Saturday, December 22, 1798

Morning Post Gazetteer

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Morning Post Gazetteer on Saturday, December 22, 1798

Morning Post Gazetteer (Newspaper) - December 22, 1798, London, Middlesex THE LAST TIME OF PERFORMING TILL THE HOLIDAYS. 7 THEATRE ROYAL, DRURY-LANE. ' HIS PRESENT EVENING Their Ma- jesti�* Servants will aft a Drama, called WE CASTLE SPECTRE. To which will be added a Musical Entertainment called THE SMUGGLERS. T THE LAST TIME OF PERFORMING TILL THE HOLIDAYS. THEATRE ROYAL, COVENT-GARDEN. HIS PRESENT EVENING will'be presented a New Comedy, in five a&s, called LAUGH WHEN YOU CAN. After which (9th time) a new Gr^nd Heroic Romance, in three aas, called ALBERT AND &0ELAIDE; Or, THE SVIGTIM QF �4>lvS J>NTCY. (Taken from the German.) Witfc entire hew Scenes^ Machinery, Dresses and Decorations* After which Mid PUBLIC? ENTERTAINMENTS. The Company from Sadler^ Well*, rhe Company from the Royal Circus, the Company from the Amphitheatre of Arts, and others, Fifty in.number, are engagedat a very considerable expeace for a few Night* ly> under the diredion of Mr. ASTLEY. ben. and wiii make their sixth appearance at the - ^ ROYALTY THEATRE, tyELLCLOSE-SQUARE, GOODMAN's.FIELDS, npHIS PRESENT EVENING, Dec. aa, JL beii.g the last Night until the Holiday a. A comic Pantomime, called HARLEQUIN DANCING MASTER; Or, CLOWN IN THE SUDS. Pantomimic^) action, musical expression, &c. in which the three Companies^!!! assist. A grand peraticat Bttoce, called THE ARCADES OF FLORA, , In whieh the three Companies will also assist. She extraordinary Amusement* of the wonderful COLANDER AND FAMILY. Signior MARTINELLFs pleasing ingenious FANTOCCINI, From the Theatre Royal, Covent-Garden. Several performances with Chairs, Tables, Boots, &c# on THE TIGHT ROPE. Assisted by a ryfbst eminent Per/ wmer> on THE SLACK ROPE. In the towse f admiration. * The Evening's Amusemwfttfr to conclude with a comic Pantomime, cal!ed- OLD SOUARE^TPES OUTWITTED; or, Harlequins gambols. With (by particular desire) the celebrated Skeleton scene between Old Squire Toes, the Clown, aftd Harlequin. Characters of th^antoinhne by the united strength of the whole three Companies. r v At the tod pi which* a .niost ^apkift*w Certain to rise at Seven precisely. past Eight Second price at Half Recitation. Country SUN FIRE-OFFICE, Dec. loth, 1798. OTICE is Jitrtby givtny that the General Quarterly Meeting of the Trujices will be held at their Office, Bank-iireet, Cornhittt near'the Royal Exchange, London* on Thurfday the $d of Jmk&ary next, at Ten in the Forenoon;, before-which time alt per Jons who have fufiaincd any Lofs fry Fire are dtfirtd to make their claims, in order to 'rcctifofatisfaSion for the fame, Cvnjiani attendance is given at the/aid Office, and at their djfixt in Craig* i-coart, Ckajing-crofs, for injuring lHdufcs, Goods, Merthandifts, and Sflips in Hariour, Dock, and .Building; atfo.Craft, from toft(and Damage Fire, throughout Great-Britain* j)ecen3beiv eve^prUoti in the kingdom from tfii �and*.o^Wsfrerj and fcorrioelled every peffon id jkinditsdo f Qombany aldgate ward, London. AT a Wardmote held at Ironmonger's Halt, the am instant, for the choice of Ward Officers Co* the year ensuing, before Harvey Christian Combe, Esq. Alderman of the sard Ward, It was resolved unanimously. That the Thanks 6f this Wardmote be given to our worthy Alderman, H. C. Combe, Esq- M. P. f >r his prompt and pundnat attendance