Thursday, October 11, 1798

Morning Post Gazetteer

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Morning Post Gazetteer on Thursday, October 11, 1798

Morning Post Gazetteer (Newspaper) - October 11, 1798, London, Middlesex f - 7 � * No. 9286. T 1 > HURSDAY, October 1 is 1798. Taxed'by AM PITT, $d. f J TlCC ,Q// , 4 4 .THEATRE ROYAL, DRURY*LANE. HpHIS PRESEMT EVENING Their Ma- JL jesties Servants w|ii C^mtsciy,-ca.iied M;UCH A DO. A BQUTi N OTHIN G, /Don Pedro, Mr. Hollan.1 ;,.Leonaro, ":Mri ArckinyiDon Jon*,' Mr. Caul'fidd ; Claudia, Mr. B rrvmore ; B,ery$it;k, Jvfr/ Keroble; Balthazar, Mr.'Dignum; Antonio, Mr. Packer; .ftorachjo* Mr. Tru eraan; Co tirade, Mr. SurmontVl Dogberry, Mr. Suett; Verges, Mr- Dowron Friar,, Mr. Maddbcks; Sexton,- Mr. Hofiingsworth j Seacod, Mr. Sparkts. HeroT Mist Me!16n.; Beatrice, .Mrs. Jordan*-Margaret, .Miss TidiweilUrsula,, Mi3s Heard. la Act II, A MASQUERADE. . * Arid Mr. Stevens's Gjee of ** Sigh no* more, L*d\ by Mr. Sedgwick, Mr. Dignum, Mr. Danby, Miss Leak, Mrs. Roffey* � ... *$\? which "will be addsd (for tfie 3d time this seaion) the favourite dramatic Romance of * 3lue-BEARD; Or, FEMALE CURIOSITY. The scenery re painted, and the dresses and decorations entirely-new. The music comprised and selected by Mr. Kelly. . Aborheliqua (Blue-Beard), Mr. Barrymere^ Ibrahim, %tir. Suett; SeJJm, Mr. Keliy ; Shacabac, Mr, Bannister, jun. Hassan, Mr. I-foUins^worth. Fauma, Mrs. Cltftich j Irene; Miss fee Camp ; Eeda, Miss. Leak. Principal Dancer, Mademoiselle Parisot. Boxes 6i.-Second Price 3s.-Pit 3s. 6d.-Second Price 2$,-Gail. 25.-Second Price is.-Upper Gail, is.-Second- No Money to hereturned. Places for the B^xes to be taken of Mr. Foshrook, at the P'fftce, in RusseUstree:. ^The Doors robe opened at Half past Five, and the Play t� begin at Half after Six. Vivant Rex et Regina! ; NEVER ACTED. THE ATRE^ ROYAL, COVE NT-GARDEN* T'HIS PRESENT EVENING will be performed a new Play (in five acts) called LOVER's VOWS. ^ *Th* principal Characters hy Mr. Pope, Mr. Munden, Mr., H. Johnston, Mr. Knight, Mr. Murray, Mr. Pdwel, Mr. Thompson, Mrv Rees, Mr. Curtiea. Mrs. Johnson, Mrs* Pavenbp! t, Miss Leierve, Mrs. H. Johnston. TheT*roto e to be spoken by Mr. Marray> And the Epilogue by Mr. Munden. After which will be produced (first time) a new Musical Piece (in twoact*), called A DAY AT ROME, *the Music comppsed by>fr. Attwood, The Overture accompanied ah the Harp by Mr. Weippert. 4 ____ The principal CharaGtrs hy Mr. ihcledon, Mr. Munden, Mr. Fawcetr. Mr. Towns-end* M*"* Rees, Mr. Lintonr, _M*. Gray, Mr. Street, Mr. A^bot. Mrs. Davenport, Miss Wheatiy. Mi�s Le&ervc, Mrs. FdHett*Mrs.-Blurton, Mrs. Wau�, and Mr*. Martyr. No-money fo be returned. Boxes 6s. Second Price 3s,-Pit 3s. 6d. Second Ptke Mr-Gal. as. Second Price is.HUpper Gal. t&. Place* fur ttie Boxes to be ]iad of Mr. Brandon.(*nly) at the Office in,Hsrt-rtreec. D6@r� to opened at Half pa&t Five^ and the Per- formattc^tQi?es'ui at Half past Six* TVRIGHTON POST-COACHES fee out _ totf the GOLDEN CROSS, CHARI^G-CROSS, Ev�r*^�itht at Ten o'Clock^ and Every Mornitig at Seven, I4alf-past Seven, and Ei^ht, to fhe CASTLE, OLD and KBWSthP TAVERNS, BRIGHTON. . N B. Familiw or Parties taken up at their own.