Saturday, October 7, 1826

New Times And Representative

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New Times And Representative (Newspaper) - October 7, 1826, London, Middlesex ^^^^^^^^^ EAST INDIA HOUSE, Oct. 4,1836. fPBB Court of DiMttOKofyUift United Company J. pf|fc^j^^,^yUii<Ka�* artfc(El<ipMUtm Indtnfof sneh WH^.�r^5CL-^-teoommlltheir Mer- r.nwy be bid-on a pell cation �rO�i*^fi^/- , JOSEPH PABT, Secretary, To bis the Doko.of YORrt, Patron; .President; the VICE-PRE-HR.Vnd the rest of the GO-iq^lQPTHALMIC INFIR- _ _Jemen, , "�.,CaQdidat^ for the Office of litiz! Tiihr'r*' ^VS-1""*- InSraanry, although I dn _ jeaeanyto,enter into i h�T�sWltwmi��dto, ouajjf, my-elf for the ilnelfctt, #*WM* ? nome^latrpasd anderthe sanction * weifsTOof the instito,tioa is jodge of the qualifications ne Ln.otbe questioned. i.�t- the IpSrroary, I have ^,�aponsibility of the situation . .,_________ipsaO*. a* tn obtain the anpoint- setf tonnsinrcBMUiag disohargoof its weighty , J ��, ma; itil^'iw.Roxai HUhww, WytW^vIad^,an4,^Uemei�, . .... .... TT^^^^ott. 1ft, New Broad-street, OcL 6,1826., SALES BY Wines, atOsuwvay's ( MESSRS. MACHIN leave to announce to lh*u-Frlead*H are iastrncted .to- whrnft^r"1^^ Coffee House, oa Tuaidr ' '' o'aock, Without twet* ______ WIh^,coitsJ�tlBKofOs*a�sd*�d._______________ . Choroid Croste , 26, King-street, Covetot-jrarden. . . N� 8816.} X01NOOA, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1826. , PRI� S )SEVKNPM�CB- OYAfc^UWIOJf PENSION FUND-Pa ^B^Us'teysl' Hijihness the Duke of YORK, &c ^--''Candidates toe received at the Office. 5, Lancaster-l6^Dridm,rfroB Ten tyThree dally, during the _ L'"The malfc PeBs|onei* receive 28L, and the Fe-�lSLieTairnbm. Particulars" on application. AIT letters oerfrOn�paidi inleil-BOTANICAL SOCIETY of TO CAPITALISTS.-The Siim of 7,000/. may bp employed in a roost Incretive New � Conwrri, secured by Patent. The Machinery aod Stock required may. be assigned over to the Person who advances the money; and if preferred, the Business may be carried on in bis own-name, to present all risk of Partnership. -The roost respectable, references will be (riven and expected.-Address, post paid, B. A.'C, Peele's Coffee-house, Fleet street. AWidow Lady, of a respectable Family, wishes to superintend ihe Establishment of a Small Family, or as HOUSEKEEPER to a Gentleman, who would rrqnire economy, combined with domestic comforts; us a home is the chief consideration of the Advertiser, salary would be do object. -Apply personally, or by letter, post paid, to A. 15., 29, Norton-atreat, Portland-place.- N.B. No objection to the country. taeToCIET�^��8nHElss�IIBB _ ____ tie nth �f ttsnsueaMtaj when lb* AN&CAD ORATION will *aMt^lr>JO�r R. MORRIS, Sec. ,niWrinlk4^tiPim^Uy,Octo�>atim. _ _____ ^SqittKyEARliY-GENERAL COURT of L.tlMiRe^A^.JBEAwBATHINO INFIRMARY will be held at the London Coffee-boose, Ludgate-hill. on Wednes-4�J,t*__Uth�B4. _ JOSEPH RAINBOW,Sec. , The Chair will be taken at Two o'clock precisely._ r^OTIOE is hereby given, That the GENERAL XX ANNUAL MEETING of the TRUSTEES, for Re-aalfihg the Roads from Scvenoaks Common, to Woodsgate, Ton-bridge Wells, and Kippings-cross, and from Tonbridge Wells to "Woodsgate, in the County of Kent, will beholden at the Rose and Crown Inn, Tonbridge Town, on MONDAY, the 30th day of October next, *t Twelve o'clock at Noon, at which Meet-inif theTolls;atisfng,atthe several Gates on the said Road, will be put up to Vs LET by AUCTION, in the manner directed by the several Acts ftf Parliamen't, passed in the 3d and 4th years o'f the reign .of his'present Majesty," "for regulating Turnpike Roads," for the' term of one year, commencing from the 1st day of January next, which Tolls will be put up at the respective sums of money following, yjz,- - Rivarhill Gate, at.....�1,400 Tonbridge Town Gates - 1,800 Woodsgale and' Nagahead Gates, including; the. Side Bar, at Comfoot Land, near Woodsgate, if continued by the Trust - 900 Brewhoose Pond Gate 960 being the Sums for-, which the same Gates were respectively let, for the year ending 1st January next. A' deposit of one. Month's Rent to be paid on the day of letting, two Month's Rent on the 1st January., 1827, and a Month's Rent ' on the first day .of, each of the Nine succeeding Month*, and to be secured by sufficient sureties. LINGARD and CARNELL. Tonbridge,.Sept"22,1826. : Clerks to the said Trustees. i1>21 -CE N I X FIRE OFFICE. JT TRUSTEES AND"DIRECTORS. Matthias Attwood, Esq. M.P. 11 William Hey cate, Esq. AM. Jam'at Bell,"Esq. ( RicK.Hen_hawLawrence,Esq. Jqhn Petty Mutpratt, Esq. Major Rohde. Esq. William Samler, Esq. George S. Storey, Esq. Charles Hampden Turner, Esq. Matthew Whiting, Esq. Matthew Wilson, Esq. Thomas Wilson, Esq. RedocUoo of Premium, under VICINITY OF ST. J A MES'S-STREET.