Tuesday, June 16, 1789

Morning Star

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Morning Star on Tuesday, June 16, 1789

Morning Star (Newspaper) - June 16, 1789, London, Middlesex PRINTED BT P. STUART. No. 106.] TUE'SDjr, June 16, 1789. [PH'ice 3^. KJNg's theatre. THIS prefent TUESDAY, June 16, will be prefented, a new Serious Opera, called - LA GENEROSITA D'ALESSANDRO. The Mafic entirely new, by Signor Tarchi* The Prmeipal Characters by - Signor Marchesi, Signor For Liyssi,; Signor Balleli, ',-.'. Signor Finescbi,  Signora Borselli, And Signora Giuliani. ' Leader of the Band Mr. Cramer. Painter, Mr. Gaetano Marinari  Taylor, Mr. V. Sestini. End of Aft I. - A DIVERTISSEMENT. End of the Opera  ' . A New Anacreontic Ballet (compofed by Mr. Coinde) � called LA NYMPHE ET LE CHASSEUR, By Monf. Didelot, Monf. Be autre, Monf. DuouesWay, , And Mad. Adelaide. In which will be introduced the'Minuet of . iphigenia, ." . By Mad. Guimard; Pit' ios. 6<L Firft-Gallery 5s.' Second Gallery 3s. The doors to be opened at half paft Six, to begin at half pail Seven o'clock. VivantRex et Regina! COGENT-GARDEN. AT the Theatre-Royal, Covent-Garden, THIS EVENING; June 16 th, 1789, WiU be prelented, a Comedy,-called, THE BROTHERS. Capt. Ironfides, Mr. Ryder ; Sir Benjamin Dove, Mr. Quick; Elder Belfield, Mrt Davies ; Old Goodwin, Mr. Hull; Paterfon, Mr.CuBiTT; And Young Belfield, Mr. Far'ren. Lady Dove, Mrs. Webb; 1 Violetta, Mrs. Wells; And Sophia, Mrs. Pope. End of the Comedy, theDance�of THE WAPP1NG LANDLADY; Or, JACK. IN DISTRESS. Jack in Diftrefs, Mr. Blurton;  Orange Woman, Mrs. Watts; Landlady, Mr.King. To Which will be added the Mufical Entertainment of THE FARMER. Jemmy Jumps, Mr. Edwin; Valentine, Mr. Johnstone ; Rundy, Mr. Blaxchard: MollyMaybufh, Mis.Martyr; Louifa, Mrs. Mountain  And Betty Blackberrv, Mrs. Mattocks. To-morrow, ANIMAL MAGNETISM, with SUCH THINGS HAVE BEEN, and the MIDNIGHT HOUR SUPERIOR PERFUMERY. FAMILIES leaving Town may be fupplied With the belt, PERFUMERY-this kingdom can produce, at-two-thirds of the prices fold for at the Watering-Places, or any part of the .country, by . LOVE, perfumer to Hit Royal Highnefs the PRINCE ofWALES, No. 12, Haymarket; Who engages to return the money at the end of the Teafon, for any artic es that do not keep in the higheft perfection. . Lo v *'s matchlefs Clarified Orange, Jeflkmine, Rote, and Marefchalle Pomatums, are only to be had of him, at is. per roll or pot: they excel any one thing now in ufe, for thickening, preferving, and reftoring the Hair. What are fold by many Perfumers, in imitation ol his, are a balely inferior and fpurious fort. Love labels all he fells, to prevent impplition. Pound pots, ftrong fcented Pomatum, 2od. each. Superfine Hair Powders at the loweft prices it is pofiible to fell at, made from the pureft, and bell manufactured Lambeth ilarch. Flagrant Lavender Water an^ Milk of Rofes, 43.6d. per pint,, or 7s. 6d. per qua: t. Real Marefchalle Powder 4s. per pound, excellent-8s. pDwcrfttHy Odoriferous 12s. The Prince's Flaxen Powder, is. 6d. per pound, fcented 3s. True Windfor Soap, is. 6d. per pound; a peculiar fine : Tort 2s. Fafhionable Drefs Culhions, is..each, Circallian Warn Balls for foftening the /kin, 2s, each. Curious Naples WafhJJalls, 3s. 6d. eaclu . Poudre alaRofe, Boquet a la Reine, a la.Fa<-geon, ala Tuberofe, a la Oeillet, a!a Mellefleur, and neat thirty 'other different forts of the moftefteemed Powders, Pomatums, and waters frelh from the principal warehoul'esin � Paris, Genuine French Rouge from 2s. per pot to one guinea The greaceft variety of Drefllng Cafes. SADLER'S WELLS. - THIS and the following EVENINGS, great Variety 'of ENTERTAINMENTS, particularly A revived Mufical Piece, called SHFs MAD FOR A HUSBAND. A Favourite Corhic Dance, called HURRY SKURRY. ' A New Grand Spectacle, In Commemoration of the KlNG's HAPPY RECOVERY, called: BRITANNIA'S RELIEF ; Or, The GIFT of HYGEIA. In which will be introduced . . A complete and exact Reprefentation of -The ROYAL PROCESSION to St. PAUL's, On the 23d of April, as it moved on between Temple-- Bar and Ludgate-Hill. The Scenery, ;Drefles, and Decorations, entirely new. -In the Courfe of the 'Per-fomiances will be � prefented a , ;New Hiftorical .'Romance, Called THE RIVAL CAVALIERS;  Or, BERTRAND 'and MATILDA. Characters, Clifford, Monf. Duranci; Sir Elyin, Mr. "Brouguier; ; Bertrand, Monf. Boi-Maifon ; ; Pandolph, Mr.