may. perhaps, be considered aa approaching completeness; sinco it Is defective in nothing in connexion with those things that you are principally concemed to know and teach. General Popety, in all Its main features, as it is being taught to British youth, is here set before you; British Papery, as it is inculcated in the Engl sh Church, by its Puseyite Clergy, is amply developed ; and you are presented with an exhibition of the doctrinesof the Common Salvation, as that to which all your own laboura tend. " Dr. Campbell seems to bo imbued vrith the vigorous, uncompromising spWt of the sturdy old German reformer in this masterly series ef essays. He lays bore aU the cankering orrore of Popeiy, exposes the shameless sophisms with which tho defenders of that system have ever striven to make un-right into right, and details the history of the Romish Churct with its corraptiona and SUaehoods, in a clear and plain spaiHng style, which even little children may rcatf and understand. In doing this he has accurately conceived tb.^ manner in which he was to carry out the object of his work as stated by himself to supply an aid to domestic tuition on the momentous snbiect of Popery and Protcstautisin."-Morning Advertiser. " In this series of essays. Dr. Campbell has done cspccia: service; Hls.boakwiU bo found of universal use. it is a complete storehoQaaiot arguments and proofs, dran-u fi-om the most unexceptiomibleaonrcea, against Popeiy. and the b:i3t.ird form of it as seen in Puseyism. It is, in itself. .i complete little 'Ltbraiy of Heforence;' and wo c-ui only qnaiify our pnUae by aayfiig. that there are one or two points wherein wo are at iiroo^jrttt the compiler, touching the concliisions arawn by him bom certain precedents; and also tl at w^ conld have desired Uttlelessasperityofexpro^on than 13 to be ftrand in occasional passages of a book wliich had boon al tha bettor for the exhlSuS^of an opposite feebng."-ChuroL �ad State Gantte

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