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Observer (Newspaper) - March 26, 1797, London, Middlesex No. 277.] SUNDAY, March 26, 1797. \_Price Four1 Pence Halfpenny., "|TNDIA ARROW ROOT, which, though coming into general notice and use, as a most agreeable, wholesome and nutricous .Aliment, being at this tint; rather, and not cdmnionly to be met -.v.ii, it is thought right to acquaint the Public, that- it may he had pcr-fi-iilv genuine mid go�d, at Mt>sr>. Golirey ana Coolie's, Chemists, in -...urh-inipi ou-streer, Coveiit-Garden. METALLIC PLATE POWDER. " J AN WARN and Co. (late Hacan) EMERY and PUTTY-MAKERS, No. ;j, Eaglc-st.cei., Red Lion Square, rcs-..'.itiuUy recomnw-iw their 1NCOM PARABLE METALLIC PLATE Vo^ViVf.R, which has bt-tn used by the first Manufactuiing Silversmiths J.->r these last titty years : It gives the most beautiful dark lustre* without injuring the Plate by violent brushing and rubbing, which is the ea'c with must things recommended for that purpose : Is a great Saving to those who use plated Gcods. Sole in Packets is. 6*1. cadi as above, with Directions. waited; 1 1 ^ AYOUTH, or Young Man, as an Apprentice to learn a verv respectable Business, where money, to a Considerable a-mnimt, mly be employed ; ar.d furiher, the Business will, (if required) St the of the time be given up to the Young Man, upon rca-so-.iab'.t Terms. Enquire at the VJaT of the New' York CcfTec�&oeisti in .Sweeting's-Allcy, CornhiU ; or a line directed R. A. as aforesaid, will be attended to. A Premium will be expected. THE Faft intended to alarm the Public, inserted in the Morning Herald of Saturday, is false, that Fifty-two Commissions ot Eankrupt were sealed on Friday ; nut one Commission having been sealed that day, and the whole nu�ber sealed from the iSc of March to the 24th inclusive, (seme of which have been superseded) is no more thin Forty-three ; and the'number sealed on Saturday was only Thhty-six, which is less than the usual number at t..cla>tSeal after Hilary Term. -___' _^ _ Mr. ERSKiNE's TTEW.-CHEAP EDITION. To-morrow will be published, a new Edition in 121116. being the TweiJ-ty-si xth, price is. AVIEW of the CAUSES and CONSEQUENCES of the PRESENT WAR with FRANCE. By. the Hon. THOMAS ERSKINI�, M. P. Printed for J..Dcb:ctt: opposite Burlington-House, Piccadilly. Of whom rh.iv be had, The above in Svo price js-Mr. FOX's LETTER to his CONSTITUENTS, 14th Edkion, i?.- PARLI AMENTAR Y PAPERS from the RESTORATION to the DISSOLU HON of PARLIAMENT in 1796, 3 large Vols Svo. il. zs. NOT1CE to the Cr< ditdrs and Debtors ot Thomas Kingston, late 01 Little Brickhill, iri the County of Bucks, Shopkeeper, deceased. ALL Persons who have any Claims or Demands on the Estate and Effects of the said Thomas Kingston, are hereby desired to send an account thereof to Frederick. Cook, of Little BricKhill, of to William Covington, of Stoncy Stratford (Executors of the said Thomas Kingston) in order that the same may be discharged. And all Persorls indebted to the above Estate are desired to pay their respective Debts to the said FreaerLk Cook, or William Covington, on or before the twenty-fourth day of June next, without fuither notice or delay. Little Brickhill, March 20, 1797. ACADEMY FOR. DANCING. PRIVATE TUITION. SCOTCH and IRISH STEPS. fR. HOPKINS respectfully informs his SCHOLARS JUyji. and his FR LENDS in general, that his ACADEMY for DANCING, which has 'for years been established at COACHMAKER's-Hrt.LL, Fostcr-lanc, Cheapside, with the first reputation, IS NOW OPEN for the improvement of lAdics and Gentlemen in that necessary and polite accomplishment, and where they have the opportunity of being instructed in the MOST PRIVATE MANNER, and on reasonable terms, in the Minuet, Louvre, Cotillons, Highland Reels, with the Steps peculiarly adapted for those favourite Dances, Devonshire Minuet, Hornpipe, and English Country Dances, after the most approvca and fashionable style, and the course of their attendance made convenient to themselves, on an application as above, j YOUNG LADIES and GENTLEMEN-Arc also instructed in every fashionable Dance, and every attention exerted to form the moat elegant address, ro render them capable of appearing with that peculiar satisfaction to their friends, which is ever attendant ontrue politeness and good breeding.