-Dubois; Ring, Sig. Bologna ; And Matilda, Mrs. Harlowe. To conclude with A GRAND TOURNAMENT, In which will be exhibited Combats with the Mace d'Arme, Poignard, Small Sword, Sabre, and Javelinj according to the Cuilom of Ancient Chivalry. Extraordinary Exhibition of Poflure Work, by - A FAMOUS SPANIARD, -Who exhibits a particularly curious Performance with the Pyramid of Glafles. Andtelfo a very extraordinary Feat, called � THE ITALIAN SERPENT, With a Ladder twenty feet high. TIGHT ROPE DANCING, By The Little Devil, Madame La Romain2, ' And La Belle Espagnole. The whole ro conclncle with"a~favburite Entertainment, called THE WITCH OF THE LAKES;. Or, HARLEQUIN IN THE HEBRIDES. The Scenes defigned by Mr. Greenwood, The Muiic compofed andcompiled by Mr. Taylor. Boxes 3s..6d.-Pit 2s.-Gallery is. Places for the boxes to be taken at the Wells, from Ten till Two. """" - The doors to be opened at Half paft Five o'clock; be gin at half paft Six precifely. . Mr. NAPIERhaving obtained the affiftance of the Choirs "of St. Paul's, Westminster Abbey, and His Ma-. jesty's Chapel,.in-addition to the Gentlemen of the Profeffional Concert, the Opera Band, and other diftin-guifhed Performers, refpectfully informs his friends and the: Public, that  MORROW, the 17th ef JUNE- InfV CONCERT - of VOCAL and INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC '..  e - performed at N THE O WILE P . the N, under the direction or' Mr. CRAMER and Dr. ARNOLD. The Concert'will confift of a mhcellaneous feleftioh of (he moll favourite ancient and modern compoliiions, inter-fperfed with Songs, Chorufles, and Solos, by the molt eminent Performers.  - " � � ' The Orcheiha will be on the-fame grand fcale as at the Mufical'Feftival in honour:'of Handel. Tickets, price Half a Guinea, to.be had of Mr. Napier, No. 474, the corner of Lancafter-court,: in the Strand; at the St. Aiban's Tavern; and at the Mulic-Hiops. *#* To Begin precifely at Eight. B1 NEJVMARKET CARRIAGE, Oxford-Str.eet, Messrs. WORFORDS EG leave to return their, moft grateful j^, acknowledgments to the Noblemen, Gentlemen, and the Public for the many favours they have experienced, and humbly requeft a continuance- of the fame. They alfo w'ifli to inform their friends,; that Mr. Dyson, jun. never-had any concern in the buiineis whatever, except as a fervant, and who now, having joined his father, in opposition to them, advertifes himfeliFas having originally belonged to their firm, they therefore hope their friends will riot be impofed upon by fuch grofs affertions. ." They have by them, now and conitantly receive from the country, a frefli fupply of capital horles, where their patrons may expect to experience'tliat degree of liberality and honor which has hitherto diftingui/hed the Newmarket Carriage lince under the fole direction of Meffrs. Wor fords, Oxford-JirectyMaylP)\7ty. Mr. NICHOLSON, At His  STATE LOTTERT-OpFICES, BANK-STREET, Cornhill, London, - and DAME-STREET, Dublin, Molt refpeitfully acquaints his Friends and the Publ*ic that the TICKETS for the enfuing IRISH STATE LOTTERY arenowifTued from His Majesty's Treasury in Dublin, and are fold and divided by him into Halves, Quarters, Eighths, and Sixteenths Shares, duly Jlatnpetl, purfuant to Act of Parliament. The prefent Lottery coniilts of Two Prizts of 2o,oool. _two 6f io,oosl.