- To be SOLD, the LEASE of a very complete GENTLEMAN'S RESIDENCE, containing t^o handsome drawing-rooms, a well proportioned eating parlour and morning room, dressing-room, five bed-rooms, water closets, neat entrance, and convenient offices.-The Premise* are in perfect repair, aad elegantly fitted nn and finished.- For Terms and Tickets to viewj apafy to Mr. Squibb aad Son, Sarille-row.-Lettsrs to ALDER SON and THORPE (Agents for the Distressed Manufacturers) be<? to inform the Public in general, that they have just received from several distressed Merchants and Manufacturers, LINEN DRAPERY GOODS of every description, with orders to convert tbejo into cash immediately, at whateverprioes they will brinj. The) are now selling as rich damask tablecloth?, three yard* Ions, at 15s. as are sold at other houses for two prineas, and fine Irish linen at 3s. a yard, w<'rth8s. and beautifully fine at 'is., worth 4�. (Sd. a yard : some at Is. suitable for gentlemen's wear; thAse at 9kL nre'very Rfod ; a lotat4 d.: dittu two yards and a half square, 5s. Gd.; ditto real German danmk, 12s. each; three \ards square, lis. ; ditto Lhree yards anil a half squ:irr, l^s. ; larger equally cheap, with damask napkins to match : Irish linens, pieces measuring twenty-six yards lone, 15s. th� ph-ce; fine do. 23.s.; do. curiously fW, 35s.; do. the finest made, r.Os. (he piece ; ISO pieces that are soiled, particularly fine, and M'nr ranted to wash well, to be sold at a -aring to the purchaser of Is. Cd. in the yard; strong sheets, 5s. Od. a pair; stuul mnck Russia, 8s. Gd. per pair ; real Russia at 10s. 6d. and lis.; nil wide linen sheeting, at5Jd. u yard; fine ditto, at Wjd. ; real Russia, fine, good, and stout, full yard and quarter wide, Is. a yard, cheap at Is. Od.; 300 pieces of Irish and Russia, curiously fine, and uncommonly stout, from Is. lo 2s. a yard ; 200 pieces of yard wide Huccaback towels, at 1 Od. a yard ; 150 pje;es of BOOKS PUBLISHEP THIS DAY. In 1 vol. 12mo. price 7s. ii boards, the Fourth Edition of PATRIARCHAL times; or, the Land of Canaan :un Seven Book* ' Founded on the Holv Scrip-tares. By Miss O'KEEFFE. Printed for C. and J. Paul s Church-jarrl, and U' aterloo-place. Pall-mall.__ ... . ' . Handsomely printed in two large volumes 8v�. Price 2i. is hoards, a New and Improved Edition of THE OLD TESTAMENT,' arranged on the Bnsis of Lightfoot'a Chronicle, in Historical and Chrooqc logical Order, in sncb manner, that the Books, Chapters, Psalms, Prophecies, be. maybe read as one connected' History; In the very Words of the authorized Translation. To the above are added Six Indexes. By the Rev. GEORGE TOWNSEND, M. A., Prebendary of Durham, and Vicar of Northallerton. Printed for ('.. :ind J. Ilivington, St. Paul's Church-yard, and M'atprloo-plare. Pall-Mall. _ ___ T~ HEN Al ION AL SCHOOL-* AGAZISE, in 3 vols, containing 82 M'i�d-Cuts, price 6s. neatly lvalf bound ; or in 41 Numbers, prict Id. each, or lOd. a dozen. THE COTTAGER'S MONTHLY VISITOR, Volume the Fifth, price Gs. boards, or G*. Gd. ba'f bound ; also Part 10, price 3s. Gd. half bound. Sold also, in Numbers at 67. each, or ^s. a dozen. * .....i Printed for ('.. and J. Riviugton, St. Paul's Church-yard, and Waterloo-place, Pall-mall. __ R In Three very large Vols. 8vo. price Ul. 2s. hoards. ECENS10 SYN OPTICA AN NOTATION IS SACR.E, beinj; a Cnticil I)i?est and Synoptical Arrang^menl of (he most important ANNOTATIONS on the NEW TESTAMENT, ExegeticaJ, Philological, and Doctrinal: carefully collected and condensed, from the bril Commentators, both ancient and modern, and so digested as to form one consisted Body of Annotation, in which each Portion is systematically attributed to its respective Author, and the Foreign Matter translated into English ; the wbole accompanied with a copmns body of original Annotations, ltythe Kev. S. T. HLOOMFIELD. M.A.'of Sidney College. Cambridge, Vicar of Bishroeke, in Rutland, and Curate of Tillun and Tugby, in Leicestershire. London: C and J. Rivington. U2, S:. Paul's Church-yard, ar.d 3, Waterloo-place, Pall-mall. Handsomely printed in G �oN. Hvo. with a Portrait, price It's, in boards, the Third Kdition, of THli POEPICAL WORKS of JOHN MIL-TON. With