&nusent By BOULTON, iTtLT, HICKS \ BAULGOMB, ar^d Go.1 SOCIETY OF GUARDIANS FOR THE RROTEC-WON OF TRADE AGAINST SWINDLES AND SHARPERS. NOTICE is hereby given to the Public,'that information has been received by the Society, tha-t there are persons in different patu of the Metropnli�3 vn the habit mf procuring eufe performed by them : Mz. B--1 a young man, about four years since wa; �^iefttdw�thA Venereai Complaint, and on the first ap--pearftfice. of it had recourse -to ao eminent Surgton, who administered the usual routine cf aiedicine^ for a considerable time without elfefl ; h� then applied to anothei of the faculty, from whon\ he took a variety of medicines \ to no purpose : about,this, urne a" foul ulcer appeared in his throat, and large swellings onhis s,hins, which �*ve him tuch dreadful excruciating pain, pnrticularly when he was warm in biedt.asto depriye.-him of rest; he continued in ?hib melancholy way iom^ months, wheo a Gtfntleraan got him Into'a neighbouring Infirmary, where he rerpained upwards-- of three months, and we�itr through a regular mercurial course, and foraome.time a Jittlc better; h� was tnen discharged and^ r?tyrn.e4 co( this place� *here, i� a vtTy short time, he bad or worse than ever \ *>e tiuw tried sc^ral patent and advertised medicines, hut m vain, aod was at this period refiuced^oa mere skeleton, his le^i were croken up with wounds and ulcers in several ^iaces, and much swollen, he was so altered as not to be Known Uy his intimate friends, and expected that ever^ sjeceedin's hour would be his last. In this mltar.choty heipleso state I saw him, and. must te-nfew if he had' not told me his name, he was so eiruci *te N, Bockse)I P. S. Mr. B. being a houaehclder w outness htre� wishes ^ n\s name to be a secrei, except to such $nquif r'rs as/ow Fcr the BENEFIT of the TWO MARTIER &RTSONS, the MUSLCaL C - *n.ORB� 1 NELSDN's TRIUMPH: Or, BUOM A^A'R V,E IN'ffll! QCTM^S. NEW ^IRE-WORKS, Analogous t^ tht gloriousB *ttlc.;off th-.nvunh o'f ih^ Nile, on-the 1st of August iasr, between the British and French fleets. �ASTLEY'S AMPHITHEATRE. OF ARTS, Weitminsttr-Bt d^e. Tlieir Royal Highnesses the' P;Tr.ce" of Wales and Duke of Vork's Se^rifs. THIS PRESENT THURSDAY, Oft. n, wiH be pre^ented the a-hove p _c^, called NELSON's'TRiUMPH ; Or, -BUUNaIPAUTE JN THE DUMPS, fc '� Consis:i-g ot Sonti Dance, and P.^nt->mimfr-. ,jst. A view of the t*;o filets in real ,\&\ �� ^ off th: mouth of th � Nile. i*dr Mansi.m-h.�use, B.^r-fe, B^'nk.builrl. ing3T and the whole of C>rni:ill tllu .matcl. ^d Wnp-pin^ in an uprqir. 4rh. Ad-ni-al Nelson's s' ip superbly ornamflri^ed^\i]fh varfe^Ved l�fT)ps. And, jrh, ^eauti� ful Fire-works, in 10 mu ati �ns, by Mr. Aatfeyv Se;1.. The charai^ersjn the^abpyjs^e^j^jli^whole of the By way of contrast; th.T1>ea"u^fuJ Pantomime oi THE EGYPTIAN ORACLE. Exhibiting the customs arnd manners of the East, more particu'.-irly ot the Egyptiai^.s, &c. ' - * ' The gran B-Ulet of CUPm'S FESTIVAL. In which "will he inrmdaced, Vestris^s" "Allem^nde with the utmost variation of tlc^.Tnt a^ritude. The prand TROOP of EQUESTRIAN &c. � Di'erb pcrt\>."mances hy' sevc-U .horse's," without riders, with tht little Equestrian Cl>wn," asv.srcd h. the dr�>1-lerits of the EqueiCfian ByfJ>. and the iic^-ttprthenstble petformance or yo'ung Breblaw, -the Conjuring Hor^e, with otiier Amusamenis. Kew scenery, ntw dresses, and music to every performance. B.ixes 4s,-Pit a_ y.