-Boarding Schools attended. N- 13- The Assembly Rooms may be engaged for Concerts, Balls, or any public occasions. ~~ APPLE3Y's VEGETABLE TEA. ' *~ S.E40HMENPED TO SUCH a8 ARE AFFLICTED VlTH NERVOUS disORDERS, tKWART) WEAKNESSES, &X. &C. THE Proprietor of this valuable Restorative, feels a peculiar pleasure in being enabled to lay before the Public, the Case 6f a Gentleman, wVich though-desperate in its appcaranc&s, yet was happily removed by the use of tills Tea. Numerous are the attestations of its ifitt'.ics tlvat (nay be seen at the Place of Saie, though few will come forward publicly to acJgipwledgc benefits conferred. W THE CASE. A Gentleman, long and. severely aiftieted with violent pains in the Stomach immediately after eating, (a complaint thaj: in its consequences h�d every appearance of a rtvosr \ iolenr Flux,) was recommended, after having: in vain applied for relief to several of the Faculty, to take the Vegetable Tea. After taking it for about three Weeks he found abundant relict, aud by continuing it a l:ttle longer, was happily restored to health and spirits. He still continues to take the Tea, declaring in a letter to Mr. Appleby, that what lie at first took as a pleasant medicine, he now prefers as a luxury to any breakfast whatever. In reply to a request which Mr. Appleby made to this Gentleman for his petmission to publish the Letter which described his malady, and his recovery, he received the following, answer: si st, I have not the smallest objection to the insertion of my Letter in the Public Prints, if it will be of any service to the Public or you. Having received so much benefit from it myself, I should be ungrateful indeed to deny you the satisfaction of a public acknowledgment of it. I am, &c. J. BECKETT. I >lr>o\ 11 Hill, opposite Hatton Garden. Mr. Anderson, 5o 270, Whitathapc! Road. Messrs. Axtcll and Farmer's Printing Office, London Road, George's Fields ; and at the Counting House, Islington Gieen. N. JL The only Firm who necommodates Country Correspondent is. per mile per Chaldron off . .e Stones. IMPORTANT INFORMATION T0 THE AFFLICTED WITH St. at Ncrious Disorders, inward Weaknesses, indigestion,' Impoiitv of the Blood, Female Complaints, Loss of Appetite, Juvenile Indiscretions, Obstinate Gonorrhia, Involuntary Emissions, Seminal Weaknesses, Consumptions, Gout in the Stomach, Melancholy, And Premature Old Age ; With every other svmptomof extreme Debility, which are the conic-qurncrs of.ajiss'.patcd life, the immoderate use of Tea, Spirituous Lienors, Sec. HPHE RESTORATIVE BALSAM and VEGETABLE JL TINCTURE, in those Disorders, have stood the trst of many years experience, during which peripu many thousands have been restored irom the brink of the grave. It is particularly recommended to the youth i.i b th sexes, labouring under Try ot the above Complaints. - The following Letter was received by Mr. Church a few davs ?go, wi-ic'.i is an additional proof ot the extraordinary good effects of thii Medicine : " SIR, " The inclosed is an exact statement of my wife's disorders, when I first applied to you, and took your Medicine. I have sent it for the satislac-tion of those who wish to see it in her own hand writing, as delicacy forbids her inserting her name, &c. in full length." THE CASE. " I. l�ve laboured undcr'a severe Nervous Disorder upwards of thirteen years, attended with extreme weakness; pain in my limbs; swimming and pain in my hszii; a violent oppression at my stomrth, particularly after eating; no appetite, but a loathing of food ; wind at my stomach ; and what a5'ccted me most was, an almost continual weakness Upon mc, which affected me extremely, and reduced me to a mere skeleton. I had tried several eminent Doctors without reoeiving any benefit, tilll took your Medicine, the Restorative Balsam: from the first fcotclc I found great relief, and, by persevering in its use only six weeks, I biess God, I am as well as ever I was in my life, being perfectly ficc from any of the above Corripiahus. London, Dec. 19, 1796. *' H. H." The Res tokative BaIsam is sold, in bottles, price js. 5s. . 