Nutej of various Authors, and other Illustrations ; together with some Account of the Life and Writings of Mil ton, derived principally from Documents in his Majesty's Stale-Paper Oflire, now first published. K\ the liev. H. J. TODD, M.A. F.S.A. and K.S.L . Chaplain in Ordinary to his Majest), and Rector of Seltringtnn, County of York. I^ondon : Printed for C. ami J. Rivington ; J. Cuthell ; J. Printed street. BOOKS PUBLISHED THIS DAY. In three volk post 8vo. price 30*. L L*A G I O R N A T A; or. To the Day. A Novel, for Saunders and Otley, Public Library, Conduit- ln a Pocket Volume. �h Edition, fis. hoards, THE PUPIL'S PHARMACOPG3IA, being a literal' Translation of the London Pharmacopoeia, the English followingthe Original in Italics, Word for Word, aad the Latin Text being marked to facilitate a proper Pronunciation. Notes are added, explaining the Decnarpoaitiomi and Compositions; and to the whole Is annexed a Table, exhibiting, atone View, the Names of Medicines, with the!r Properties, Doses, and Antidotes, in Cases of Poison, Sec. ice. By W. MAUGIfAM, Lecturer on Chemistry and Maieria Medica at the Medical Theatre, Dean-street, Southward, &c. See. This Editioo contains every information relative to the College of Surgeons and ApotnecHries' Hall. Printed for Longman. Ree-i. Ortnc. Brown, And Green. London. E1-i5ibIl?f0^Leasehold fiitares, Westrninsttt-roatf, aa� Pfros-LEYa^i^^^^^W*^ Lot 1. A Desmrbte LEASEHOLD ESTATE, sit.Hte NitoSrSlI^!^^*^ neat brick-bnilt DweUing-horjse,srhrarteJ^Ifctr^srSrS5�r_ New CosnflaMiseet, Si. Cilea-ia-laa.KieM�ItiZTlSSZeEZ bray. Tenant si will, at the annual rent�rTM^b^onneiMmr atrnr.�f 99 years, from 25U, Martfc, mi,at"� �wn�*�S of 51. leavicsf^a net anntra] income of 251. � .... ^ The Premise* may be viewed with leave of, fte Testa**, and particulars had at the place of Sale; of Messrs. Egaaaod WiIh-man, soUcilors 25, Essex-street, Strand: MessrsV mS.mS* and Allen, solicitors, Carlisle-street, ISobnTMr.liSv^-' niger, solicitor, Westbnry, Wilts; and of Steven* and Kreacb-ley, 36, Old Jew ry. ^ P1 John Coupe, JEaq. c*W4RranrC�His, Esq, William Davis, Esq. Crawford Davison, Esq. Sir Charles Flower, Bart, and A Id (ilium -Emanwl Goodhart, Est. 3bnn Hnwe*. Esq. TboBBiaHrirlgsrm, jun. Esq. iaUftasSMtrir oar* nade a.-----.,- esoeptWs'^ui the Three[Ordinary Classes of Insurance, which wflj V* charged ns follows, vis. :- FiretCiaavli.rJd. Second Chua, 2s. 6d. Third Class, 4s, 6d. Persons whose Insurances fall due at Michaelmas, are requested to lake notiee, that printed Receipts are now ready at 'UavComnany'a Offices in Lombard-street, and at Charinz-cross, wtttOKaUendance is Daily given from Nine till Four o'clock. . -t ,-4, t, . ,;_J. JQNES. Secretary. . TJBQBf QTER, LIFE ASSURANCE and AN-jT'jSVtXX. COMPANY, 9, Chatham-place, Blackfrian, '' 1 Guaranteed and Subscribed Capital �240,000. " - ''  � DIRECTORS. The Hon. George H. Lawrence Dandat, M.P. John Towgood Kemble, Esq William Unwin Sims, Esq. William Unwin Sims, Esq. Sirnpkin and Marshall. separately, ir and Saundeis and I vol. Hvo. price yard andhalfvvide Russia diapCT, for kitchen tablecloths. Is.Gd. | vnnn . i ,,,� .,� t ci.ri-. r , t * ,, a yard; Marseilles quilts, three yards square, 14s. each; an ,X ' ,H , 'i V h JJ Lon,Kman, a,n,i \ 'V � Cade" immense quantity of counterpanes, blankets, and Welsh flannels. I ^ [Son hwil Hi" ' *X r 1' ,An:,U ; ( i,rJfV,er a little soiled, to be sold at half price; good calicoatijd. a yai.l , D',t' �' 1-TeL.n^ r u ��^� lBnoke,r \t �*"\'r' fine ell wide ditto at Sd.ayard; 500 pieces of tine ell wide long ' J- [)un can be had on application, or t^sarded to any adoVeav,__, � �Jf>UY A BROOK V Sung by Miss Love, com- BY THE KING'S PATENT-IMPROVED PORTABLE WATER CLOSETS-H. MARRIOTT having obtained his Majesty's Royal Letters Patent for the Improvements in the above Article, recommends it to the Public as the most perfect, convenient, and useful appendage to Domestic Economy extant; it is peculiarly well adapled to tbe bed room, dressing room, and sirk chamber ; also strongly recommended for the use of Hotels, Inns, \c. a� well as in hot climates. To Merchants and Captains it will be found an extremely advantageous article for exportation ; being novel in principle, and universally useful: although perfectly simple in iu construe-tion, i( is so admirably arranged that nothing objectionable can possibly arise from its use, having a constant aupply of fresh water, and peculiarly adapted to hot climates. They