- Second Hilf past Ei^jw^i ;v- - Tickets and Places toT$ Jwd of Mrs. fiji.wlli S keeper, at the Theatre/>s V LETTERS FOIUJHE GOOD RfeADfiA. BitEi HK^P-ACy5,ScURV^^D. GRAVEL, 'CUllfcb BV GARDN�h>s?agg,fcs. per.Box>*or 12s. for Sspven Bbxei.^Mbney' retur&a^.if the Patient be not relieved '! M t f' -r-1 None in l^eir fenfeje^n doubt the followihg: Cures,' th>.t ^ you may fee every a'ay, and tor \he general godd permit their names, &d.'h.ere, to their honour be it fpoken; and �the affiideU-motshl fte one (or more) of Vhefe friends to the. Public, he/ore they apply for Meoifiinis. * GARDN-ER^ M.* E. pre.^res ' the on!v  , Medicines eve* difcoyered - for'cuiing thpfe moft: dreadful rnaladiesi ^n;-their, wprit ftage^j without pairr, purifies by urme, anc( other geutle means> carries off all that Hurts ihe conllftiiUbfi f ^He wifl give from five "to 'five timwtred^uine^srfvcurity to any-Lady or GentiemaTi,' as to dje fi/ery of this medicine 50 both fexes, having cared at aJLI age"-, bf m^ansfo fafe, rfiat.pregnant, women. h;ivetaken them with great fuccefs, ytt 16 certain in their, elfedl* that any Lady or Gentleman may contract for cure, and to be, kept free from gout, I - * V . , Oclo"batrTO^i479li tonzz W mA 0 im amours OF.,WIS.. ROYAL HIO'EUiESS .tl-LE PRINCE0*F WXL'ES. :" ^ :L' by order 6f the e a� i. &H Q LHA O m di\. e-V T^OTICE'ij hcrtby-gititn, that every Creditor ^ of H&WJYAV iltcftmsS Is fV^rVwr. into this Qfict, within Ten.Dajs. from-; (ht darker Co/, a Particular 'fyudrtifc 1 this day; find cU 'Debts or Demands, of under anjf pretence or co oar ef authority whatever, to be ttfifc I fatjs^td^ or Mjftygcj+flgrany part the^&f, tut aft ba'rrtd 1 tothaj baxv^avdin Equity) and al{ Bonds, Bills, NuUsJ or etk&Srf'unticsfar' Money 'given or m'de in contrition of any Debt or Demand, whereof the 'Particulars in'wrftfn^ arcnot pRvmiw^/kreJiddg. are to a/l intent'sah&furj*fes null and void. -To "hegin at Price to com infant with eaTe undergoes fhe operaiioa,' and has the de-fued. etfeel; and at his City Difpenfary, Weft Smith-field* end of Long^lane, from'five to nine, Mohd-av'Rnd Friday j'^alfo Tuehiays, from ten to one. This medicine he has; had ra practice 14 years, wui widies to lee ail who RHEUMATISM. FROM BANK ST See the 4& of the ef hTis PtefentJ$ajtfij, far � fettling an Annuity en Hi's R&y-H 'High'nefs the. Prince df Wales* 'and other' purphfes, "Cap.* 129. Sec.-s*.' TtM. BRE^TTSecreiaTy, SIR, OF INGLAND, This Day is,published, t ... . In t^ovc!ume:, bc>avn, price-iaa. m h&artA SANS SOUCI. y the Authority ot th^'-Riclu Hon. the LORD CHAM- Br i\LAIN THIS EVENISF&, the nrh of OCTpBER," . ^l.he Presented, �' 11 AT SANS .SOpGl., Leictsrek-B^ac*, an Eivtertainmenf, ;ienriicly N o^"called > � A TOUR TO THE LAND'5-E.^D.. Arrangement of the Recitation and SangA* PART I. (Part of Wiltshire, of Dbr6et4]ire, and of South Devori- . . shire}. , - - Recitation. The Nation.-Song. The Temple^/ Fame, -Recitation: DtjfeS^-^Song. Strawherries.- JReclrVtion. The RegcQunter^Songt Na�cy.-*.Recitatjbn;'rThe Q^ak-er^.-Sori^. L^ghiag Prohihjred. -Recitation-yPiy;mouth Doc^t.-^So ^rhe\ Anchbrsmithsl--i^cciution*. Country Parties.-Song. 'fKe-Tea Table. ------~PaRT th " -~ (Corn-.vall). Recitation. Falmouth -Sorrp, Yo Heave Ho -.Recitation. The Drownifjg Sadori^-Sing. Ma^nanimiry.-Recitation. WiKs-Song. The Wig Gallery.