1 fs. 6d. and ats. each j the Vegetable M1 xTitm, 2s. 9d. the pint, and 5s. t^e quart, at Mr. Church's Medicine Warehouses, No. 47, Leadenhall-strcct, No.-403, Oxford-street, near Soho-squarc, and at his house in the City* toaJ, near Finsbury-stjuarc j also at Mr. Shaw's, No. 385, Strand, and %a where eUe. DANCING. PRIVATE TUITION. LADIES and GENTLMEN who have never been in struifed in Dancing, or have been taught in a style now out of praciise, may privately aim expeditiously acquire the mott elevant varii tv of the present favorite S;uich and Irish Stops, with all the fashionable rcquisitcs >cen unspeakably miserable, from what her apo-riiecary called a latent seurvv, uhich rive years since broke our in universal! ; she, in vaiu; took medicines, till reduced to the lowest state-; when, an advertisement, ccrtitying von had cured a yoang woman of a L:piosy, near North impton, induced her,afierl personally satisfied my-se f of that fait, to begin your MaredaNi's D;:op.; and as they pre-I sently rest red her appetite, she persevered to the 17th small bottle, when' ] her strength and spirits b:ing recovered, and tnc eruptions gone, shelert ' ofFin perfect health, and happily continues so to the present hour. fie. licving y.iur Drops saved her life, she heartily joins me in this public acknowledgment, and we remain your humble Servants, JONAS FLETCHER, MARY FLETCHER. This excellent alterative will effectually correct a coaguium of blood, free the excretory uucts, soften the skin, and eradicate, bv perseverance, scurf, pustules, ulcers, tumours, piles, sanies, fistulas, ice.- complaints familiarized to Mr. Hayman (Author of a " Treatise on the Nature and Affinity of Scorbutic Diseases,") by 23 years constant practice ; he may be consulted Tuesdays and Thursdays Horn 10 til! z, or by letter, inclosing his fee. The Drops are prepared at his house, at 5s. and its. per bottle; those at 5s. 5 ly be made. N. B. Captains of ships, merchants, and families supplie.1 witn every article of hosiery wholesale, on the most peculiar advantageous terms, No. 40, Poultry, thitc doors East of the Old Jewry. IMPERIAL FLUID. THIS singularly valuable Liquid possesses the superior quality ot preserving the Appearance of Youth to extreme old age, as it keeps the Skin firm and free from Wrinkles ; a short trial will evince its efficacy, and prove to all ages' the advantage of having it in constant use. The Proprict. r has appointed it to be sola at the f>rn;,ite Warehouse, No. 41; Frith-street, Soho-squarc, at Six Shillings each Bottle. N. B. Letters post-paid will receive due attention-. The EDINBURGH OINTMENT I-> the most easy, the most expeditious, the most ceitain, and the safest remedy for the ITCH. THE Virtues of the E01 nbu rna Ointment are absolutely specific and unparalleled.'-By one easy, application only, w'nnout Physic; Bleeding, or any other assistance, it lias never failed, in a single instarlce, of many Thousands, to perform a complete Cure in Eight Hours.-Though thus exoeuitious and certain in its operations, the Proprietors do unequivocally and solemnly pledge themselves that it does not contain H particle of Mercury, or any other pernicious ingredient; but is so inncc.-nt and benign in its effects, that it may be applied to the most d--lic: te pregnant lady, or the tendercst infant.-In a lew woid.