are ma'le in vaious forms, colours, \c. DIAL WEIGHING MACHINES, by liis Majesty's Royal Letters Patent, which, foraccuracy, simplicity, expedition, and portability, stands unrivalled; it instantly shews the exact weight of any article, from one ounce to half a ton. without the use of weights, thereby saving time and labour. IJein^ perfectly portable, it may be used in any situation, and. from its pxtrcine simplicity, it isBCarcely possible to be inaccurate ; yet, if it ever should be so, there is an adjusting screw, which will momentarily correct it. Patent THERMO-REGCLATOR STOVES, for Consuming Smoke, and Economizing Fuel, and affording an effectual CureforSmoky Chimnies, at the same time producing a saving of from one-third to one-half the usual consumption of coals.- Tbe dense smoke from the fresh fuel being made to pus through that which is burnina;, becomes immediately converted into flame. They have a projecting basement beneath the fire-L.ira, in lieu of a fender; this, as well as the back part of the Stove, is hollow, and filled with materials, which are slow conductors, and retain the heat for hours after the fire is extinguished, thi< portion of heat being given out to the apartment, very gradually prev ent; the inconvenience of cold currents of air from the doors ans windows.-Manufactories, S9, Fleet-street; "JO, I.iid'.;ale-hilld and 46 Curnliill, London. MPOSTURE UNMASKED.-The progress ,f merit, although frequent!) assailed, is not impeded hy nnj and detraction. The aggression of amhiisi-ade terminal-* in defeat; aod conscious rectitude ultimately triumphs in the attainment of the grand object-p:ibli bears on each bottle a short direction, u.ith the signature ROBERT WARREN. All others are counterfeits; and in many instances the imposition labrN are artfully interlined �ilh a different address, in very small ,'liaractem. between the more conspicuous ones of " No. 3D." and " STRAND." It is earnestly recommended to Shopkeepers and others \v\io are deceived by base fabrications of WARREN'S BLACKING, to r�turn the detected trash to the source whence it came, and expose the machinations of rascality lo merited obloi(in.-Sold hy every respectable Vendor in Town and Country, in bottles ntGd., ! d., Is., and Is. Gd. each I X poNd"TMKingJ God Me� h> 1" Sing and comr^ ax M^B"^!?"^^! viutviM tnt ��tU.AIrd^ eomnosed by JprS ;.;C.,W i:T�nepnng by 1 .e B'wnie .Lassie | ,iyAltt^He,�,8ohr>sqnare. .,. , A. . t �5 Pablk .are iwet^y.caal^,;U|*t �"8�m1 *8^�*�^'> d., und tils, per bottle. ROWLAND'S KALYDOR, for Ihe complexion, an inestimable, mildj and innocent production, powerfully efficacious in thoroughly sxterminating Eruptions, Tan, Pimples, Freckles. Redness, and all Cutaneous Imperfections ; producing a delicate white skin, and a juvenile bloom to the complexion; preserving it from the heat of Summer. In Travelling, Promenading, or enjoying Aquatic Excursions, it immediateiyallaysthesniarling irritability ofthc skin, diffusing a pleasing coolness truly comfortable and refreshing, affords soothing relief to Ladies nursing their offspring, warranted perfectly innoxious for the most deli-crttt lady or infant To Gentlemen nfter shaving, it allays the initating and smarting pain, nnd ren lers the skin smooth and pleasant Price 4s. Gd. and 8s. Gd. per bottle, duty included. CAUTION.-The high popularity of the above invaluable articles has caused them to be counterfeited, by imitating tbe label, bills, bottles, and Advertisements: To prevent which, observe the new label on Ihe Oil, and ask for " Rowland's," observing that the label of each bottle is signed in Red, "A. Rowland and Son, 20, Hat ton-garden." Sold by Mr. R. Hendrie, Perfumer to his Majesty, Titch bornt-strcst; Sanger, 150, Oxford-streel: Mr. Smyth, 117, Delcwix, 168, Gattie and Pierce, 57, D. Rigge, 35. Holme*. Brewster, New Bond-street; P.utler. 4. Cheapside; Bay ley and .Blew-Cockspor-Street; Berry and Lloyd, No. 18, Greek-Btreet; rUigge,65. Cbeapstde, 58 Park street; SizelamT, Vere-street; and most respectable Perfumers and Medicine Venders. Ask fpr " Rowland's Oil," or " Rowland's Kalydor." Mason ; J. Hearne Hodgson. The Life may be purchased 10s. till, in boards. STEREOTYPE EDITION OF SHa'kSPEARE. IN ONE VOLUME. OCTAVO.