-rRecication. Johnv and * Providence.-Song, Adv;ce -Reditarion. Travellers* Wir�-Sorrg. The Cornish iviiriers>-*KecitaTion. The Land's. End.-^ong. The Converted Rake- Recitation. Tallied-Song. Beauty's Baime^s. PART ILL (North D^von and Somersetshire). 'S^'ig. Nelson a'iSd the'Navy. Recitation. The Two Beggars.The Barrel Or-pan.-Recitation. Compassion.-Son?. True Courage,- Reeiatibn. Flattery-Song The Lady'a Diary. -Rtci'ta-ticn. Singers. - Song. Cupid turned Music Master. - Rer citation. News from Dorsetshire."-Song. TheChristenin^. -Recitation^ Recapitulation.-Song. Fin-ue. . . The whole is Written and Composed, and �ill be Spoken^ Sdngj apd Acco'mpanied, by MR. DrSDlN. Boxes 5s.-"Area $&.-^.Gall'tr.v-.�. Doors to be optned at Seven o'Ciock.-Tl^e Performance- to hegtn at Eight. Places for the Boxes to be, taken at Mr. DihdinV Music VVarchouse, Leicester, J^iceater-.Squares where may he haci, an-! at ail the Music Shops in Town and Country, the Sonfis in the* riiffeie^.t Entertainments of Sans Soucij the^)0;)oJar Novtl ot fiaonah Hewit, the Younger Broth'ef*i and every other Aiticle bpscifitd irr hi� Catalogue. The P-.:Hic are rtqucstcd to notice, that TUESDAY wiH not he a Ni,;ht oi Pcrr;rn?^^ce during the'?nf but that the Entertainments will he on MONDAY'S, THURS. DAYS, and SATURDAYS. ' '*  J This I>;jy is Published u Nelaon and the Navy." On Monday next will he PuhlWed,The .Co'rniih Miners; and the Eighteenth Number of " The History of the S:age." * About 14 years ago" I was feized with a violent rheu-m.itic complains from my hip,, to' my foot* which de privexi me of reft day and niyht for near four months, nutwiihlUncUng muC;h ipedicine, and variou^.external applications', recommended by feveral fkilful Surgeons and Phylicians, I was reduced to a mere (keieton, and not Curvrve the itroke-About feveri years firrce i had another fevcre attack by the f^me drfcrder, which lafted about two months j at both ^thejfe periods I was cupped^bliftered, and eleclrifi^l, but without any fen-fible benefit. - In the latter end of October Irfft this dreadful malady feized ti\e a^ain, on the fame part as he fore, and again had the advice of two geYirlemen oi-the faculty, but found no relief- Providentially .your Pills wereftrongly recommended, when immediately 1 fentfor-iioxt'iand the fir ft night.f e^penejaced the good effe'cls of t h e m,: a s"m y pawir was'tn'ucrv aiVuaged,^�nd I enjo-'.'ed fdme rerrc(hin^ flcep'f in about a-week I w*s enabled to retutn to bufinefs ag.^ini and am now through mercy perfedty recovered. From the confidence I have in your ^fediclne, J could;wi:h to rec&mrnentl it toev^ry individual afflrcled with this .dreadful diforder; and if this letter can bcof^arry fervlce to* y6u and the public, you are at.liberty to make what.^ufe of it you pleafe. I am. Sir, your very humble fervant, Bank of England, Dec. 28 1787. T- P A R-K^f NSON/; N^B-sI ihall take pleaiure in fatising:uny inquiry of the truth of the above. A View of ihs p?.tsd;Dt State .of.the Gaverrmery an^ Maimers of those1 Cffnmos 1 with"comparative sketches of the present .state of Paris , . . - . By HELEN ftlARIA WITjLI AJtf 5. - ^ Printed totG; G*. *M j.^ohmso^-^ater'no'steV-r6&.: Ot ^10m :btt had; r 4 ' Mis*. WILQ AiVfS's UETTERS from "Fcance ? Con.tai.mdg a- great variety of interesting and original in^ fornaation, conceiAibg the m.iST impbrtsfm evenK V1?ar havi occurred in that country in the years 1700 tp 179.5, box ft inclusive.:.