-two of 5,oool. &c. &:c. - In the last Irish Lottery * Mr. Nicholson had the plealure to fell to his Cuftomers ethfollowing Capital Prizes, viz. Both the Prizes of �.20,000 each: One of - - 10,000 One of - - 5,000 One of the 20,oool. Prizes, No. 23,481, was fold to Mr. James-Taylor, hatter, Poftern-row, Tower-hill,-for 7!. 15s. which was the largeit prize ever before obtained for ioimail a fum rilked. The other 20,000!.,No. 28,322, to a gentleman in Dublin. ' . The io,oeo. No. 17,025, to a gentleman who attend, the Bank of England daily ; and the 5,000k No. 30,875 to a refp ctable tradefroan in Clieaplide, for a young lady in the country. In the Jalt English Lottery, No. 46,676, 1.0,000k to Mr; Val. Hackf.lto.vj mercer, in the Borough. No. 22,128, firlt drawn ticker, -and feve-ral of 2,oool. 1,006'}. and 500I This day is publiflied, Price, One Shillins; and Sixoence, FA L S E A P P E A R. A N C E S, . A Comedy from the Fren-ch, And performed at the Theatre Royat, Orury-Jane. .. By the Rj^ht Hon; Gen. Conway. 'Printed for J. Debrett, oppofite'Burlington-Koufe, in Piccadilly. - Of whsm may' be had, The Heires-s, a Comedy, by Lieutenant GeueralBuR "SOYjfE ; tKe 7th edition, price is, 6d. . -Ma�v Queen of Scots, a Tragedy,by the Hon. John St. John, 3d edition, price is. 6ck Richard Cckur de 'T.ion; an Hiftorical Piomance, from the FrenA of Monf.Sedaine, :d edition, price is.fxi. Th** Fa*m H6l sb, a Comedy, as .altered by J. P, Kem-�'jir, price is.  - ' *f* Schemes at large gratis.^ ARGENT MOULU; or, .. ... ' WARSffOBSE fo,r PtATED GOODS^ The Corner of Bride-lane, No. 98, Fleet-Itreet, .- IMPRESSED with gratitude to his refpectable Patrons arid Cuftomers, Mr, BRASBR'DGE fubmitg ir to the Public decifion, whether.if.it be demonilrated, that there-is no focietyiu the kingdom entitled to the de-< nomination of- a Sheffield .Plate Company, it is not a l'pe-cies of impolition to aifiime the firm of warehouse to. such a Company, . ' The realbus which have induced him not to offer fever ral of the tifual articles in dinner plates,,fifli trowels, cruets, Uc. re'fultfrom an experimental conviction, that the corroiive qualities of pickles, vinegar, ialr, lemon, and other acids, "have' actually produced copperas from them in a fliort time. Neither, is he reduced to the ne-cdfity of creating a trade by damping an imaginary fnyeriority, and felling at a high price, under the. pretence' of allowing a '{hilling an oufice for'the materials when worn out, which-are not intwrifically worth four-pence. Tiiefe expsdients of the aiomeiit being detected and ex-pofed: Mr-BRASBRiDCEprefumes to folicit the attention of the public to his own^collection, from which lie has rejected every utenlil, which, from the nature of the manufacture,- cannot, polhbly.rbe. rendered a fa�e and fatif-factory fubltitute for folid'iilver. His afl'emblage of fter-lin^ plate being thus unavoidably extended, will fupply the�moft incompetent examination with an infallible mode' of detecting every deficiency-in his plated articles, mould he be fuppofed capable of attempting to abufe the confidence of-his generous Patrons, -by facrificiflg their ;in-j tcrefts to his own prefSit'emdlvHnerits. '! " EXHIBITION of - UNIQUE MINIATURE PIGTURES, The work of TWO YOUNG LADIE?, DAUGHTERS'OF A BRITISH OFFICER, WHOSE firft performances had the honour of being twiceinfpedted by Her Majesty and the Princesses", and received the molt gracious marks of royal approbation. They received Three Hundred Ponnds for one uf the Landfcapes, and before the Nobleman left tb-t room, Five Hundred was offered for the fame. - - TEN SPECIMENS, confuting of LANDSCAPES, PORTRAITS, SEA-PIECES, &c. And are executed in a ftyle, that (without the aililtance- of a glafs) would deceive even the criticiiing eye ;of an Artiih Attendance every Day from Ten o'clock in the Morning till Eight in the Evening, at Brydon's Picture Shop, Charing-Crofs, oppolite Northumbqrland-Houies : ^PATENT STOVE GRATE WAREHOUSE. THE LONDON MANUFACTORY, and WARE-ROOMS, Corner of Brook-ltreet, Hol-born- where