-Very neatly printed in One Volume, Octavo, with a Portrait engraved upon Steel, price lis. in b"ards, TH E PLAYS of WILLIAM SHAKSPEARE, accurately printed from the Text of the corrected Copies, left by the late'GEORGE STEVENS. Esq. and EDMOND MA LONE, Esq. With a Sketch of his Lift and a Glossary. Printed for ('. and J. Kninston; T. Egerton ; J. Cuthill , Longman aod Co.; T. Cadeil; J. and W. T. Clarke; J. Booker; J. lsooth ; J. Richardson ; J. M. Richardson; R. H. F.vans; J. Mnwman; R. Schoh-y ; J. Bonn; R. Pheney ; Baldwin and Co.; Bajncsnnd Son; Newman and Co.; Harding and Co. ; Hamilton and Co.; Whilniore and Fenn ; T. Tegg; J. Duncan ; W. Mason; G. Alack le ; J. H. Bohte; G. B. WhiUakcT : Kingsbury and Cu ; Hurit, Robinson, and Co.; Simpkin und Co.; J. F. Seiche); T. Ward ; Smith, Elder, and Co.; .1. Dowdinj;; Saunders and Hodgson; and J. W'icksteed, London; also by Deighton and Sous, Cambridge; Wilson and Sons, York ; hy Stirling and Slade, A. Black, P. Brown, and J. Fairbairn, Edinburgh. -Of whom may be had, lately published, 1. A New Edition ofSHAKSPEARE'S PLAYS, accurately printed, with Notes selected fioru Mr, Malone's Kdition, by Alexander Chalmers, Esq. in Eight Volumes, Svo. with a Portrait, price 'il. lis. iu luards. J. The Same, with Engravings, from Ihe Designs of relebrated Artist", illustrating a Scene in each Play, elegaully printed in ErIiI Volumes, Svo. prire il. 16s. in boards. :t. Amlher Edition of the PLA\ S, in Ten Pocket Volumes, wuh Glossnrial Notes, and a Portrait, price II. 10s. in boards; ur ou royal paper, 21. 5s. I. SHAKSPEARE'S PLAYS and POEMS, with tbe Corrections and Illustrations of various Commentators: comprehending a Life of tbe Poet aod an enlarged History of the Stage, by the late Edinond Malone. Willi a neiv Glassarial Index. In Tweut\-one Volumes, bvo. with two Portraits and an Engraving t'rorn the Monument at Stratford. Prire 121. 12s. in boards. a lew copies remain of Mr. Isaac Heed's Edition, in 21 vols. Rvu.on royal paper, price 18/. IH.�. in boards. In ()w Vol. 12mo. price 4s. bo-ind, 1MENTS of the OR EEK LA NOV AGE, nulisli and Greek ; for Ihe Use of the ?' linliurjh .Academy. Piinlrd f >i Lnng.iian, Wee>, Orme, Brtiwn, and CieeD, Loudon; an.I \dam Black, Edinburgh. In ii few days will he Published, in m%o.. \ N i: BOLEV N ; a liy II. <i ROVER, St. Peter's Collrne, ( amhridt;e. This Drama written in the inontlis of January and Fwhriiary. 1K-I. Printed for Longman. Ue JAMES II. ERASER. Esq. Author of " A Tour in the Hiiuald Mountains," ,\e. In 4!o price I/, lis. 61. boards. Bv the same Author, j NARUATIVE of a'JOl'RNE\ into kHORASAN ; in-! clii'lmg some Account of the Countries to the N^rth-East of [Persia; w lib. Remarks npun the National Chaia'-ler. Govern-l nnnt, and Resources, of that Kingdom. In 1 vol. 4to. with a New Map. by Arrowsmi'h, price 3/. 3 q. In 4to. with Illustration", and a Map of the Author's Route, 3/. Ui. Gd. boards. Bv Ihe s-ime Author, TRAVELS in PALESTINE, through the Countries of ECONOMIZING FUEL AND PREVENTING SMOKE. Ib 8vo. eric* I as. boards, THE THEORY and PRACTICE of WARMING and VENTILATING PUBLIC BUILDINGS, DW EL bfifG-HOU8 E8,' and CONSEBVATORIE9; jn-cludiug a description of all (he known Varieties of Stoves, Gratrs, and Furnaces, with an examination of their comparative sdvantages for Economizing Fuel, and Preventing Smoke.- By AN ENGINEER. Illustrated by numerous Copper Plata and Wood Engravings. Printed for Thomas and George I'nderwood, 32. Fleet-street _ RACTICAL MEDICAL BOOKS, printed for Tbomaj and Georje Underwood. 33, Fleet-street Dr. PARIS ON DIET. I A TREATISE on DIET; with a view to establish, on practical gronnds. a System of Rule* for the Prevention and Cure of Ihe Diseases incident to a disordered state of the DIGESTIVE FUNCTIONS.-By J. A. PARIS, M.D. K.R.S., Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Ate. &.<;. In 8vo. price 10s. Gd. DR. PHILIP ON INDIGESTION. I A TREATISE on INDIGESTION and its CONSEQUENCES, called Nervous and Bilious Complaints,with Ob- j servalions on the Organic Diseases in which they sometimes I terminate-By A. P. W. Philip, M.D. Fifth Edition, with Additions, 8vo. price 9s. MEDICAL LOGIC. ELEMENTS of MEDICAL LOGIC, or Philosophical Principles of the Practice of Ptijsic. Third Edition, greatly enlarged.