Saturday, June 23, 1787

Olla Podrida

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Olla Podrida on Saturday, June 23, 1787

Olla Podrida (Newspaper) - June 23, 1787, London, Middlesex 1851: OLLA POD Ri DA. N U MB E R XV, SAT U R D A Y, June 23, 1787. Nimis alt a fafit Bellua multorum capitum. IN a Society, inftituted for the purpofc of amicable difputation, to which I once found means to obtain admittance, the following question was propo%| for difcuffion: -Which circumftance would be i&^re irttpme to a gentleman of delicate feelings, the refie$i^n tlu^t be had killed another in a duel, or bad been himfelf pulled by the npfe from Penzance va Cornwall, .to our Town, of Berwick upon Tweed,, by way of Lqndon? -That his audience might have as clear a comprchenfion a* poflible of the fubjeflt to be difcuffed, the leader of tbf debate thought it neceflary to fpecify to-them thediAance between the two places mentioned, to which hir accniy * was a gentleman with his,haijdBurcl^ under his wig: The conteft was carried 01% wi& wlpnp? and acrimony, but was at length fomewba<ap|*ai^ly means of a third perfon, who, ^ppn bringing jht pa^tpa to explain, difcovered that they had made tfa$&&a]fnf�g� tions upon different principles, the one having Patterfon's book of roads, the other OgilbjrV ott P It

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