--; its immediate, iiiiallihle, and'astoniahing efficacy can only bee-quailed by its uaiionii, perfect, and singular safety. Omtic iulii fur'Sium. HoR.. It is sold by the Proprietors, CaiUcart and Co. No. 52, Gloucester-street, Queen-squai\ , Bloomsbuvy ; Pinding, 76, Ox:ord-s:reet, opposite the Pantheon ; pnlmer, Oy, Mount street, Grosvonor-square ; Swir.ey, 2i. Pall-Mali ; Fuller, t avistoek-row, Covciit Garden; D-v.mes, 240, Strand, hear TcmpiC Bar ; Evans, 41, Long Lane : Stepnov, Rosamonds Row, Clerkenwul ; Wrig'it, 3, Sweeting's Alley, R-y-1 Exchange ; Hounstield, 11, Whitcchapel; Clarke, Borough ; Bligh, nearly opposite the Magdalen, Blaekfriars-road ; BtOLnicker, ICeusiu-eon ; Clifton, Islington ; Forbes, Croydon ; and by 111 >st ot the respectable Venders of Proprietory Medieincs in London and Country.-Price 2^. o,d. Stamp included. ROUGH-FLAVORED TEAS. BROWN's NEW TEA WAREHOUSE, THE CHINESE, No. 8c, High Holborm. T?ROM the very great demand '!'. Brown has had for Teas of the above description, he flitters himself they have fully met the approbation of the Public, lor whose generous patronage he begs leave to return thanks, and to inform them he hits purchased at the Company's present sale some very excellent Teas, which he has taken great care in selectint; ; and from the experience he has had in the Tea Trade, he can wan ant them genuine as imported, anJ which he is selling on such terms as he hopes will merit the future lavors and attention of the Public. Verv Good Congou Tea 3 Best Rough-flavored do. 4 Verv goo-i B eakl. Souchong 4 Very tine Ruugh-llavorcd do. 1; Superfine do. 6 Fine Peckoe do. 7 THE BRANCHES, OR THE OFFSPRING OF THE E.NGi ISH DISEASE CALLED SCURVY.  IT would perhaps be more accurate t^ substitute for Scurvy, the words Atony, Debility, want of Force or Vigour in the whole frame, induced by early and vicious indulgences by Eire accidents of promiscuous love, by luxury, by the quackery of domestic Medicines, and by the dreadful cus'tom cf Apothecaries and Singeons to apply to almost every case Mercury, Antimony, Arsenic, Lead, Steel, Stc. These, by a sudden and excessive stimulus, occasion a flacid and distressing debility, in which the humours stagnaie and corrupt. This is the root of incurable disorders ; but it first shoots into two grand trunks, consumption and dropsy, from the induration of the arterias and glands, tumours and ruptures if the exhaling absorbent vessels, from a corrosive acrimony of'the fluids, and a tecblc end exhausted state ot the whole system. All these causes are daily marked in the records of death. Mr- Swainson, or if the superstitious and credulous prefer it, Dr. Swainson, the sole Proprietor of the Vegetable Svrop of De Vtlnos, by less.--.ning the mortality of these causes, is employed at least in mitigating A It is the part or humanity to believe no diseases aie incurable, ann'tha* in the -vegetable archives of time, certain remedies are deposited lor those disorders which now elude the healing art. Mr. Swainson succeeds in hi* views hy incessant attention to the improvement and application of his Medicine, and by directing Scuh auxiliaries as accommodate its operation to j-nricolar cases. N. B. All otiier pit-p.-trcxions, Syrups, Pills, Sec. bearing the name cf De Velnos, or pretending to be trom him, are unknown to Mr. Swainson, and he believes them o.vbe despicable impositions. Frith street, March 1757V d. S o 6 o o o Very Good Green Tea Good Strong Bloom do. -Verv best do. Good Hyson Very Good do. Very Fine do. s. 4 4 5 6 7 7 d. o 6 o o o 6 With an allowance of One Ounce to a Pound and a Half.-Very curious P.itr.a Ri.e only One Guinea per cwt or i'd. per lb. usually sold at ^d. Same very good at 2d. Good Coffee 3s. 6d.~ Very best Martii.ito Coffee 4s. per lb. ORATORIOS AT PLAY-HOUSE PRICES DURING LENT. THEATRE-ROYAL, CO VENT-GARDEN. By particular Desire of many Person: of Distinction, who were disappointed at the Ins: Performance. C\N WEDNESDAY next, March 29, will be performed / the Sacred Oratorio of THE MESSIAH. Composed by G. F. HANDEL. [Positively the last time this Season.] ^ End of Part I. a Concerto on the Grand Piano Forte, by Miss M'ArthurJ' P incinal Vocal Peiformers.