to all tne public business of this Ward* and for hi* active and upright conduit as a Magistrate of this City. -We feel ourselves more particularly called upon at this time to declare our perfeel approbation of his condudl, and to express our disappointment and regret, that, after the return of the Livery of London, in Common Halt assembled on Miehaelmas-day last, he, being senior Alderman, should not have been placed ha the chair of the Mayoralty- ' 4 : i>t^j . Trrst the above Resolution be'signed fe>y the Ward Clerk* and a4*ertised in the Morning Papers, HENRY RIVINGTON, Ward Clerk. PITCH and TA&. too&ta folivir____________ , , re dejirtd to txptfjitherein^ lowcfi Prices, asthty&ti it hAt* tin-^ffirtuikiiy efb&ktng tiny .blmcmmr* ,  TheCvndiw cnaent, if.there,wa& againft hirn; rihe<$ntr&&may be fetn fyappiyin^UMri. � ieroent of the Recitationand Songs. PART I. f Part of Wiltshire, of Dorsetshire, and of South Devonshire). . Rec-tation. The Nation.-Song. The Temple of Fame, R ciration. Dialects.-Song. Strawberries.-Recitation. The Rencounter.-Song. Nancy.-Recitation. The Quak-rs.^Song- Laughing Prohibited.-Recitatron. Plymouth JDock.-Song. -^Fhe AnohprSmiths.- Parties.-Song. The Tea Table. 6 PART II. (Cornwall). Section. Falmouth -Song. Yo Heave Ho.- Recita-fio�,-Tiw'Drowning Sail r.-^ong. lVfagnaoimity-Reci-tatioh/^igs;-Song. The Wig Gallery.-Recitation. John and Providence.-Song- Advice.-Recitation. Travellers' Wit,-Song, The* Cornish Miners>--.Recitation\ The Land's End-Song. The Converted Rake--Recitation. TacYics.-Song. Beauty's Banners. PART 1IL (Nojcth Devon and Somersetshire). Song. Nelson and Warren. � , Recitation. The Two Beggars,-Song. The Barrel Or. gam-Recitation. Compassion.-Song. True Courage.- Recitation. Flattery.-Sor.s, The Lady's Diary.-iiRecita-tson. Singers.-Song. Cupid turned Music Waster,*-Re-^tarim.' l^ws^from DoaetsWr*.-Song. TheChwtemng. -Recitation. R�c�|iitulatiQn.^Song. Finale. The whole U Written and Compoaed, and will be Spoken, Suncr, and Accompanied, by MR. DIBDIN, Boxes 58.-^Area 3S.-p-jGaI!ery � Doors to be opened at Seven VClock-The Performance to1*gin at Eight. Places for tb6 Bovet to be tatcen 4t Mr. DIMin> M�m Warehouse, Leificster-Place, ^eicesAeivSqttare j. where may be had, and at all the Wusip Shops in Town ana Country* the Songs in the diffident Entertainments of Stag Sope^ the popular Novel of Hannah Hew it, the Vojiriger Brother, and eveqr other Article specified In his C The Public are requested to notice, tha not be a Nfela of Performance during the Seasen; but that the Entertainments will be on MONDAYS, THURSDAYS, and SATURDAYS. * This Day is Published, " Nelson, and Warren �The Cornish Miners " Yo heave ho." * Tlre^-ady's Diary." t" The Wig Gallery." � Magnanimity.*' **TheAnchor-smtths/' 11 Nancy." " True Courage." �� Advice." The Twentieth Number of u The History^of the Stage:" u The Temple of Fame." And, *n Monday next, M Laughing Prohibited." . m#> The Public are respeftfully tnforjrted that the TOUR TO THE LAND*S END will be performed thh Week, and the �ext5 after which it will be laid aside for some time, to revive the other various Entertainments of Sans Souci, with those material Alterations and Improvements, which were introduced into them in the Country, In this state WILL OF THE WISP and CHRISTMAS GAiyfBOLS will be performed on WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, and SATURDAY, in the CHRISTMAS WEEK. SUPPLEMENTARY MILITIA* SUBSTITUTES continue to be provided by Mr, MORGAN, at hi* Office, No. 497, near the .New Church, in the Strand, at the following low rates, Viz. For those not worth five hundred pounds, 5l xos* All others, 7). 