- ' . : *'.-.". * ..... * ; .this- 6a* were published, ' In one large b4J:avo volume^ prices, itt boards t-h4^ . ' second volume, of CANTERBURY TALES:;'containtng thfe History of tfee-Two EMILYS-. - . . , � -Sy-SOPI4ir4L�E, AUtHpVof the R^ftJ 2kb. ' 1 ' Printed for G. G. aj[?dJt S^ipsori1bXa-terno5ter row* Ofwho:>i may be.had, ' ,^ r. e^nter^OFy.-gPalesfe vh .Price &L in bSrd�. . z. The.My^erious H^niaee; or. tlie Friendship o&Rq* Auth^the^rW'or MISS LINWOOD'S EXHIBITiON,, at the HANOVER-SQUARE CONCERT ROOMS, Continues Open EVERY DAY (Sundays excepted.) Admittance One Shilling. NT. B, The Exhibition will close on Saturday the xoth of. November. EUROPEAN MUSEUM^ King-srreet, Sr. Jame6*5-square. THE Nobility and; Gentry* Subferibers to the above NATIONAL GALLERY," and the Public who have valuable Picfures, Curiosines, Sec, to dispose of, .are'requested to take notice^ that the Exhibition and Sale, by Piivate-Contts^T, will commence the xst of November next, wken the Museum will open for the-flea-son. J- WILSON; Manager. Subscriptions are received at Baron 'Dirnsdale and Co "*s ; Messrs. Herries. Fai quhar, and Co.'aj Mess.'Dorset &r,d Co.'s^ and at the Museum, where nil letters, &c. addressed tffl the Manager, v."ill meet regular attention. Cash, to any amount> advanced upon select colleflions of valuable Pictures, &c. ! SPILSBURY's ANTISCORBUTIC DRUPS. NVAL1DS, who value health, are .certain .to . establish it by taking a few botrles of SpILSBURY's _ NTISCORBUTIC DROPS 5 a Medicine which, during the peri d of twenty-eight years, has effected, the most complete cures in a vaiiery of Nervous, Rheumatic, and Scorbutic ca&es; as a Puffier of the Blood, a Strengthener of the Constitution, and an Eniivener of the Spirita^it re^ mains without a rival j and thostt xvh# reside in the more distant'parts of the univer�e have equally experienced its virtue'with-^hnse who live m the metropolis -y but, that the good intention bf the Preparer shsuld nc?t be perverted by the Public being deceived by a sputious-sortvit is necesWy to annex, that the original Drops are in Moulded Bottles Fluted Corners, ^and the words " Frs. Spilsbury, his Anri^corhutic Drops, by the King's-Pat-ent,'1 oa each 5s.1 Bottle v and on the lar.geJtoules the K-jng's Arms. To he had at the 'Dispensary, No. 15, Soho-s lock f the usual coinplim'enc of one, guinea i* expected wuh letters for aHvice, unless from created - with, the sam� perienced. Upwards V.licved at thH Di�pehsVryj mauy incurable. - � - - ' BILE, &c. Having experience^-the ,tnoft falutary effbtts'from youip invaluable Medicine,'I confuler_it a .chuy 1 owe to. t;hj� pubjic topubli.fh my .cafe for the Seneiit of the afHicted. Ihiv^been a fufferer feveh years with that'tireadful malady the Gout, which has ffom toVio^ weeks at a tifne, fo asto he unable to undreis, 'or even heVfJ "rtiy^H" to,a cup of tea ;'the fingers ot my left-hind 1 i coukrttot ope&,-l was troubled with �bife,"ficknefi at the fto^nach>^and total l.ofs of hearing, .v-^-*^' I harfheen thus afRi^ed for 16 weeks, when f heard of your Medicine, four boxes of which enabled me co quit my1 coiyfttfeiftent ; and fincerhe month of June la'ft Jjave enjoyeji ^ goo/iftate pf health, fo that I am.per.fuaded this j vtuUxine is a general renovator, purifying all the fluids. 