- Madame Mara, MaMer Elliot, (by particular d.sire of several Persons of distinction)- Signora Galli, who is in 5th year, will sing the favorite Air of " He was Despised. Sale, Mr. Burdou, and Mi. Bar- ker 7 And Miss Poole, Mr. Braham, M The Band and Chorusses, are numerous and complete. The whole under the- direction 01 Mr. Ashley. iioxes 6s. Pit ;s. 6J Gai. 2s. Upper Gal. is. Places for the Boxes to be t-ikeuof Mi-; Brandon in H.trt-screc-t. IV-ns to be. opened at Six, and the Performance to commence at Seven o'clock j�reci->el\. Books of the Performance (wi.h the Impre-matur ot b. l.ldcleish) to be had at the Theatre. DR. HOWELL. HYSTERICS, CONVULSIONS^ EPILEPTIC, AND FALLING FITS EFFECTUALLY CURED BY DR. HOWELL. X?OR the truth of this assertion the following surprising �jl. Cures are selected trom a great number ot others: Alios ILRRINGTON, daughter of Mr. Wm. Terriugtun, Linen-J -aper, ot Hull, Yot ksuiie, was for seveial years aliiicu-d with all the i.b jvc complaints, very oft^n thii'e violent Fits in a day, - tor which she li i a vai.ety ot Medicines prescribed to her, bv the most eminent of the faculty in quarter, without receiving any benefit whatever: but, as the last resource ani hope that remained, when about 15 years of age, a trial of Or. Howell's Powders was sToii^ly mommt-nded by the Faculty, which very soon restored her to perfect health,-not having had the least symptom of a return of her complaints these three years past.- This Cure is published at the particular request ot the young Ljuiy's Parents, from whom further satisfactory information may be had, and also from Mr. J. Boddy, Phtenix Firc-Officc, Lombard-street, London. September 2.0, 1796. Mrs. Rebecca Green was afflicted with all the above complaints upwards of twenty years, during which she was an in-patient in St. Baitho-lomew's and Guy's Hospitals, from wheuce she was turneu out as incurable. Witnesses to this great cure, The Rev. Mr. Hunt, Minister of the Savoy. Mr. John Burgess, Italian and Oil Merchant, No. 107, corner of Savoy Steps, Strand. voluntary declaration of mrs. tame loscland. I, Jane Longland, at No. 226, near Temple-bar. Strand, do make oath, that having been atrlidted for near six years with dreadful Convulsive anJ Falling Fits, and having been under the care of several eminent Physicians, without obtaining any relief, I at length applied to Dr. Howell, in consequence of 311 Advertisement in the Newspapers, and by taking his Powders and advice, am, thank God, restored to perfect health, nor have I had the least return of my Complaint these twelve months past. Sworn at Guildhall, London, the ijrh day ot July, 179!) before me, JohnBoydell, Mayor. Mrs. Bennet, aged thirty-three years, was dreadfully afflicted upwards of five years, occasioned by a fright, had from three to five Fits daily ; it required Sever il persons to hold her during the Fit. The Faculty wi.o attended her were of opinion she could be cured -Witnesses to the cure, Mr. R. Bennet, her husband ; Mr. G. Berber, No. 22, Great Bath-strect, Cold-bath-square ; Mr. Peter Bown, hosier, No. 50, High Hol-born. ^ Sarah Webb, aged thirteen years, was most dreadfully afflicted with convulsions, and falling hits for nearly three years, hsd liequently three "" ' " Uially cured by Dr. Howell's Powders. TO THE PROPRIETORS OF EAST INDIA STOCK. [ , Ladies and Gentlemen, THE ele&ion of a Director, in the room of the late Mr. Townson,. being fixed for Wednesday, the e;th of April, per-rriit mc to repeat the soliciiation I have already-made fur the honour cf your suffrages, and earnestly to request the attendance of my friends oft the day of ballot. I shall endeavour to pay my prcsonal respects to all the Proprietor^ before the day of election-- 