-By Sir Gilbert Blane, Bart. F.R.S.S. Loud. Edin. and (iottingen, and First Physician to the King. The Additions to this Edition are such as to render the Work a general and comprehensive compendium of Medical Science. In Hvo. price 10s.tid. GRAYS SUPPLEMENT TO THE PHARMACOPOEIA, Third Edition, improved and greatly enlarged, A SUPPLEMENT to the PHARMACOPOEIA ; being a TREATISE on PHARMACOLOGY in general; including the Drugs and Compounds which are used by Practitioners of Medicine, also thoje which aie sold by Chemists, Druggist*, and Herbalists, for other purposes ; with a collection of the most useful Medical Formula;; ao Explanation of the Contractions used by Physicians and Oruggists; and a very copious Index, English and Latin, of ihe Names by which the Articles have b�en known at different periods. Thu present Editioo contains a large collection of the most approved Horse and Cattle Medicines and Perfumery.-By Samuel Frederick Gray. InSvo., price Ms. Perfumers, Dyers, Oilmen. Colourmen, and all persons concerned in the knowledge of Drugs, Salts, Spices, Oils, Distilled Waters, Syrups, Tinctures, Wines, Liqueurs, Varnishes, Soaps, Chtmicil Medicines, and many other Articles, trill find much advantage in consulting the above work. By the same Author, ELEMENTS of PHABMACY and CHEMICAL HISTORY of the MATERIA MEDICA. 8vo. 10s. Gd. THOMSON'S CONSPECTUS, Fifth Edition, including the Alteration* iu the New London Pharmacopoeia, with, an Appendix on Poisons, a Selection of Extemporaneous Prescriptions, and an Analysis of Mineral Waters. A CONSPECTUS of the PHARMACOPOEIAS of the LONDON, EDINBURGH, and DUBLIN COLLEGES of PHYSICIANS ; being a Practical Compendium of Materia Medica and Pharmacy.- By Anthony Todd Thomson, F.L.S., ic. Price is. a Pocket Edition. NEW FRENCH REMEDIES. FORMULARY for the PREPARATION aod MODE of EMPLOYING several NEW REMEDIES, namely Morphine. Iodine, Quinine, Cinchoninr, tbe Hydrocyanic Acid, Narcotine, Strychnine, Nux Vomica, Emetine, &c. Sac. ice Translated from Magendie's Fourth Edition.-By C. T. Haden, and R. Dunglison, M.D. In 12mo. price 5s. Gd. in boards. Reversionary Interest in Freeholds, St Almui'a, Herts;. Rarer-sion in the Funds; Life Interest in Leasehold, Sloane-iquxe. and Leasehold Estate, Mount-street Gros�eoor-square.-To be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. MACHTN aad DP-BENHAM, at Garraway'sCoffee-house, CeMAin, oa Toes-day, October 10, at Twelve, , . ; ALL the RIGHT anal INTEREST of JOHN ^ KN KWTWORSTER, a banlr^Mnkn^tonwaniidi- Fi*rx�l-sSseaVantf 1u^g^rMa1^us�/rn*th r, an Insolvent, in Three Lots, Lotl. \ FREEHOLD PLOT of GROUND, X*. on which is erected Three Brick-built C a reuses, situated on the North Pavement, Smart-street, near tbe Angei and Crown, Globe-tields, Bethnal-green. Lot 2. Two LEASEHOLD Brick-built DWELLING HOUSES, numbered 15 and 16, on the East side of WhUUen-street. the corner of Gloucester-street, St. John-street-road, near Northampton-square, held on lease for a long term, Rt a low rent. Lot 3. Tmo unfinished trrick-bnilt DWELLING HOUSES, one intended as a Shop, eligibly Biluated the corner of Meredith-street and Gloucester-street, contiguous to Lot 2, held for a long-term, at a low ground rent. May be v iewed six days prior to the snle. Printed Particular, had at the S.; Inn in and Ball, Bethnal-grren; Angel, Islington ; Messrs. Hindmarsh Hnd Son, Solicitors, Jewin-cres-rent, Aldersgate-street; and of Drayton and Ventom, Auctioneers and Surveyors, 97, Leaden hall-street; and at the Aac-tion Mart. i r Jordan. Two vols. 8vo. and \ ignettes, \l. Its. Gd. BRUSSELS CARPETING Selling Off, full Twenty-five per Cent, under Cost Price. The very best quality from 3s. Gd. to 4s., with every other description of Carpeting* equally cheap; also Blankets and Counterpanes. Moreens 24s. per piece, 24 yards long. Druggetts, Table Covers, &C The whole most be cleared off by the 9th of December, at George Nicliolsoa's Carpet "Warehouse, 52, Fleet-street, near the Bolt-in-Ton, the Leas* being Sold. Y THE KING'S PATJENT.-Dr. SILLY'S KK-ANIMAT1NO SOLAR TINCTUaB is universally allowed to he the most pleasant, safe, and nleaciooa remedy cver�Berea to Lbc Pnblir. In varm and renovating qnlitie* reader It tbe best Medicine fsr Debility, Couantaptiotu, Nervous and Rheamatie C , in Bottle* at 7s. 6d., and lis. each: nnd ia Family Bottles (by which there In a saving of 7i.) at se*. e*eb. A>�a Dr. Sibly'i LUNAR TINCTURE, for complaint* incident So4i� Female Sex, in Bottles of is. 6d. and 10s. Sd. eae!>- Observe, noaecnn beretiuiue unless signed by the Proprieter, ->. &. 