1 1 recommend it every where, and will with pleasure circulate it'free of 6'x.penbe.* *I beg''"you will refer any; per-fn^ome.for fatisfactioa asto ray cure, and *m, Sit, f. your very humble fervant; Punch houfe," 46, Ludjgate-hill. �-W, CLIfgON1. ' ^IfEOM A^lTC- FEVERS. ' " Mr. Watkins, Chqeferrionger, Cranbpurn-ftreet, Lelcef-fter-fquare� vvai eight .months deprived of the ufe of his limbs, ii\d fenfes too at times ; was given over by the Phy-fic'uns, his own hirhily, and all who fawhim; upon the whole he was confuted eight tnonths-; but by the blefDng ..of God* good healths .hy means of Gardner's Piilsind-Flaifter. ^ GRAVEL AND STONE. . i Mir^Slynei, of Pentonv.lle, was in^great a eon y with the (^tone, could not-mck.^ water/or fix days, is tared "with YhVee boxes" of the Pills. See his letter at fuU'length, for the fake of the afflicted'. in Mr. Gafdner'i poifefliori, sDecember^ .96.'^-Nonreturn. FOURTEEN YEARS HEAD-ACH, ' Mr. Cooper, No. 6r, WhitcomB-ftreet, near Charing crofs, Silk' Dfer, &c was fourteen years afflicted with a violent head ache, three years'with the gravel,'* and laftiy, three month.* with a rheumatic complaint, whfch took away the ufe of his limbs. -One box of Gardner's Pills (under God) enabled him to-walk and-run!!-! a'nd two  more Ji'aye $nade a perfect cure* 1797. May now be feen in perfed health. GOUT. Mr. WatTon, Merchant and- Underwriter, N-o. 75, Mhi* cin^-lane, for many,years had been troubled with the Si-ut, but hearing of Gardner's -Pills, applied them at the beginning of a fit, arid the plaifter as a topical, was in a few .days able to ride but? ari'd upon the whole had not half the pain as a,t o^^times. � ' INCLINE. " Mr. Whitehead was' nineteen years afflicted with violent rheumatic pains all over Vis body," and had a bile on his /ftomach, with a continued ohilnefson his lungs-; taking-'the Pills, and applying the Plaifterto his back feven weeks, has made him as well as''ever he was in his life. Attefted by Mr. Taylor, Hatter,^&c; 'the earner of Bar--bican. LONG GOUT. ~ Mr. Ifley, Coach Spring-maker, No. zf7i Whitechapel Road, was afiiicted 25 years whir the rheumatic gour, is - perfedtly^reRored by tnree boxes of Gardner's Pills.-- Nov. x 797- , SEVENTEEN YEARS GOUT... Mr, Morris, who keeps the Fountain, Clapton, was .seized with the gout in his ftomach, having had it many years in his limbs ; his life wasdefpaired o?? when Gardner's Fills were lent for, which foon completely relieved ] him. 1796, """ May be'had, by his appointment, of Tutt, Royal Exchange; Perrin,' Southa*mpton-flreet, Strand; Hopi good, WetlcIoie-fquareV Clark, "Borough; Ward, Hot-born ; Yermar, Crofby-Row;: Waiy^orth; Fewer, in ,�xeteT Change ; Cooper,-Welt Ham ; and of moft Medi-  (iiiife^Vendersin town andcottntry. Signed." J. Gardner." Alto Mrs. GARDNER'S Nipple Cafes and Rofe Water, that never fail curing* even when the Nipple has been chopped half through.- Prite (to the Poor as. -6*1-5 Has cured Mrs. Taylor, No.*77, Alderfgate-rtreet, MfG.'Frarer, Balcer, 16, Meet-market. Mm Hunt, 11, Millford-lane, Strand. Mrs-r Barton, 3^, Pitt ftreet, Tottenham Court Road*. Mrd'. Le'pine, 5, Green-ftreer, Leicel\er, Square. Mrs. Gardner, 31, Sr. Mary Axe j and nVany Ladies of thqftrft Clafi. *.