1 am, with great r-spect, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your most devoted servant, ...... EDWARD PARRY. Gower-strcet, March 1^, 1797. SPRING PHYSIC. DE VELNO's INCOMPARABLE VEGETABLE ' PI LLS are confidently recommended as the most powerful alterative and punfier of the blood and juices, not requiring the least confine--nieiit or 1 estraint in diet, their operation being gradual and imperceptible^- "* though certain and infallible ; in short, it is the long sought-for Vegetable Specific, or safe, but active substitute lor that fashionable mineral, Mercury, which may be said to cure only by killing; its efficacy anticipates the expectation of the most sanguine, for when all other medicines: have tailed, De Vilno's Vegetable Pills may positively be rtlied on as a Specific Remedy for the SCURVY, Scoibutic Eruptions, Sctophula or King's Evil, Leprosy, Rheumatism, and Rheumatic Gour, Asthma, Consumption, Dropsy, the Venerea) Disease, and for all disorders which originate from an impur: or impaired state of the blood. *V* The Proprietor of De Vclno's Pi'iis (Dr. Senate, late o? Soho Square) has made an affidavit that the Preparation is entirely Vegetable, and that it does not contain a paitide of Mercui y, Antimony, or any other mineral substance whatever. Sold by appointment of .he Proprietor, wholesale and -etail, at Mr. Piddir.g': Genuine Patent Medicine Warehouse, No ,i, opposite th� Pantheon, Oxford-street, Price 5s. 5L the box, or five in one for il. :s. Also sold retail L-y Tuft, Royal Exchange ; E. Nc-wbcry, St. Paul's Church-yard; and Waid, No. 324, Helb~-ni. - *-, ...... _ THAT WHICH is GENERALLY BELIEVED is almost invariably true; and few will dispute the assertion, that success attends the direction of intellectual ab> itv to any one particular object. It was after much reflection, that Dr. DOUGLAS sclccicd the VENEREAL DISEASE, as the most invcteiata of all comt-laints, anuas.aba-. sis the most secure for future reputatn/n. With ? well-grounded confidence, ove:-stepping the bounds of Prejudice, he chese a ') lie-sis for Medical Inquiry, where the beaten track; vas Vamei-.tabiy deficient, and where uncommon success ha: surpassed his most san.-.uir.e cxp -ct-ations. i-onie years have now elapsed since Dr.'Douglas, with the .'.ss;s:ance of a Rtcu-lar Sl'roeon,deviated fiom the plan pursued by othe-i legvilar Piactiti-oners, and, confining his practice to Vend cal or Complaints, introduced those improvements which will ever attend a siody pcrscyerancc to one Branch of a Profession. A Disease which remains latent in the Constitution tor months, or forvears-a Disease whose rav ige; have-been more destructive than those of Fire, Pestilence, or the Sword, ought to obtain the most carcto! consideration: and in place of precipitancy, requires the aggregate of studious attention. By Dr. Douglas's method, sligh.and recent cases are radically cured in two or three days; and those which have hitherto been deemed incurable, are permanently as well as speedily removed Attendance on Sundays, aud every day in the week, from 10 in the morning till 10 at night, No. 21, Change-alley, opposite the Royal-Exchange. All letters are requested to be post paid. The PREVENTATIVE, which preserves a Person from Disease, prepared as usual. PULLIN's ANTISCORBUTIC PILLS.~ ~~ " Most efficacious Medicine to cure the Scurvy, Le- prosv, Surfeits, King's F.vil, i.'U Sores, Rheumatism, Piles', Cancers, Inflammations in the Eyes. Pimples, and other Eruptions ia tc.e Face, and e v cry other Disorder ai isi ng impurity in the Bluod. A great convci.ency attending the use ot these Pills, though supeiior in Efficacy to .my other known Medicine, is the necessity of t.iKing only one Pill every other Night. Price 2, gd. ths small Box, and ;s. jd. the large. On application to the Yen-Jen of rlics; valuable' Pills, a List of wclt-autfccbtkatcd Cures, attested by Persons ol the ti.s: Respectability, will