may at all times be feen the greateit Collection of Regirter, and all other kind of S:oves, whether fixed or loofe fronted, every pattern, "iize, "and price, finiihed inileel, highly c:tt 3 plai n, or ji^anned fronted, with or-withdnt plated' ornaments; Kitchen -Ranges with' .P-jtent Cooking Machines of every iize;; Smoke Jacks ; Kitchen Furniture in coyper, lhied.wlth grain tin ; hammered Iron ditto,anu Block Tin. Thefi very elegant: and �xtenlive Ware-rooms h.ive, for many years, had the preference ; and as the.Manufactory is upon the fp'ot, the No bility and Gentry may lee every article executed to. their owntafte, &cc. Thofe Ladies and Gentlemen who are building or alter ing their Jioufes1 may fee, at oni viewy' every fafhionable article in the Stove way, and the\oweft reduced price at a vvord; many of which are upon a new conftrtiftion, fpiconr trived as to retain their bcauty.with very little trouble^-in cleaning; and fome upon a new principle, fox which His MAjefty's" Letters Patent have been obt-.nned. "N. B.-The Patent' Cooking Machine, which roafts, bakes and boils, with only one imall fire.-all fizes of them ready finifhed, The prefent enlarged EcHtion of t1ie?follo.sying Work is - fiHiiCiu;,'t^ifriyWilli a view to dinf^V.;�- Ipecies o� . - trouble, which the Author can no longer ijitain ; that of iittirig four or five hours every day to anfwer letters i, and merges on the probahih'ty of' relief in numerctus cafes, from the Vegetable Syrnp pf.de Veluos. In this Treatife, the principles-on which the Medicine acts, are clearly ftated; and the cafes, while they are arranged into dilHnct clafies, are obvioufiy traced into a general fource. Perfons fur.nilhed, with this Work, need not a. ply to the Author in common complaints.  The new cafes' are the moil extraordinary that have yet appeared in the.-Englifh language; and' the. alterations and recommendations, in refpeft to rank, and, what is much more important, in refpect to charafter, penetration, knowledge, and learning, arc mote refpectaWe than can be produced in auy other.medicinal pamphlet This Day is PubMied,. Price Two Shillings,  A N ACCOUNT of CURES by VEI-NOS' �%. VEGETABLE- SYRUP, in Difprders clafled by the Faculty under varions denominations, but deriving their origin or malignity from the retention or.iinroduc-tion of morbid matter into the habit ; from glandular, ob-ftruclions; or from that, general impurity of the Lymph, commonly called Scurvy. , 'By ISAAC SWA1NS0N, . "  * fole Proprietor of the Medicine, and only SucCefior to Mn De Velnos, at No. 21, Fritb-jftrett, Soho,-London.. N. B. TU'i printed Directions are given with_the, Syrup~ -'bfit this Patrtphlet will aHray^be Charged.  To be had at the Author's houfe as-above; arid-itt Mi. Wdgeway's,; York-ftreit, sLjfeic^s. irish state-lottery, 1780. "Begins Drawing November 12. No. of Prizes^ scheme. VaUof each. ""," ' 2 - 2 2 3 s 10 3o 100 10,600 of �. 20,000 is 5 000 2000 1000 500 100 20 10 Total Value. JT. 40,000 - . 20,000 - 10,000 - 6,000 - 5,o00 - 5,000 - 3.000 - 2,000 - 100,000 29,246 Prizes. Firib^irawn Ticket Ditto, November 16 Ditto, November 23 Ditto, November 30 Ditto, December 7 Lafr-drawn - Blanks. 500 500 5 co 500 40,000 Tickets. �. 200,000 The Prizes are payable June 1, 1790. The TICKETS and SHARES ' A re Selling bv - RICHARDSON, and GOODLUCK, ' Stock-Brokers, at their Offices, in the -Bank-Buildings, CornhTll; oppolite the Kjnc's-Msws, Charing-cross ; and Meffrs. White'and Mitch ell's," En inburch. u Wanton and precipitate cenfure of thofe who are ifno-*< rant of the preparation and compolition ofDtvFREE-� MAN's Medicines, have no etkti. Fafts are con-eviction to.the weakeft minds. The feelings and ac-u. kno wledgment of thofe who have been relieved from a the moft violent and dangerous difeai'es by the follow--u ing wonderful remedy, cannot be deluding, and Gra-� titude dictates truth." � THERE never was a greater bleHing difca-vcred