12s. A .plan which takes from the principal the risk of desqr- em. To thoss thafhave not seen the Prints, jt i* otssssary to say th^y are the �we of .Gene* painted by P-_J� �>e E*r- .......________________ The Tickets being only Five Guineas.each, and the^owca^ and at> ^n sp to dibc Huffed, it mtiist be obvious tff ev�ry one that the Lottery h not only the most pleasant, but the most advantageous that ever came before the Public. The Collection of Pi ft u res atone cost Mr. Mack fin Twelve Thousand Guineas, as proved before both Houses of Parliament. The Lottery is grafted on, and is to be drawn by, the next ^English Lottery, which commences early in February 'nert. Early Purchasers vriil have the first Impressions of the Prints* j. scot are co �JideB,^wtrW ah* fifieiy^alft iigure&i.^13^-l^-^ %e^/h^y-'^te^l^;^-persons or m^e at the same ^me, and are well adapted for V*ottt art^|Eeason.-r-~Soid complete, at ias�*�iU is*- ff. \ik. idrftcyji il. 'is. each j alsoi sbmQ very large airtjd capital, in vSious si�^s, to i�:ifcttineas�acb� wote-^-Thi whole of tbe^lbjeaa. painted officvtfce glas?e* a^ -are new, and itn^cU variety as was nevlsr iteforg'wfered to the f public. ' Mture. ThS that time he -un&erftocdlW*: n<3 li^a^^^raBle/ rejjfon Kit1 for ilfiiiging 'ln\ nttoh for a Ion l�ad pa 4 tious' terms h^il^kd fines, the iaft yctsi-^ U appeared that any ce .in,any pdrt of iy, ft^ firmly BeHetf^a fhffc^/�6. ,|Hi?^|.iince tfe^ ^ev&Wtion, had there .<sy<si: bceii aSiiifsfted iiiih a general;' lofrit to continue to, ^ which was' iUei tsi curity agatnlf any ?^ptwry attempu of CoverammiS-}^fid'^ii^e .cl^ecidlly could ii be ttc y nd aiy aft of. ParJiamSnti' beft and t^d' We' 4nye& feft wth itis lloufe j W^mfld m^e&% fuccefs, after the efforts g^at li of Oppofiti^n, ivho had s^drtw^:r^^ff from the Houfe, had been iii^wiling^ t^it at^ though he mi^Kt not be aBfe to pfeyent thd paffing fuch am^afure* he �bt4d and Would tn| form the Hpufe what jfort'of ah ufc had Bterf made of the PoWer with whith" pow^r liL greed : Redemp it bad .enabled^ ftotrf certain knowledge of thf "lafti td Rate, tK#t. th# unfortunate perfons comitoiited linger theb^ittii were ral WOT, engraven irom n�un� pouuca it. j Loutherbourg and Mr. J. Laporte j the figures by F. toloazi, and worth at least Three Guineas a Pair. A Bill was brought up for building,a Theatre at Rochester, and read a fir ft time. � On tKisfubjefl; hs fw^ The Houfe refolveditfelf mm MR. SWAINSONf being returned to Town for the Winter, and muming his us^ai hours of Correspondence and Advice, bega leave to apprise his Patients and Friends, that he is at home for business, daily from ten to one o'clock : and to remind them, however efficacious the VEGETABLE SYRUP OF DE VELNOS may have been administered by general directions, yet experience continually instru&6 huiu that the reprodocYion of Health, in case* where the whole Constitution is affected by infection, by Aeprayed fluids, and by di&eased debilities, must be regulated by an auentive observation of the Effects of the Medicine. In ail delicate and important Cases, where hereditary or acquired Diseases of the, blood and huvnours have a .tendency to Consumption. Epilepsy or Palsy> it may be of great importance ^ascertain the powers producing those Diseases, to proportion the degree of the Medicine to be applied, to favour its operation by auxiliaries* and to regulate the diet of the Patient . The Medicine is sold at No. xj, Frith street, attis. 