convince the candid Enquirer, that the AifhctcJ with the above Disorders may expect a- Cure, if in the power ot Mnncine 10 pi oduce so happy an effect, aud even inth^worst cf cases mav comfort' themselves with a well-founded confidence that their Sufferings n.ay be alleviated. Sold by the Proprietor's appointment, in Boxes at Ti-it teeii-pcnce Half-peany each, and a smaller size lur the cotitfmiency ot Children, at Seven-pence Halfpenny, with printed directions to appropriate the Dose; by Mr. Mnrshill, No. 6, Bloomsbury-square, Howard and Evans, No.42, Long hme, Smithfieh. Also Retail by Axtcll, Royal Exchange, and Finch-lane, Swiui-y, Pall Mall, Ward, No. 324, Holiiorn, Barry, No. 2, Bi idge-strcct, Westminster Bridge, And by the general Venders of Medicines in the Kingdom. Newbury, St. Paul's Chinch Yard, Jebuult and Co. 150, Oxford-street, Piddius, No. 76, Oxford-street, Clarke, No. 269, Boh-uiigh, ' Cundell, No. 47, Minories, tu.vs .....i.eijr>Liii Vliew ..i.iiii^, juu ,UL \\o�.i vwli; cue greaiesi case, owing to their elasticity, riflcring from all others; f..i they havt three different motions which vield to the Body, making them useful violent Fits in a d iv, is now ct.e, -Witnesses to this Cure, Mrs. Susannah Clark, M-sfrcss of the Charity-School of St. George's Bloomsbury. (Cured 2 yeai s since.) Mr. [.Stock-dale, mill-ma-ker, and smith to his Majesty, No. 26b, High Holbo-.n. '�� .�;:��- This valuable Medicine, which is piriicu'.arlv cinc.ia .us in all Nervous Complaints, is prepared and sold under the Kind's Royal Pa-| tronage, by Dr. Ho v.-ell, at his House, No. 78, High Kclborn. near ' Red Lion street, at 10s. 6d- the packet, in which is inclosed a Treatise, ! wrttte.i by the Doctor, containing particular directions to pi event the Fits i from ever returning. A CARD Of ADVICE to the RISING GENERATION. A MIDST the melancholy variety of Disorders, under ZA-Which human nature is known to sutler, ;fieie does not exist a more alaiming, a more distressing, or a more fatal disease tii.ui the ditierem species of those which are commonly called venereal ; we daily sec the unfortunate victims of it fall deluded preys to illiterate quacks, to men UiK'diicarcd in tin- practice of physic, and over whom the sail ot science beams not its enlighr-ning influence. As chastity is a virtue in young men, more vo be wished than hoped for in this age, all that is left for medical humanity todo, is to point out the mode of preventing the contraction of this fatal disease, cr to remove it as soon as possible aiter it lias been contracted.-The Doctor has theiefoie directed, for years past, the whole of h'.'i attention, to this particular disease. It is a self-evident truth, that where ih. whole toree ...f rhe human mind, is concentrated, there will he the gr-jte: ceitainty ot success ; and as a proof of the position. Or. Godfrey's --.-cthod of cure is so particularly expeditious, as well as sate, and so evidently superior to the common routine of practice, that in some cases of slight infection, a pjrfect cure is complcatcd in tort.v-oight hours. By an c:i"ly application to Dr. Godfrey, the patient will avoid the dangerous consequences evidently resulting from a tedious attendance upon the inexperienced practitioner-assisted by a regular Surgeon, they continue safely, perio.tly, an.I expeditiously to cure the Venereal Disease, in all its complicated stages, on the most reasonable terms. Attendance on Sunday, and every day in the week, from ten in the morning nil-ren ?r night, at No 1, foander's-eourt, Loihbury, be"hmd the Baiin-A Pieventive wiiich, if used within 4S hours, will infallibly p;event the person fiam being discas.d. Patients in the Country describing the svpmums of their complaints by L.