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Publication: News And Affairs Of Europe October 23, 1644

News And Affairs Of Europe (Newspaper) - October 23, 1644, London, Middlesex 1044 erred O E Each Daves Proceedings IN PAUL I AM ENT From 23 to great fight between the Armies eight of Ordnance taken from thr Ear of Cleveland the King bis Forces his Ar left at D and aSthe parti certified to the Committee of hath Heads of the Proportions to be to with the names of 3 incendiaries to be exe mp ted f mm par The number of both parties the g of and Armes token by the of at fence tkat iron fy Letter of a great overthrow given to the Rebels in The Heads of the City Petition to the Rave what and yet alive again 1 and of 500 all rifen but and 7 of them drowned too i lie not fo loud we al low you took at whereof Colonel though he fo bravely defended his ely Avere one eft Cave onely the taken with him retreated afe to Indeed there were divers of the put to the word in cold the number of will cry for vengeance and this by Letters to the this day was certified tote the whole of the that were by the to be lain at and and hath many true in B This ;

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Publication: News And Affairs Of Europe

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: October 23, 1644