+ * The Poor, of all denominations, electrified, gratis* Parliament;^ thQfeJfo^j ACeAfe to^a great..nurntmr o^M^|i^vgH*y>?hvcidtiS&r the.SeOiQn by a^Spee^fr^ ^.Tbr�^4 w Prorogation is -/O.nly^iU-ihSp : 2d^o�*2&frbwbm$& next. -P �* HIS BX'CELLE^CY's' SPftr6fl.: - T^C'iirft vftcikiiTg i'eatu^e in -the-"S{>^efcHr w�5 a^cott? granulation on the l^teiignai V-i^ory over the. fjeoch^k^ the Medi;erranjeani frojh which His Excellency expreiTed ^ ScfTion, ar^?appiaiided the-'firttiiiers an^*Vi^uT%iiil-: which Parliament ha'd^met the -jpoH.%rdi^us:add-.a^jcute',l combination of circumftanccs which had,.perhao.a� e?:er been encounrererl. Thofe, difticuities he attributed Va the conVnWenerhy oftfie tvro :co6'ntrlesf ^fro'W^ainied* at overturning, the Conftitutionf-unSer wPiich theyhltd'r : thriven; and to; a wicked ..and i^^d^el^Jtoh^whfch^had* been excited by their a�s a.rnong t^e unthinking part of the community'. To the wifdOmand vigilance of his " predecefTor'in office her, attributed -the' repreihon of tfiat'' "� Rebellion, as well as t'd theft&aerous vigilance of tjje twov* r Houfts, who - haA^defeloped the Confpiracy in all -fc Idt I parts,-an*l traced it to; all its fources Some of-thfeteaic&A ing and adive_propaotersi of ihe Rebellion, he oofei^ed, � \i had been found neceffary to feledt for, purfilhmeht ?tq- : the reft, 'of whom it might reafpnably he hopedthat'thfey muft h,ave feen'and repented of;their error, the Royal ' Mercy h^dbeen extended by a general arrinehV; ; Should it be found; however,;-that there^ were any fo wicked ' enter upon the fabricatien*of new-plots, or engage irf-new " ccnfjjlracijgy it- weurcf tften become neceflary-'to' ffiew themr- that- tiTe rnekry which hati been" abu'fed Sroulcl 'be withdrawn-;' and that offended iufHce would at'taft-dif* cofer- ^hVobViuffte-'tTirninat, anl inflict a puniihment;prQ� portioned to th&:enormity 'of fiis ofifences Of tWexcmpiaiy/c6ndu<a cf the' Yeomanry/ Regular aruji Miluia^trbops, he fpoke\i\ terms of high cp^^eS^a-tion-, as well as of the Yeomanry, Militia,' ahd''Fencib)� troops of Great Britain, who had volunteered in the tic- I grafi'd object u to relieve the -poor, fence of the country^" The"'exertions wfiich had been made by^tKern, as well as the means which had,.been adopted, with fo much fucccfa at home, inuft, iie was convinced, prove to the, world, that evefy effort of con-fpiricy at hojncj or of force from abroa^i muft-ultimately be defeated, fiince the recent attempt of the enemy to foment Rebellion by*Invalion had terminated in their -, own difgrace. � r. His Excellency dwelt much, on the folly, and wieked* ' -nefa of thofe, who, had attempted, to perfuade tiie Depp]*?., of this country, that, in a reign whic^had been* bm- a* * cominued (cries of indul&encies to perfons pf,every relL*: -gious perfuaflon, an idea ihould have.been entertained by-' Government, of.perfecurir^g orjexterminating-any delerip--tiou of men, on account 6f religldus opinions. Thofe^* who ha4 been fo ftrangely miiled, he hoped row began*'-v to fee theit. error. He exprefted his confidence,- that Parliament, who"*' had made Axch great additions to jtYfe public- twrdeti this Seflion, muft perceive, that in doing fo, they*w�*� only doing that which wa* neceflary to fecu re .prefenC falety, and future profpeiity. He afiuxed them, thatiho

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