6d. per bottle; and by Mr. Swainson's appointment, at Mr. Atkinson's, Chymist and DruggUt,Ko. 196, ^ishopsgate-^treet Without y by Mr. lUdgw^y, York street, St,'James** square^ Mr. Candle, Cbymisf and Drpggist. to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales,-Hp. s> Haymarket; Mr. Wader No. .jvQWBond.stretti and Mr. Ward, No 324^ Holborn. Fome obfervatioris tna^de ^ Speaker, tT\e Committee dfd hot>Vaif l|(el^ the inftrufliion to divide the bilL bUtadrhitted the claufes.for indemnifying Clerics who had negle�led to enrol their articles, pr had not ferved -the whdle ,of their Clerklhip to on6 Matter, or Attornies who had not entered their Certificates in due time, as part of the A�t. The Report was ordered to be received tomorrow. The Houfe went into a Committee on tbe bill coan h _ ago heattf a been th*dw true.; Jv*t he had h&rf fo hood* reported,' that he Was always 4e'termtae ns fo�V its furfhir. fufoen- lieving had been committed upon of inen peft of fociety ; but, to thedffg.race of the ftatfej a fpeicids of mea �ow deemed necei&ry to fexifttnee, and thought worthy the eulcgiurin bf an Hortourahle'Getitlenjan oppofite to him, v*ho had even gotie the length of ftating that th^i? loyalty was mcreaicd tn^rop treachery to their infortni coutd'ol^mcd^ mixing with it addl^ tional ^bm. Erojtn the teTult 6f th^tr vtfiti nued* n u , ku ' ? l  " Ke was happy to iavthe reports he had heara eaually obvious for it* not b^ing contt- � . *, >J X 4 , . ^,VI ^ 7 6 ] were tn a gr^at degree exaggerated1 tndeea had: MEDICINE ACT. � L At the only Warehouse for Dr. JAMES'S POWffl^R, No. St* f*aul*s Church-yard� a few iQoors ftfom |be Corner of Cheapside, npHE FOLLOWING ME^IQINES ^re JL Sold, at the Prices annexed, Inclu&iv^ of the Stamp Duties imposed by thh Ail j nut no addalo^at Chaise has been made upea Or. Jameses Ppv?der, vhlth ia continued at thcoricinalpnceoi as.6d. the packet. It #na^ ftlao b* had at li.AS- per <to$ri; or thequanttty oiF a*#M�*et�\p \ w one bottle for tl aa. 6d. Duty included j so ^Sfthc Public | T are not sufferers. / v But inkier to facilitate the operation, and to lessen the burden of this A#, whicb would in great meafturO have proved ^ Tax upon Benevolence, all the other Medicines are sold to any person, purchasing half a dozen or more, free from the expense of the d. EXCHEQUER abftained from deliberatiag- with the Houfe as to^ the necefljity fiire for this reafon, that he ^ dances which had rendered it in the firftJafta^cej.^fo freffi in evefy ohe*s memory, and tHe oeceiE ty of its con tinuancq^ obvieuLSf-|foat it was uruieceii^^y to fay one wow o&^faewbjefitt This was hwjmpreffion whi6il no tyranny that had ever eXifted in France, during" the tirjie of the infamous Robiirf would have ^equalled it * he ttiil bat found fafis �cd to bring ftiU x 6 4 6 i x 4 5 i 6 o 0 Dr. James'a- Powd er Analeptic Pills --- Cattle Pow-der - - Dr. Hooper's Pills Dr. Austin** Chalybeate PiUs Berry'a Billious Pills Dalby*s Carminative Tickairs ^Ethereal Spirit Greenough's Tirfiure ��� - Toiu Lozenges Mr. Spence's Dentifric Freake's Tinaure of Bark - 3 6 HuxhatnVby ditto 2 6 Cephalic Shutf 07^ s Dr. Steer's Opodeldoc � Convulsion Oil Paregoric Lozenges Camomile j)rop8 Essence of Coltsfoot Essence