-tter, (post-paid) will have thi necessary Medicines �tr.t to any part oi t!v- Kingdomr OF EVERY SPECIES OF INVENTION NONE  ARE OF GREATFR UTILITY THAN TH^SE WHICH RELIEVE THE AFFLICTIONS OF HUMAN NATURE: ^ THE INVENTIONS, therefore, of NEW TRUSSES, by Mr. EDDY, No. 43, Dean-street, Soho, are of the greatest benefit; for by them some of the worst Athictions belonging to the Human Body are effectually cured : as Ruptures in the Groin, Navel Ruptures, falling of tile Womb, the Anus, or Fundament. Those for Ruptures intircly prevent their falling down, and are worn with the greatest e useful and easy beyond description. His mode of applying them, for a cure, is of the utmost importance He can keep up the most difficult Ruptures, where ail^ot'ners fail. Trusses covered, mended, and improved. Also B.ig Trusses, to preserve, in Riding, Tumours, &c. Belts for corpulent persons, and Navel Ruptures. Laced Stocking.; for swelled Legs and Ancles; Leg Irons for crooked and weak-kneed Children; Artificial Legs and Hanus, wilh -all the motions of life. Steel Backs and Collars for young- Ladies, on an improved principle; also Braces and Breeches Straps. Dumb Bells for opening the Chest, and exercising the Body, a most useful exercise. N. B. Makes Trusses for the Faculty, country orders, and for exportation. A CERTAIN CURE FOR CORNS. INFALLIBLE GERMAN CORN PLAISTER. THE Proprietor of this most excellent remedy is so certain of its efficacy, having- never failed in a variety of cases, engages, if it does not eradicate the Corns, root and branch, to return the mumy ; and he begs leave to add,that it has infinitely the advantage of the numberless inefficacious Ointments, Salves, &e. as many hundreds of atHieted persons can testify, among whom are some of the first characters in this kingdom. Tins is the celebrated Plaister that gained so much reputation in Germany ; aud has been sold Lu Lundou upwards ot 50 years with the greatest reputation. Price is. lid. the box, duty included. Sold in London, wholesale and retail by T. Axtell, B-.r.kseller, Nc. 1, Finch-lane,near the Royal Exchange, Cornhiil. Also by Mr. Day, Per fumer, Tavistock-street; Mr. Hannam, No. 35, St James's-street; Mr. Hall, No. 176, Oxford-street; Bacon's Medicinal Warehouse, Oxford-sTcet; Mr. Ward, Ferrer-lane, one door from llolborn; Mr. Marshall, Bloomsbury-square, and at all the principal Medicine Venders In the Country. BY HIS MAJESTY'S ROYAL AUTHORITY. DOCTOR HARVEY'S ANTIVENER-RAL PILLS, and Grand Restorative Drops, at zs. (?d. each Box -or Boftle, are recommended for the Cureot th.e VENEREAL, DlSi-'.A.SE, at his house, No. C3, Shoc-lanc, near Holborn Hill; (A Golden Head over the Door,) which, by many years Experience and Practice, have proved never to. fail in curing the above Disorder, without Confinement or Restraint cf Diet, being only-an Alterative, Vee from any Composition of Mercury, and may be taken v.'itni.ut the least Danger to the most delicat" Constitution, (at any season 01 the year) as they wurk. <�2 by ^:l.;i : tiiuusanrts in-this Metropolis have experienced their happy Effsits by a perfect Cure, when sali"ation and other methods 'nave f -ilcd of success. They are a mosr convenient Medicine for Travellers, Seamen, and Servants in places, whose business must be attended ; will keep their Virtue any length of time. To enumerate the Cues would fill a lolume. The DoitoT will make a pet feet Cure in slight Cases for one Guinea. Any person imagining himself to be injured may, |hy applying to the Doctor within thirty-six hours, have a Medicine that will prevent the disorder taking place. Neglect is attended with Danger, Gleets and Seminal Weaknesses effectually cuicd. Likewise the Itch cured in a few Davs. These Medicines arc allowed by the most eminent of the Faculty to be preferable to any other. Sold, sealed up, with full and plain Directions, whereby Persons of ei� iftcr Sex may cure themselves with ease~^nd secrecy. N. B. Attends from eight o'clock in the morning till ten at night.-* Atiy'icc gratis. No letters recefrcd unless poit-paid.

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