8a�eJI, la bi� own baiid-vriting. nn the vrapper of each Bottle. Sole Wauleiale Af*n". Mewi, Barclay and Sons, 9i, Fleet-marker, London ; aad sold Retail by Sanger, IM, Oxford-street; Stradling, Royal Kxcbaage-gata; and by all Medjrinc Vender* throughout the Kingdom. Bashan and (.ilead. East of the His Second Edition, with Maps, Plates. L.Mrd�. TRAVELS in GEORGIA. PERSIA, ARMENIA COl'R-DESTAN, ANCIENT H\H\ LONIA.l\r.?.c. By Sir Robert her Porter. In 2 large sols. Ito. svith numcroos Engraiings of Portraits, Customs, Antiquities, Maps &r. oj boards A DESCRIPTION of the CHARACTER M \NNERS and CUSTOMS of the PEOPLE of IN DIA ; an.) their Institutions, Religions and Civil. By the Abbe J. A. Dubois, Missionary in the Mysore. In 4lo. price 2/. 2s. boards. SKETCHES of INDIA. By a Traveller. For Fire-side Travellers at Home. By the A'lihor of " Recollections of the Peninsula," &c. &c. Fourth Edition, 1 vol. 8vo. Us. boards. MEMOIRS of INDIA ; comprising a IIRIEF GEOGRX-PH1CA L nnd HISTORICAL ACCOUNT of the EAST INDIES. Designed for the use of oung Men going out lo India. By the Author of " Fifteen Years' in India." h\o. lis. boards. JOURNAL of a RESIDENCE in INDIA. By Maria Graham, lllustrateil by Engravings. Second Edition, 1/. lis. Gtl. boards. A HISTORY of the MAHRATTAS. By James Grant Duff, I^q- late Political Resident at Salara. In 3 vols. hvo. ss ilh Plates, and a Map of the Mdhratta Country, chiefly from original and recent Surveys; also a Map of India, shewing the ancient divisions of the Deccao, price 21. 13s. boards. Besides the records of the Mabratta Governments, the authorities for this work are from a great variety of authentic sources, hitherto inaccessible to the public. MEMOIRS relating to EUROPEAN and ASIATIC TURKEY, and other Countries of the East. Edited from Manuscript Journals, by Robert Walpole, A.M. Second Edition, 2 vols, llo. with Plates, 67. Cs. boards. TRAVELS of the RUSSIAN MISSION through MONGOLIA to CHINA. Bv George Timkowski, with Notes, by M.J. K lap roth. In 2 vols. 8vo. illustrated by Maps, Plates, A.c occ. Nearly ready. Published by Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. 1MVO' . with ! Respectable Itesidetice,! i'.reet- To be SOLD by A UCTION, hy Messrs. DRAYTON and VENTOM, at the Auction Mart, on Tuesday, Oct 17, 1826, at Twelve, by Order of the Assignees of Mr. R. S. Maskell, builder, a bank- r"P\'ery Desirable LEASEHOLD PROPERTY, held for an unexpired Term of 10 years, from Christmas tie it. at Ihe very low rent of 504.; advantageously situate. No. j-.), Basinghall-3treet, within one minute's walk of Guildhall and the Court of Commissioners, particularly calculated for the residence of a Professional man, and containing no onerous xirv chambers, drawing and dining rooms, entrance hall, counting houses, kitchen, detached wash-house, and room over, convertible to a suite of offices, and amplitude of dry cellaring. The House is in excelled repair, and an immediate possession may be had. May be viesred six days previous lo tbe sale. Printed Particulars had of Mr. J. J. Tanner, Solicitor to the Commission, New Basinghall-street; and of Messrs. Drayton and Ventom, Auctioneers and Surveyors, No. 97, Leadenhall-street; and at the Auction Mart. Uesi� .1 ill-- !- liehold Propertj, Bagmgge Wells.-To be SOLD b> AUCTION, bv DRAYTON and VENTOM, at the Aucliiiii Mart, on Tuesday, October 17, at Twelve, in Two Ix)L�, bv order of the Assignees of W. Caromack, a bankrupt, substantially Brick-built CARCASES, slated roofs, intended for Five Rooms, sery eligibly situated and numbered 21 and 22, in Baker-street, Bagnigge Wellf-rotd, possessing a frontage each of 20 ft. 8 in. by a depcb of f--et; held on Leases for terms of 8C years, at the �ery moderate Ground Rent each of 87. May be viewed ten days prior to tbe sale ; printed particulars had of Messrs. Patten and Son, Solicitors to tbe Commission, 76, Hatton-gaiden ; and of Drayton and Ventom, Auctioneers. Survcjors, and Estate Agents, 97, LeadenbaJI-street; and ut the Auction Mart._______ Am bur Bressers, Three Oak-lane, Horselydown.-To be .SOLD oy AUCTION, by Mr. W. W. SIMPSON, on the Premises, on Tuesday. Oct. 10, and following day, THE Valuable BREWERY PLANT UTENSILS, Stork of Porter, Ale, Malt, and Hops. Horses, Dr.ivs.about 000 Casks in Rutls. Hogsheads, Barrels,Kilderkins, and Firkins, u.gcther with the Lease of the Premises and Dwelling House, well adapted to a Cooperage, Iron-foundery, or any other Mercantile Business. I'srtk ulars may be bad on application to Mr. W. W. Simpson, Buckler-ihiirv._____ To (Join.� >ts und~ Others.