of Pepperment b Ormskirk Medicines 9 \ Glass's Magnesia I Irtish's Scots Pills 3 6 I Grant*s Drops Norton^ Drops Spilsbury'S Drops Speediman*s Pills English Coffee Dr. SoUnder'a Tea Jones's Rheumatic Tinaur*. - t. d. a 4 2 6 1 1 1^ o t i s s 3 a a S 5 3 o o o & 6 a 6 ft o 3� Also the genuine Arqueou6ade, lately imparted, ~ans mostcf the other Proprietory Medicines in repute. Orders for exportation are supplied without stamps, as before this A�. N. B. As many persons; particularly servants and messengers, mistake the House* F. NEWBERV, the Proprie* tor. is under the neeessitjPof pointing our, that it is at the East End of St. Paul's, nearest to "Cheapside* and that he has a lar^c white stuccoed-front, with these words ins crib- Mr.COURTENAY feid.he wasfar from wiffi. ing to oppofethe pa (Ting the bill for fufpehding= the Habeas Corpus aft, if the Houfe was convinced it ought to be fufpended ; but he defired Gentlemen to confider "thaY the aft they were upon tho point of fufpending was one of the utmoft coafequence to the liberty of the people of this country. To reafon upon its utility and advantages was wholly unneceffary. Every Gentleman in the Houfe muft be fully impreJTe^ with them. The great advantages refulting from' the Habeas Corpus ad was a topic on which every political writer of confcderatian and eminence had'beltowjed the moft unqualified ftraiaof euiogium, applying the highefl terms of panegy-\ lie to it, ana confidering itBsan a8 onthe6xift-r ence of whith depended the policical liberty of the people, and the fecurity of the conftitution. It was an aft-univerfally admitted to be paramount to any law which had ever been framed in any country, at any period, for fecuring the liberty of a nation. It was a ftatute which had been confidered by an eminent writer, Mr. Fer- pterre, ic prifoners trea^ed%ith tfgootuh^ **aniDled rft a free eounfry, coftfiifed mj&fapj ^nsj^lflidy^fire tif&t&fei with Only a rhiferab1e:ttUfkle%ed toid^on, fecluded froiii fotriety ; the^hars <^F their-ptlfonj the only m^ani ojf^admitting light, expofedJ ttt^ ^he Cold raw ana rain at the b^ght of a rigpr^ fcafeii cf th4 ftk7- u.IVo.r^c "~ " " r""'~/ r-^,t war, fuch as it wai about thre^ wwka acb; irt luforu aa ono whi^i in itt clteft, forced-tfe^i fr�� fituation he had beheld the fiibje?b government Ungui&ihg, ^nfd^ ixcept o^nd hour in the morning, duping. Whic}^ he undeps ftood, they ^iere allowed to waflc forth ^(q� the air, this was the treatment to which they were fubjeft. He appealed tc|_thc_ feeling*, of the Houfe, whether it "had ever been cuft� tomary to treat ftate prifoners in fuch a manner ? Had it ev^er been the c^afe before, thgt perfons confined on fufpicion <tf offence* had been fd dealt with ? He did not mean to fay that -His MajeftyVMinifters knew of thifff but it was highly neceffary they fhould know it. In ftft^ the treatment of the prifoner$ was fuch^ fhar Gentlemen could hardly credit; but he truftw ed he might be allowed to avow the truth ot what be had been a witnefs to. /fmoog the reft of the pawners, he had met a gentleman, an of^ ficer, with whom he had ferved thirty years ago--a Colonel Defpard was the perfon to whom he at luded. It was true he had a fire allowed him j but he owed to the humanity and interference) of Mr. Reeves, that his fituation was a littles better than that of others. But he was fecured all intercouris with his friend^ It haw

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