for the rife of mankind, in all nervous cafes, than FOTHERGEL's NERVOUS CORDIAL DROPS, for removing lownel's and depreHion of thefpirits,the molt alarming difeafes of the head and ftomach, palpitation of: the heart, horrid thoughts, vain fears, frightful dreams, lofs of memory, relaxations from mifcarriages or difficult labours, debilitated habits from a long continuance in hot climates, pallies, dorfal confumptions, and weakneffes in^ cident to both fexes. This grand antifcorbutic, analeptic, and antifpafmodic arbitrary remedy, in many hundred patients, never yet failed any lingle inllance for 18 years pair, and is now recommended as a fpecific for old age and weak habits. In anomalous gout and rheumatifms, in o'o-flinate bilious cafes, indigettion, atonic gouty difeafes, flow, nervous, putrid, malignant, petechial fever, and broken conftitutions, no public Medicine in the known world "can be- lb much depended on. . . - To Dr. Freeman, Phyfician, No. 72, Hatton-Garden, , j London. ! No. 22, Standgate-ftrect, Lambet':, SIR, June 4th, 1789. For-the fake of doing juliice to your extraordina-y abilities as a Phyiician, as well as to inform the enemies of public practitioners in that fcience, that they fhould not be too precipitate to ceniure ingenious and honelt men, I do hereby inform thaafHidted, and the public in j:.ene.ral, of the molt furpriiing cure in the known world, perfected by your advice, together with your FOTHERGEL's NERVOUS CORDIAL DROPS: Mrs. Mitchell was recommended to you, When Ihe could not get up in her bed to be drefled, nor even bear the ihaking of a coach, bat wascarried to' yotir houfe in a fedan chair, with all the horrors of an expected approaching; death,! Ihe had a violent nervous fever, palpitation of the heart, diftraited -'in her head, fcareely any reit night nor day, continual pain in her back, the bloody flux, vomiting of blood in large 'quantities, a continued,' weaknefs for t'nitteea , years, moitly kept her Bed the laft two years, aiK.!, in 'faJt, her whole frame became a mere ikeleton; and after the attendance of SirJV.elurd Jebb, I- heiieve then the-King's Phyiician, and Dr. Gifbo-rne, reckoned as eminent as he for levei;�l years to.no effeft,-! have the approbation to acknowledge the cure, and to make her-cafe .public, wiihing ev ery individual was acquainted with'your :knowledge' in 'Medicine, as well as we -Sis, that' the lick might find relief, and you rewarded according to your niotk defcrved merit. 1 have the honour to fubi'cribc myielf, " Sir, . Your very obliged, And moiUuuiibhrScrv'nnr', - THO. MITCHELL; This remedy may be had_genuine at Mr.'Goulding's, Perfumer', to the Qiieen, Finch-lane, Cornhill; at Randal's Medicinal Shop, Royal Exchange; Mr. Drayton, No. 7, Bennet-ftreet, Bath; Mrs. Thompi'on, in Vine-itreet, Brillol; -and of Mr. Stockdale, Biitain-ftreet, Dublin; all others ibid but in the abov.e.places'are counterfeits; Vr'xce . il. 2s. -us. 6d. and 5s. c^bo'tti$^�&ewa*$ of the Im-poftor in Fleet-lic-cr- V": �� "" : �' .- :: .��'; ^; __--. � . f to AN WyVREDMAN. - Sir, I can afiure you, that the News-paper T;AX was propofed by Mj. Rose, in revenge for your writings in the Morning Star againft him, which, hitherto, i fee he dare iift-contradift. -. This was fettled one day after" dinner, at Mr. Pitt's, when the fevirity of your letters wt". the topic of the difcaurfe. '.'.Mr. R.-. lists ahfolutdy cried more about th'-'T< than any boy, When undergoing a barfing. \/.; all defpife him. Goon. . June 14. A-CI-ERK IN Of FJCE. TAc ^Printer, wMe fie'is forty that other papersare'ptriifliedforthe �olune�ss of the . 'Morning Star, can only.affure the Public, that "his fole has been doubled fey these TiXTTEfRs ; and that all ttc mniiqnify wljir/t -'MiiMS^px.ir tan-fuvgefl, toill nev**jprti"' <.v his -duty to the CONSTITUTTCri^ ;;i ex. . pofing .meanness, 'from uh :r � quarter

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