-To be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. A DAMSON, on Tuesday, Oct 10,1826, at Twelve, at the Auction Mart, Bartholomew-lane, AVery curious and rare Assortment of FLOWER ROOTS, just Imported, consisting of double and single hyacinths, early and late tulips, crocus, large yellow ditto, Spanish and English iris, double Italian polyanthus,double'qpd single jonquils, Jkc. ice t May be viewed on the morning of Sale, and catalogues had at the Mart; and of Mr. Adamson, No. 11, BUliter-sanare, From the LONDON GAZETTE, Oct. 6. Average Price of Grain for the Week, ending October a :-Wheat Mi. lid.; Barley, Sis. od.; Oati, S7i- 8d. ; Rye, SSi. lod.; Beam, 4A>. sd.; Peas, �S�. �d. _ BANKRUPTCIES ENLARGED. J. Noakes, Watliug-streer, dealer ia rl,-tb, from Angait SS to October to, at tbe Court of Commissioner* of Bankrupts, BasiDsrball-�treet. W. Watson, Bisbopspite-itreet, innkeeper, frera October 10 to October is, at tbe Court of CommUsioners of Bankrapii, Baaragnail-strer t. BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED. C. Coatei, New Bond-rtreet, drnggfat. S. Lakeraan, inn. Dartmouth, Devon, maltster. mmmnvrrs.. J. Williams,Penyglmlitfa, Hootgrnnerrshire, fiannel-manv^actrrer, to surrender Oct- ao, 91, nnd Nov. 17, at the Herbert's Ar-flu, Kerry. Montgomeryshire. Solicitor*, aleeir*. Birknf II, Robert^, lnd Blewiii, Lincoln'* Inn ; ami Mr. Steuben*, Newtovn. R. Psttemten, Henfleld,Sunex, vlctnaBer, Oc*.>lo, IT,and Nnv. 17, at ihe Court of Commissioners of Banki npts, JS^oringhftil-atreet. Solicitors, Mr. Browning, Hatton-court, TWTCadneedlc-atreet - and Mr. Cnu'.wellcr, Brighton, SuaseT. DIVIDENDS. Oct. as. W. J. R.�l�on, Osford-'trefct, grocer-Oct. SI. J. Knigkc. llile-end-rnad, builder- Oct. 28. J. Everth, Aastin-friart, merchant- Oct. -JS. B. Chesterman, Holles-strect, Clare-market, carpenter-Oi t. S7. O. Kmnbip, Cliurcb-ctreet, Spitaifields, silkman-Oct. 97. W . Brandon, ien., Camberwell, hoop Deader-Oct. 97. T. Bovden. SIu-�enm->treeL, Bluomsbury, stationer-Oct. 98. W. Peony, Farebatn, Southampton, common brewer-Oi�. 30. H. W. Gilbert, Redburn, Hertfordshire, caaeb inaiter-Oct SI. A. Gibbon, Old City Chamber*, Loudon, and Aberdeen, merchant-Nov. 6. J. Taylor,' Manchester, machine maker -Oct. S7. J. Coff, Rr5ejvt-�treet, Sr. Jamev'v.Jeirel-ler- Oct. SO. W. J ndd, sen., W. Judd, Jan. Banbury, trxmndshlre, and R. Judd, Birmingham, carriers-Oct. So. J, and W. Bratov, Worcester, carriers-Oct. 31. E. W. Gray, Alton, Soathainptoa, banker- Nov. S. E. Kay, Sheffield, merchant-Oct. 30. J. Stenson, Nottingham, cnmausilon agent-Oct. 3a T. Parkinson, Preston, Lancashire, maclune maker-Nov. 9. I. Wilson, Worksop and Cartmrton, Nottinghamshire, money scrivener-Oct. 31. J. Hambridge, SI�v-oa>th^. Wold, Glwcejiershire, currier-Oct. as. W. Dickenson, T. Gocuall, M. Guodatl, and VV. Dickenson, jun., Binuiugham, blinkers-Cot. 99. T. Lanon, Maochettcr, dealer-Oct. 30. R. Calver, Norwich^ miller. CERTIFICATES-Ocl. 97. J. Tyrrell, SUimford-street and Milcbam, Surrey, dyer- T. It. Humphrey, Mile End-road, none mason-S. Lafbne, Toxtetb-par!,. near Liverpool, tanner-J. Clarage. Great Bell-alleys*.'oleman-street,  urckiwieiiiaii-S., J., J., and W. Midgley. Almondbsiry. Yorkibire, m^ry doth manufacturers-W. and H. Hart, H.ilbom-liiM, Jfaeu dr�|�rs- J. Cartlcdgc, Brow-bridge, Halifax, Yorkshire, merchant and cotton spinner-T. Monday, Grent Marlborough -street, CarMby-markei. cheesemonger-J. B. Brnomfield, Walworth; Nevingtnn, builder- R. FotU, RegentVterrace, City-roadrmvrcban>-T.CHOBt-r, Rcddi'ch, Wercesier>hire, needle inauufjctorer-W. Travis, Aodeu-ilinv, Lancashire, hat mannfactnrer. PARTNERSHIPS DIS80LVED- C. Garrelt ami C. Sinitli. Bisheusgate-itreet-'Wltbln,' mcrccts >1. Hanail nnd W. Williams, Brurtol, chemists-J. WWte and J Unwell, Tlirendneedle-street, auctioneer*-A. B. aad A. Haselnr Ware, Hertfordshire, tore eons-J. Skrine nnd C. Homfrey, C�in-' hndge, bankers-A. Schn.axk and W. C. Smith, Bary-cuart, St. Mary-axe, merchants-W. Wits m and J. Roberts, Salford, Lauca-thirc, common brewers-J. Waddle and J. Stewart, Btalrurd-street, Bond-street, purveyor* of milk-W. Tovnsend and T. Fonlds, fcod-denden and Midgley, Yorkshire, wonted manufacturer,-X. and C. Denbigh, Sklpton, Yorkshire, ironmongers-J. RudmeJi and E. A .Jersey, Slrood, Kent, com factors-J. S. Rcoke, T. Uoderdowa. and H. Wilkinson, Sheffield, silver platen, to far a* regards J. Rooke-W. Bestow aad C. Thorpe, Nottingham. Uee imnruver.- M. C and W. H. Swift, Houndsditch, woollen draper*- B. �� � bemm, Mannuratb-street, St. Gile�*i-in-the-rJeW�, aulon-vr. ou- �ge5�?�r�%lit, SbottV Iron ^H,^t^ST7I�i " ", dcU andJ. tSM, Ersop, *�rs*<m�-C, Robinson, i. T. Vwri^ ana

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